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Happy fall everyone!!  The last few days I’ve been so busy trying to get our house decorated for fall, and nothing gets me more into the fall spirit than having a fall scented home!  We all love burning candles, but it takes 3 things to meet my candle burning criteria.  First of all the packaging must be a clean attractive design, second it must be highly scented… seriously weak candles can just go away, and third it must be affordable!

Hello, what’s up with all the outrageously priced candles lately??  I mean yeah they smell awesome and I’ve been known to occasionally splurge on some expensive candles, but a problem always develops.  I don’t ever want to burn them because they’re too expensive, and that defeats the purpose!

I try to make $30 my general cut off point in price, unless the packing can be reused and then I don’t mind spending a bit more.  Many of these candles fall around the $20 range though, and they smell incredible!  So in no particular order, here are my 5 picks for affordable fall luxury candles.


Tyler Sugar Cookie $7.50-28.00

Tyler Candle Company continues to bring amazingly high scented candles for a very affordable price.  I’ve been a longtime fan and burning these candles for at least 10 years!   For those who don’t live in Texas they can be a bit of a challenge to find, but don’t worry Amazon comes to the rescue.   There are so many amazing scents perfect for fall such as sugar cookie, mulled cider, and pumpkin spice to name a few.


Vineyard Hill Pumpkin Latte $12.99-14.99

Vineyard Hill which is sold at Target is a great line of affordable candles, and the pumpkin latte is perfect to get your fall scent on.  I love how you can get this scent in different packaging options.  This clean & modern candle design would compliment any interior, but I’m also really partial to this design too.


Voluspa Copper Clove $24

I’ve also been a longtime fan of these candles, and the company puts a lot of effort into making their containers beautiful.  I’ve always loved the pretty metal tins but you can’t go wrong with their glass jar designs either.   They get really creative with their scents and the seasonal collection is always a big hit.


Pier 1 Maple Brown Butter $9.99

Fall decorating always means making a few stops to Pier 1, and I am obsessed and can’t stop smelling this candle!  At almost $10 this candle packs a punch, and there are other great scents to burn this time of year… but they had me at butter y’all.


Thymes Simmered Cider $39

I love a good cider candle, and this one is highly scented and burns slow, meaning it will last longer.  It’s the only candle I listed over $30 but once you realize you get a reusable moscow mule cup out of it it’s an incredible deal!  Once the candle burns up you won’t be sad because you’ll be sipping moscow mules.  I think it makes a perfect holiday gift too!

Speaking of fall decor I’m hoping to get our fall porch up on the blog soon, it just needs to stop raining so I can take photos!  Until next time.