Happy almost fall!  I say almost because my husband is quick to remind me that fall doesn’t officially start for 2 more days.  He’s strict like that… haha.  There are so many things I love about fall, cooler temps, pumpkins, and PLAID!  Those who love it just as much as me, it’s even bigger than ever this year.  Like we even need an excuse to love it more?

I’ve got to be honest, here in Fort Worth we haven’t exactly had fall like temperatures though, but the humidity has been pretty brutal.  That really hasn’t stopped me from dressing for fall, luckily most stores and places I go to have freezing cold A/C so that helps.   I’ve been working hard to get more interchangeable pieces into my wardrobe and these Old Navy plaid shirts are perfect!  I have a couple other plaid shirts from seasons past that cost 3x as much as these and I honestly love these more.

Maybe you’re looking for some great plaid shirts to add to your closet, or you already have a few and you’re just looking for a little outfit inspo.  Regardless I thought I’d put a post together of my favorite ways to wear plaid shirts.

I love the clean crisp look of a plaid shirt with a blazer, and I have such a weak spot for black and white.  I think this is a great everyday look, the rolled scrunched up sleeves give off a carefree vibe and of course I had to add my pop of color.  Another thing that makes me happy is that red is going to be a big color this fall.


Tucked into a pencil skirt, another wardrobe staple, I wear the heck out of pencil skirts and I don’t even work in an office.  Isn’t red plaid just so vibrant and pretty?  This shirt is the classic length so it falls just a tad shorter than the black and white one, which is tunic length.  Both versions are great and I wear them a ton of ways, but because the classic has a bit less material I find it tucks into skirts really well.

By the way… all the Louis Vuitton gals out there, my Alma is 11 years old!  It was my first high end bag and it has doubled in price.  Check out that clean even vachetta, it’s a challenge keeping it nice but I’m committed.  I’ve spent a lot of time on the Purse Forum!


One of the most fun ways to wear a plaid shirt is with a sequin skirt.  It shows you that opposites attract when it comes to fashion, it’s a prefect party or date night look.  Like I said, this shirt’s tunic length so it’s a little longer than the red but I still get it to tuck in just fine.  Rebecca Minkoff clutches are deceiving because they look small, but I think they hold a ton of stuff, plus they pack and store well.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a black sequin skirt I liked and I found this one for $20 from Poshmark.  Tip: you can’t return something to Posh just because it doesn’t fit, when you aren’t sure of sizing the best bet is to order a size up.  We know sizing is all over the place and you can always have it altered down.  I followed my own advice and it paid off because this skirt ran a full size small.  I wish sizing would be more consistent.  I don’t have anything listed right now but if you want to follow me on Poshmark here’s a link to my page.


Rawr… plaid and leopard works so well, especially when it’s a larger plaid print.  Add a leopard scarf, belt, shoes, or bag for fun!  Ugh… I really need new jeans and I’m not looking forward to it.  I love having great jeans but I put it right up there with swimsuit shopping… yeah I realize how dramatic that sounds.  When I actually do find ones I do like I usually buy multiple pairs.


Paired with a nice long cardi, this is such a great casual fall look, the only thing missing in this photo is a pumpkin spice latte.  Looks like a little bit of leopard slipped in too… haha.  I like Tory Burch totes because the leather is so durable.  After a lot of research I passed over the YSL leather tote, it just seemed too fragile… I don’t treat every bag I have as well as my LV Alma.


Casual style with a scarf is oh so fall.  This scarf has been on my Nordy wish list forever.  I’ve watched it go in and out of stock many times, it’s funny I wanted it but I never would buy it.  I mean spending the money on a tan cashmere scarf seemed not very exciting.  With a Nordstrom gift card I received for my birthday I finally took the plunge, it felt like such a boring purchase, but I’m thrilled with it… I’m going to wear it with everything.  Why did I wait so long?  My leopard scarf looked really cute with this shirt too!


Plaid with a graphic tee is such a cool casual look, and here you can tell the length of the classic shirt.  The fit of the shirt is true to size, I’m wearing my usual size.  It’s fitted in the shoulders and arms and a bit relaxed on the sides.

Isn’t is great how just a few new shirts can give you a TON of new outfits?  The possibilities are endless!

A handful of stuff I’m wearing is from seasons past and sold out so I linked similar looking items for those interested.  Happy almost fall and we’ll talk again soon with another travel post.  Yep… I still have a few Europe posts I want to share (I know).


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  1. Cute styles, I love plaid too. All the outfits look great, I would have never thought sequins and plaid would look so good.