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Happy 4th of July to everyone!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, as you probably know I’m currently in Italy but in spirit I’m celebrating the birth of our country with you!  I’ll miss the festivities, but I certainly won’t miss the 100 degree Texas heat!  As soon as I get a chance I’ll be updating the blog with our European adventures, until then check my Instagram for updates!  I’ve found some great July loves and I’m excited to share with you.  These all made it into my travel bag by the way!



I’m a fan of any multi-purpose cosmetic item and the NARS Multiple stick is the best!  Riviera is such a lovely shade of pink and it gives a nice subtle shimmer to the skin.  It looks gorgeous on the cheeks, eyes, and lips.  It’s personally too light for me to wear alone on my lips, but it layers beautifully over my MAC Syrup lipstick.


I’ve worn the longer version of this dress for years and the new shorter version is brilliant.  This is the perfect dress to dress up or down or wear as a beach cover up! On chilly nights it looks great with a denim jacket too and it’s super comfy.


I feel sad talking about Kate Spade products now, it actually feels weird.  These oversized 14k gold plate earrings are so unique and beautiful just like Kate was.  I love wearing them, they really add fun to my outfits and they feel weightless on my ears.  Kate’s kind soul will live on through her designs and she will always be remembered.



Ok, a certain Bravo celebrity was pushing 310 shakes on Instagram, and I finally decided to go for it.  I’m way too mortified to tell you who though, LOL.  I was thinking I needed a healthy meal replacement option anyway though.  When days and meal times get hectic I go for my usually spoonful of peanut butter or handful of nuts, but I wanted something a little more balanced and filling.  Plus I need some healthy meal replacement options when we’re traveling.  I ordered this sample pack from Amazon and I’ve really enjoyed them!  You can mix the shakes up with water or milk, I did both but they taste better with milk for sure.  My favorite flavors were the Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel, all the favors were really good except oddly the chocolate.  I love how these shakes are sweetened with stevia, are filled with vitamins and probiotics, and actually do curb your hunger!  I’ll definitely be ordering more in my favorite favors.


This face mask is heaven, it all started with a sample and then I had to have it!  The texture feels so smooth and luxurious when applying.  Sometimes I’ll leave masks on for a lot longer when I’m hanging out at home.  The instructions say to apply a thin layer, so I definitely did, I’m going to savor every drop of this mask!  This mask leaves my skin feeling firm, bright, and moisturized.  Afterwards my skin tone looked so even like I had foundation on.  All Charlotte Tilbury products are pretty wonderful and this mask is no exception!


Bathrobe addiction is a real thing and I have it.  I’ve passed it onto my kids as well, we’re just a robe family.  In the summers it’s way too hot to wear my regular one, even with the AC on.  This lightweight summer robe fits the bill perfectly!  It’s so comfortable and washes well!  It’s also perfect for travel because it’s so thin it hardly takes up any space!  I’ll be traveling with it this summer, I can’t go 6 weeks without a bathrobe, I’ll die.   I went with the M/L size because I’m not a fan of fitted bathrobes, I like them oversized and comfy.  As you can see from me wearing it above the color is a deeper gray than the stock photo.  It washes really well too.


These small little scrunchies are just amazing.  This miniature little scrunchy is luxury heaven!  The material is so soft and silky and they come in an assortment of colors, the pink is definitely my favorite.  I keep my hair up a lot but I can easily get hair breakage from bands if I’m not careful.  These little cuties are so gentle on your hair, plus so much easier to find and keep up with than those small hair ties.  They make these in a larger size too.


I love keeping perfume in my purse, but I find the roller balls always leak, no matter how tight I screw the lid on.  This travel perfume bottle is leak free and amazing!  First off filling the bottle is so easy!  Just remove the spray cap on your regular perfume, take the plastic spray stick end and insert in into the spray bottle and simply pump the perfume into the bottle!  There is even a little window for you to see the fill level.  The only negative is my Replica Beach Walk perfume spray top wouldn’t pull off, so I couldn’t use it, but all other perfume bottles did.

So there you have my July favorites, stay tuned for some vacation updates, until then take care!