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How is it already the last Monday in October?  Things seem to be moving pretty fast, but that’s okay.  It’s the best time of the year for entertaining, food, decorating, and especially fashion!  Today I have my Meghan inspired outfit that I stole from the Duchess herself, thanks!  But seriously I see her wear great outfits all the time and this was one of my favorite combos she’s done recently.  All black with heels and a dramatic white blazer.

People criticize her style but personally I like it.  With the exception of this Reformation dress that had a leg slit nearly cut up to her hoo-ha I think she has great style.  I think we should probably give her a pass on that dress though, she has pregnancy brain… not to mention travel brain.  I’ve never combined those two together… it must be rough!

I do love how often she wears white coats and jackets, it gives such a crisp look.  You can absolutely pull of a white blazer any time of the year regardless of the season.  That is if you can keep it clean, but I promise you a white blazer or jacket is somehow easier to keep clean than white jeans… and everyone wears white jeans now.

I love her fitted blazer but I think this boyfriend style blazer has a great look too, a little more casual, but it can certainly be dressed up or down and styled so many ways.  This version is a little more structured and this Gibson one has a great casual yet sharp look.  I’m linking several more white blazer styles at the end of the blog post… great picks so you can get your Duch on.

I wished I could have worn my new Paige black skinny jeans but I had to have the length taken up just a bit.  I’m not even kidding an hour after these photos were taken I received a text “Laura your jeans are ready at alteration”.  Haha… that’s how life works… it’s science.  I do love these lighter weight pants I’m wearing, but they’re no longer available.

This Equipment silk shirt is a staple, it looks good with so many things!  I’ve been on a HUGE mission to buy less trendy items and more classic closet staples.  Yeah I stray sometimes but for the most part I’m trying really hard not to buy any investment pieces that are trendy.  Classic is the way to go.  When I want something on the pricier side it’s because it’s quality, classic, and timeless.  I’m always telling Brian, don’t worry you can bury me in these.  I consider leopard timeless because it makes my heart sing.  Yeah… I might be referencing a very near blog post.

Blazer | Shirt | Shoes | Earrings | Handbag

I can’t wait to get my new jeans up on the blog!  I’ve been really digging in my heels against high waisted jeans because I always thought they gave me a mom tummy but I recently found a great pair!  Hint… it’s a brand the Duchess has also recently worn.  That’s purely a coincidence… no I’m not stalking her… okay.. maybe a little.