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Staying workout motivated can be HARD, and I find it can be a little more challenging this time of year for me especially as fall approaches.   Since we returned from vacation I’ve been trying to get my workout routine going back strong again, but finding motivation can be pretty tough at times.  I think we can all relate to that!

Consistently exercising and maintaining your fitness in the fall and winter months is hard, which is what’s led me to this blog post.  It’s not just me and it’s not just you, all of us at times struggle with this.  Lately I’ve been thinking about all the reasons that tempt me to skip or temporarily stop working out and I’ve tried hard to think of what motivates and encourages me most.

Summer bodies are made in the winter.  Let that just sink in for a moment.  That’s probably the best most effective fitness advice I’ve ever received.  Don’t be in a panic and try to get into shape 6 weeks before summer, you work and build your body in the fall and winter so it’s ready for summer!  This is the easy way my friends!  Stop thinking about spring as crunch time, the fall and winter seasons are crucial for building and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

Have I motivated you to get moving?  Maybe it’s not fall and winter but other times of the year that’s hard for you, these tips will help with any time of the year.  Even if I have motivated you, keep reading because we all know motivation wears off!  How do we keep moving when when we lose all our motivation?  I’ve given this topic a lot of thought, and these are 10 ways to help you keep going.


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Surprisingly most people don’t do this.  My husband loves Orange Theory, but I hate it with a passion.  If you hate your workout it’s only natural you’re going to become a slacker.  There is so much variety now with exercise that we can all find the perfect workout.  My favorites are pilates reformer classes, I also like to throw in a few mat and yoga classes as well as spinning.  Research different gyms and fitness classes in your area, and find one you really do like.


We’re not all on social media, I myself am taking a big ‘ol detox, but if you are use it to your advantage!  Make a point of following the places you workout on social media, or inspirational fitness figures.  This way when your browsing Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you’ll be constantly reminded, inspired, and motivated to stay moving.  Plus you can hear about special events and classes at your facility that you may not otherwise know about.


Sometimes big fitness facilities can be intimidating or too crowded, I get it.  Boutique fitness studios, which are smaller more individualized gyms, are popping up everywhere.  I’ve discovered that I perform best in this environment and you might too.  Not only are these fitness studios smaller, but they’re also friendlier.  It’s much easier to make friends, and at times when I’ve skipped too many classes I’ve had the instructor call or text to ask why I’ve been gone.  How’s that for motivation??  I find the classes are usually more creative and then there’s the cancellation fee.  Those who aren’t familiar smaller fitness facilities have a cancellation window when booking classes online.  They can be anywhere from 4-12 hours, it’s 6 where I go.  If I cancel or no-show last minute I’ll pay $10 – hello that’s motivation to go!


It might take you a while to find your routine and that’s ok, but you must find one. Maybe you have a crazy work schedule that always changes, you can set a routine for a couple weeks at a time and change it if needed.  Just stay with it.  Once you find your workout routine and rhythm don’t break it!  I speak from experience all it takes is a few skipped workouts until you’re back to couch potato land.  Don’t do it.


Laugh if you must, but I’m convinced this works.  Working out is kind of a drag anyway and it’s much worse when you have nothing proper to wear, or your wearing the wrong clothing to exercise in.  Nothing gets me more excited to exercise than a new workout outfit.  Where else can I wear it?  A new pair of leggings can make me crave a pilates class, new shoes can make me excited to go walking the neighborhood.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.


Diet and exercise go together.  Those who think they can eat junk and exercise it off really aren’t seeing the big picture here.   It’s only natural to feel sluggish and lazy if you aren’t eating a proper diet.  If your having trouble finding motivation, or having problems maintaining stamina while working out, then examine your diet.  Our bodies need to move to be healthy, and for our bodies to effectively move they should be properly nourished.  Hydration and a healthy balanced diet is crucial.


It’s human nature we need goals to work toward.  Maybe it’s fitting into an old pair of jeans, maybe you want to run a marathon, or maybe your goals are medical related.  It helps to have a goal, and once you achieve that goal you can always set a new one.  Big or small set a goal, and shred it!


It’s not just about how you look, it’s about health and longevity.  We can easily get caught up in our appearances, but when it comes down to it exercise isn’t about looking good at the beach or a pair of jeans.  It’s about keeping our muscles and organs in top shape, it’s like taking medicine.  Our bodies need this to feel good, to function, and to age well – looking good at the beach or in your jeans is just a bonus!


Having a workout partner can be helpful in so many ways.  Those who are easily intimidated by new workouts can greatly benefit from a friend by their side.  Plus you can encourage and motivate each other, but most importantly you’ll make a commitment to stick to your fitness goals.  When one person is feeling lazy then you be the encouragement they need and don’t let them off the hook!  Find a friend, family, your husband, kids, or any kind of buddy to partner up with.  You’ll also have a little healthy competition.


Variety is important, some people can do well with the same workout routine over and over, but most don’t – I don’t.  Once your fitness routine gets boring and monotonus it’s just a recipe for disaster.  You’ll be looking for any excuse to break your routine.  Even if you have a set workout routine try to find new ways to add variety.  Those who lift weights, throw in a yoga or barre class, those who love to run consider adding a day to swim laps.  Variety is the spice of life.

I hope these tips help you so we can all stay moving this season, happy sweating!