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Hey friends, I haven’t had a talky post in a while, so let’s chit chat.  First off, yep… we’re back at the airport.  Yeah, we missed Europe so much we decided to go back.  No, I’m kidding, we’re off to New York to have some Labor Day weekend fun with my Sis and Brother in Law!  We’re going to see Mean Girls on Broadway!  Any Mean Girls fans out there??  Anyone besides me been personally victimized by Regina George too??  Those who have no idea what I’m referring too, I’m sorry, you gotta watch the movie!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my birthday trip to NYC last year where I saw Waitress on Broadway and got to meet Sarah Jessica Parker.  Seriously, we’re turning into such Broadway tramps.. but hey, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  New York is my happy place, the city just has so much energy – I secretly fantasize about living there all the time.

So if you didn’t read my last blog post, I’m obsessed with cucumber water!  It has seriously made me feel so amazing, so amazing that I was planning on catching up on our Europe blog posts and I was going to post 5 straight days this week!  I know… what??  Then I came to my senses and realized it was more important to catch up on the Real Housewives of New York instead.  I am very behind from summer travels, and HELLO – what If I run into Dorinda, Sonja, or any others from the gang?  I can’t be behind on the drama – I need to know what to say.  So I will catch up on those Europe posts soon, although birthday week is coming so I have that distraction working against me too.

On a funnier note our square foot garden is a complete disaster this year!  Square foot gardens are pretty easy, but they do take maintenance.  We planted our little seedlings late May, I checked on them for the first few weeks in June, but not a lot was going on.  Well then we leave for a 6 week vacation and come back to this!

That would be my butternut squash, possibly mixed with a loufa plant – if the loufa plant survived.  Uh… I’m thinking butternut squash isn’t supposed to grow up your house, but maybe I should contact a local farmer.   I’ve seen photos of perfect squash growing up a trellis in square foot gardens, so this my friends is a huge fail!

I’m super pumped to see lots of butternut squash growing though, it makes it all worth it!  It’s one of my favorite vegetables and I can’t wait to cook it.  I’ll let ya know if the loufa plant made it, it’s a jungle in there, so I really don’t know if it survived.

Saturday I’ll be posting my monthly loves, I’ve found some great stuff for you.   Have a great rest of the week and cheers it’s almost fall!