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Cheers to mid-week!  I thought I’d share a few photos we took last Saturday at the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  As I mentioned on Insta, Brian had continuing education classes Friday and Saturday so I thought it might be good for Ashley to take a day off from school and have some fun.  Her grades are perfect so missing the occasional day isn’t a big deal.

It’s just so hard watching your kids struggle in any way.  Luckily for us it seems when one kid has problems the other two do okay!  God only gives you what you can handle and he knows I can’t deal with three kids freaking out at once!!

Normally I’m a bit private about my kids on the blog, but I’m really proud of all three kids and I may start having them on a little more.   Ashley’s 14, and struggling a bit right now with friends and fitting in at school.  It’s a hard time for all kids but even more difficult with sensitive, shy kids like her.  We’re also working on building her confidence, so that’s why I thought a getaway would be a great idea.  We bought a few clothing items, played around with her hair, took photos, and just had some fun.

At 14 she’s a mix of baby and adult.  For years she would complain she was upset she was growing up too fast, she wasn’t ready and wanted to be little again but I’m starting to see her courage peak through.  Recently she said she was ready to grow up and change the world, so that’s an encouraging sign!

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Riverwalk. It’s a fantastic location and just a short walk to so many restaurants!  The only negative is there was some construction downtown that really caused traffic delays, the riverwalk was pretty quiet and peaceful for a Saturday though.

I know the river isn’t very deep but with all the people drinking margaritas and the lack of rails I’m thinking there has to be a high number of people who fall in.  Right? With all the twists and curves on the path I was afraid we might if we weren’t paying attention.

We always like to try new restaurants when we’re in the area and this time we tried the Little Rhein Steakhouse and Acenar.  Both were very good and I recommend them if you’re ever in the area, and all the restaurants have great outdoor patios to dine on!

I also recommend the Guenther House, it’s not on the Riverwalk but it’s absolutely gorgeous and you can walk around the beautiful grounds.  Go for weekend brunch!

Ashley’s obsessing on perfect grades and getting into Cambridge to the point I think it’s driving her a little nuts. I personally don’t want her moving away that far, and it’s hard to get in… I’m telling her to be open to change.  She wants to study astronomy and go where Stephen Hawking went because she admires his work so much.

She’s my little dreamer… and she doesn’t want to ever cut her hair, I think she wants to grow it to her knees!

At 13 weeks I thought I miscarried her, I felt a sharp intense pain in my belly one morning followed by heavy bleeding.  I’ll never forget the relief I felt crying in the doctors office when he found a heartbeat.  A sonogram showed I had a subchorionic hematoma in my uterus, I went on bedrest and the bleeding continued until I was 27 weeks along.

I was terrified, and there wasn’t a lot of information on the internet at the time, there was one story like mine and a woman who blogged it, sadly she lost her baby at 5 months. It was a horrible time, Brian had just started his business, Haley was 2 years old and I couldn’t take care of her.  We had multiple prayer chains going on… I think the entire town was praying.  And she was born perfectly healthy on Leap Day.  She’s meant to be here and I can’t wait to see all the good she does in the world.

Thank you for letting me share a piece of my sunshine today!  I’ll be blogging about Scotland very soon… I know I’m all talk.. but I’m seriously going to get it done, haha!!