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Hi friends, welcome to my October Loves.  If you’re pumpkin deficient don’t worry I’ve got you, this post is full of pumpkins.  Pumpkins, wine, and cooking have been huge sources of stress relief for me lately…

I’m just going to have a completely honest moment… I am mentally exhausted from my kids.  Of course I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I know this is just a phase but still.  Things have been rough kid wise the last few weeks, I mentioned the school problems, that’s only been part of it.  Raising teens – especially girls – can be really hard, they suffer and struggle and it’s so hard to watch.

So as I sit here happy but mentally drained and writing up this post I think it’s the little things we need to keep us going, and this blog post seems fitting.  We need to take comfort and find joy in all the good parts of life when we can.  Whether it’s hugs from your children, the perfect cup of coffee, a shirt that makes you feel pretty, or painting pumpkins… so let’s talk about the simple things I love this month.

I’ve love painting pumpkins, and I especially think they look so pretty white washed.   It makes them look really high end, and it’s so easy!  No you don’t have to use Benjamin Moore paint, haha… last year I bought the wrong paint sheen.  I was really mad, but now at least I have craft paint.

These were last minute iPhone pics so they aren’t they best.  It was one of those moments I was stress crafting, and while doing this I thought should I get a photo for the blog??

All you do is dilute white paint with water.   I’m sure somewhere on the internet you can find an exact ratio, but why?  It’s literally just paint diluted with water.  I just dipped my 2 inch paint brush into the paint and then swished it into a cup with 3 inches of water.  You could use any color, I think tan and gray would be pretty over orange pumpkins.  Black would be a cool effect too.

Brush the watery paint mixture on, wait maybe 30 seconds and using an old rag or an ugly shirt from your husband’s closet wipe it off and let it dry.  You can repeat the process if needed.  Bonus if you use a cup from the Big Texan. 🙂

I have these little white washed pumpkins on my fireplace mantel which you’ll see tomorrow!  The heavens have opened and I’m having a 4 blog post week!!

It seems like it wouldn’t be a monthly love post if I didn’t link something to Ballard… haha.  It’s been hard to stay out of the new Fort Worth store!  My Mom came down to take me to lunch for my birthday, we ate at a place just around the corner and of course ended up at Ballard Designs.  No I didn’t plan that.  I’ve always wanted this Dodie Coir Mat and when I saw it in person I just had to have it!  My mom ended up buying the same one, and she’s going to paint her front door red.  Ahhh…. it’s going to look so good!!

I want a red front door, but I’m blessed with an orangey house, so it’s not happening.  Mark my words my next house will be white with a red door.  When Ashley graduates in 4 years I’ll be obsessing on the perfect house – if it’s not white I’ll paint it white.  I can’t paint this house white, I love painted brick but there is no way HOA would allow that.

I just recently got this sparkle cluster bracelet and I find myself reaching for it over and over.  It works well for me, I have abnormally small bony wrists and to tolerate wearing bracelets I need to adjust them pretty tight or they bounce around and drive me crazy.  This one has 3 different sizes you can wear and it looks SO pretty with a gold watch.

I’m such a sucker for cute pumpkins, and this little Turkey Pumpkin Holder totally fits the bill.  Even though this is more of a November item I thought I should put it in the October list so there would be lots of time to enjoy it.  It needs a flat stable surface, it won’t stay upright in the grass unfortunately but it’s just so adorable!  Gobble gobble!

And last, my dusty pink Henley top from Old Navy.  It’s under $20, fits true to size and super comfy, definitely a cool weather staple!  It comes in a few other colors, and the squash color is so perfect for fall.  I really like how the bottom of the shirt is cut, it’s flattering.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the rest of our fall home decor.  Enjoy the day!