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Hey everyone, I’m starting to feel better… I’ve been sleeping a ton, drinking spinach smoothies, and really upping my vitamins.  Then I decided to detail my refrigerator and man was that really the perfect stress relief!  Brian helped me take out every shelf and bin and our refrigerator is now spotless.  Seriously, if you’re stressed, angry, annoyed, or overwhelmed just take a deep breath and detail your fridge, it will do wonders for your spirit!

Getting back on topic… my monthly loves, it’s a very short list.  Due to our vacay I haven’t really been shopping much but a few things have still caught my eye this month.  So presenting to you the 4 things I love, drum roll please….


I purchased this right before our Europe trip and I’ve used it a full 6 weeks, and I really love it.  It’s hard finding a concealer that doesn’t dry out the aging under-eye skin.  I also have a problem wearing concealer over my eye cream, it doesn’t blend well so I often end up skipping daytime eye cream.  This serum and concealer combo solves my problem!  It’s a two step system, first you dab on the serum to brighten and prep your delicate eye skin, then you add the hydrating concealer.  I love this combo, it blends well and doesn’t settle into the lines around the eyes.  It’s also much less expensive than other department store brands or higher end brands.  I wear shade 1C Light.



This is the one of the cutest and cleverest things I’ve seen in a while.  I actually saw these in a department store in England and was really taken by them.  Luggage was too tight to buy them, but I was able to find them on Amazon.  My kids were all obsessed with ring pops when they were little.  Now as teenagers they love making their own healthy popsicles, and both girls are watching portion control, especially with sugar.  My older daughter Haley has lost 30 pounds so far this summer – I’m so proud of her!  These ring pop molds are a perfect way to make homemade popsicles more fun and keep portions small all while making them smile about their ring pop childhood!  Anyone who has little kids at home would have fun with these too.



This necklace is so pretty!  I wore it several times on vacation but never got a photo wearing it.  I love all the different fun elements of this necklace and it looks good with everything!  They have matching earrings too, you’ll probably see me wearing this necklace sometime on the blog, but not soon… I’m still too tired to wear real clothes.  I’m all about my bathrobe right now.



I saved the best for last!  I’m seriously obsessed with this cherry!  We stayed at the Radisson G&V Royal Mile in Edinburgh and there was a little home decor store to the side of the hotel with the neatest things for sale.  Every day when leaving and returning to the hotel my eye would catch the cherries.  “Just how am I supposed to get this cherry home when my luggage is maxed out?” I thought.  Well the next day both cherries were gone!  I wasn’t the only one loving them..  I tried to check Amazon and other stores online but it was stuck in UK internet mode and it wasn’t working like US internet.  So….

Once I got back home I did some deep internet searching (in my bathrobe from my bed) and I found my cherry at Amazon and I already have it!  It’s identical to the cherry in Scotland and with the conversion rate and including the free shipping it was cheaper than the hotel version.  It looks like heavy ceramic but it’s actually a very high quality plastic with a metal stem.  It’s so cute, I love cherries and it’s the perfect accent piece!  I’ll be moving it around a lot I’m sure but right now it’s happy in my dining room.  They’re sold individually but I also think a pair of cherries would be super cute.

That’s all for today.  My goals for this week are to finish some vacation blog posts, I’ve got 2 half written… and to get out of my bathrobe and start wearing real clothes again.  Wish me luck.