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Happy September, Happy Saturday, Happy Labor Day Weekend…. Happy everything!  We’ve had a blast in New York, and we’re about to head home.  I’m just so happy right now, the first thing I love is that this month is September!  It’s birthday month here in our house, first with mine and also my daughters.  Nothing makes me feel more blessed and happy than this month!  Living in Texas, September is pretty hot but you can still feel fall coming.  The light outside looks softer, school routines get going, and holiday decor starts popping up in stores. Mmm… it’s just a good month!

I’ve decided to start including more photos in Monthly Loves when it’s possible.  I mean if I love these items I bet your curious just how I’m using them right??  I’m hoping this will be more fun.  Now, let’s get to my September loves, I’ve found some great stuff and even though it’s barely September, it looks like a few pumpkin products have already sneaked in!


Small art pieces are so fun to decorate with, you really have a lot of options.  You can create a gallery wall, lean them up on a shelf, or another favorite of mine is to layer small art against a larger one.  I was really excited to see this, because I have a thing for black and white and patterns.  Many decorators will say every room needs a touch of black, I agree and this print is just fun!  It’s currently on sale until 9/4.


I’ve been wanting to switch up our fireplace mantel for fall, and this mirror has me so excited!  The shape and the details of this mirror are stunning in person.  It comes in bronze or brass and also in another larger size.  You’ll be seeing more of this beauty when I do my fall home tour.  Bonus, it’s also on sale until 9/4.  

Off topic, but I gel stained our mantel and I love the rich results.  I’m very pro DIY so those wanting to give wood an easy makeover check out my gel stain post.


Can you ever have enough pumpkin during fall?  I can’t and this one is just too cute!  The lid lifts off and it’s perfect for storing things like your super secret chocolate stash.  It also comes in white, which I saw in person and it was so hard deciding which color.  The little pumpkin candy dish is the perfect little fall accessory, stack it on top of books, on a tray or anywhere.  It’s currently on sale until 9/4.


Lately I’ve really been up in the gym working on my fitness and I desperately need more workout clothes.  I seem to be getting so picky about what I wear to exercise in, but this top won me over.  It’s so soft, I really love how it drapes and the pretty twist detail at the bottom.  I’m wearing my usual size, small.  The twist part of the shirt hits me higher than on the model, I have a long torso – or at least I think I do, so that’s probably why.  It’s been great for pilates and walking, it makes a great top for lounging around the house or a casual errand day.  It’s so versatile and it doesn’t scream I’m a workout top either.  I’ve already ordered the black version too, I think it would look great with jeans.   There is a similar version with long sleeves too.


This pumpkin body lotion will solve a ton of your skin problems!  Body acne, dry skin, keratosis pilaris, and sun damage.  Since I left Italy I’ve felt a bit sun damaged.  It was crazy how fast we were tanning and that’s with sunscreen. Shortly after returning from vacation I discovered this lotion, and in that short time I’ve noticed an improvement in my chest and arms.  Within  a week it had also helped with my calloused feet.  You’re only supposed to use it once and day, and use it sparingly.  The pumpkin scent is perfect, and not too strong.

I have a travel post scheduled for Monday, have a wonderful Labor Day!