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Can you have too much leopard in your closet?  Maybe don’t answer that, unless it’s yes!  I know I’ve mentioned over and over how I needed jeans… well this Rebecca Minkoff leopard moto jacket some how snuck it’s way into my dressing room.  It was pulled out by Lauree my Nordstrom Stylist.  I saw it and thought wow what a gorgeous jacket.  Then I thought no, you don’t need another leopard jacket.

Then after trying on jeans I started to pet the soft fluffy leopard sleeve.  Went back to trying on more jeans… looked at the jacket again.  I mean it couldn’t hurt to try it on just for a sec right??  15 minutes later I realized I had never taken it off and that I would simply die without it.  I wondered what Brian would say so I sent him a mirror selfie and ask should I get this jacket?  He just responds yes.  The rest is history.

I’ll get to the jeans too…

This jacket is so soft and comfy, and the sides adjust in for a tapered fit which is another feature I love.  Plus it looks cute open or zipped up.  The only negative, and you can work around this, is it’s a little tricky to zip up with the fluffy fur.  I’ve learned to zip it one handed while I hold back the fur with the other, it’s not that big of a deal and I’ll wear it open a lot.  It runs true to size and for me it isn’t too tight in the shoulders or arms.  I hate when I can’t move my arms in jackets, you can move around in this one.

The jeans!!  These are from Mother and I adore them, this is my first experience with the brand and so far it’s a hit.  These jeans make my legs look slimmer and my tummy look flatter.  The frayed ankle hem and button fly is a cute touch too.  I can’t speak for all Mother jeans but these run true to size and have a little stretch, they’re so comfortable.  I did pick up these Paige jeans and this pair from DL I really like, and I’m sure you’ll see those eventually up on the blog.  The DL jeans ran large on me so they’re the only ones I sized down in.

I paired the jeans and jacket with this Commando Ballet Bodysuit, it’s one size fits most.  It’s very stretchy and soft, you could wear it as a top alone but I don’t, I usually wear it with layers.  It’s a really good base piece.  It especially works well with these high waisted jeans.

These earrings are from are a recent Nordstrom rewards party purchase too, and just $39!  They come in gold, but I seem to be struggling lately finding silver earrings I like, I already have tons of gold.  The gold ones were very pretty though.

Leopard Coat | Jeans | Bodysuit | Earrings | Sunglasses | Shoes

Tomorrow is Halloween, the last day of the month and it will be the last official Europe 2018 travel post.  I will refuse to let it drag out until November.  When we were in Europe so long there was literally nothing else to blog about but I became worried about readers burning out.  I’m not exclusively a travel blog, so I tried to start spacing things out once we came home.  I’m trying really hard to have variety on the blog.   I have a fun variety of stuff coming up, so much that my head is spinning!  But fall is amazing in terms of fashion!

Have a Happy Halloween.  Ashley and I are staying in to pass out candy dressing up as spa girls.  We’re wearing our bathrobes with our hair in curlers with a face mask on.  Haha…super silly but cheap and hey, at the end of the night we’ll have fabulous hair and skin.  Haley has informed me she’s having a party in the backyard.  So I’ll also be spying on teenagers all night.  So fun.