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It’s official, I am now 41!  You can’t let aging get you down because not everyone gets the privilege.  As long as I can continue to be who I am, have fun, act silly, and have fun with my clothes I’m just fine.  I had so much fun putting this outfit together, it’s fun, festive, and best of all pink!  I’ll talk more about that after the photos.

My birthday blog post was a bit of a downer I know, but honestly writing out my feelings about my and my daughter’s birthday really did make me feel better.  It felt cleansing, and next year we plan on doing more good deeds.  We brought cupcakes to our local fire station and made their day.  Then we ended up eating at Nobu in Dallas and it was amazing!

So, my birthday present?  Can you guess what it is?  It’s in all the photos…

Pink Camisole Top |  Skirt – similar one | Necklace | Shoes – lower priced option HERE | Earrings | Leopard Clutch – similar one

So did you guess my present?  You probably thought the clutch, shoes, or maybe the jewelry.  It’s the shoes!  When it comes to a great pair of black pumps my wardrobe has been lacking.  All I wanted were these perfect Prada pumps.  Prada is one of the few designers that doesn’t kill my feet.  I love the pointed toe and also how the soles of the shoes are black and not nude.  Seriously it’s love!!

The Dolce & Gabbana leopard clutch is also a new purchase.  The D&G leopard print is perfection in my book, I have the matching tote and I’ve always wanted more pieces.  I found this clutch, which is sold out by accident, for a fraction of the original price on Fashionphile and it’s in incredible condition!

I love this pink camisole top too, it’s the most gorgeous shade of pink!  I’ve been on a mission to collect more cami tops because they work so well with my wardrobe, I’m a huge fan of the ones from J. Crew & Banana Republic.  It looks great with jeans and especially cute tucked into this skirt.  I really love Eliza J skirts, I have several.  A lot of people think they run small but they just seem that way because they are meant to be worn high up on the waist.  Above I linked some similar skirts, but usually around the holidays you can find Eliza J black skirts at Nordstrom or Dillards.  I’m not really a fan of her tops but her skirts work really well in a variety of outfits.

I’ve got to say taking photos with these balloons was like taking photos with a 3 year old… haha… they were crazy!

Any Waitress fans out there?  I am, and for Haley’s birthday, at her request, I ended up making one of the pies from the recipe book.  I’m going to post it on Saturday… you’ll crack up when you see the name.  Enjoy the rest of the week!