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Happy Monday everyone!  We had a beautiful sunny weekend, and shocker I wore leopard… I know.  Luckily leopard is trending, not that I really care though, I’ll wear leopard any day.  This blog post though is specifically dedicated to the leopard skirt.  It is me, it is on trend, and it is perfect.

I’ve worn this J. Crew leopard pencil skirt countless ways lately.  This new graphic tee is a favorite of mine and with my trusty denim jacket.  I love this denim jacket, but I now must fight Ashley for it, it’s a tad big on her but she doesn’t care.  She wants it, so it looks like I’ll be buying another.  I’ve already talked about these earrings that I picked up at the Nordstrom Rewards Party the last few posts so blah blah… whatever.  I just love them to death though!

There’s nothing better than a great graphic tee in your wardrobe, and I’m such a magnet to pink or red so I was instantly drawn to this one!  There are several styles available.  I wouldn’t say it necessarily runs small but it’s certainly fitted which is what I tend to go for with a lot of my graphic tees because I layer them, so this works.  Like 70% percent of my clothing I wouldn’t dare put it in the dryer though.  I’m so anti-dryer it’s ridiculous!  I don’t let Brian or the girls put anything nice in the dryer, dryers just kill clothes!  We hang dry, steam if needed, and our clothes last forever!

This leopard skirt has a little stretch but it runs true to size, but note I’m 5’8 so it’s a bit longer than some pencil skirts.  Even though I don’t work in an office I think pencil skirts are just awesome!  I love to wear them date nights and other events, yes, I will even work them into casual days as well.  You just can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt, and you just can’t go wrong with a leopard skirt!

One of my favorite looks with this skirt is with a black cashmere sweater.  This skirt might be on backorder in your size but the wait is worth it.  I’ve ordered lots of backordered items from J.Crew, and the wait’s usually not that bad.

Those of you who hate pencil skirts how cute is this full leopard skirt?  I know it’s going to sell out fast.

By the way my daughter Ashley is always yelling at me I’m getting leopard and cheetah mixed up.  Like “Mom… that’s not leopard it’s cheetah… see you can tell by the tiny difference in the circles”.  I’m thinking I’m old, I don’t care, girl it’s all leopard to me.  Sorry for any faux pas I make.  I’ve attended a Cheetah Girls concert but otherwise the word cheetah just doesn’t naturally roll off my tongue!

Leopard Skirt | Graphic Tee | Denim Jacket | Earrings | Shoes | Sunglasses 

Speaking of my little love bug Ashley, oh how I love her.  We were on our way to dinner and I was taking photos in our favorite photo spot.  I’m trying to be all serious and then I look over my shoulder and see this….

Yeah… she also took over my white denim jacket.  I have two teenagers and they take all my stuff- HELP!  Again this jacket runs small so I order a size up but she loves it large.  It’s crazy… I’ll go to my closet and my clothes just disappear!

But I just love this 14 year old sweetheart.  She has her own girly style and she wears sandals when I tell her it’s chilly out and she shouldn’t… but what can ya do??

Ashley’s White Denim Jacket | Ashley’s Tee | Ashley’s skirt

She loves circle skirts, especially this one from Modcloth, but recently we’ve been trying out these skirts from Amazon and she loves them as well.  She’s wearing a small in the Amazon size, so I would definitely be a medium if I ordered one.  She just loves pretty skirts that flow and I don’t blame her.  She just begged me today for some custom vintage looking shoes from Etsy, like I said she has her own style and I totally respect it.  It’s adorable.

She’s so funny, she’s been asking for a petticoat to make her skirts fuller but hasn’t gotten one yet. Later that evening she told me she was wearing 3 other skirts under this skirt so it would look fuller.  That’s dedication.

Our weekend was spent with lots of Christmas projects, not decorating yet- even though I fully admit I’m an early decorator.  But no… I’m deep in a zillion holiday crafts before I can really decorate, and I can’t wait to share some with you!  I’ve got a bunch of holiday budget friendly crafts I hope to get out ASAP on the blog!!  I’m going to need A LOT of coffee this week!  Have a wonderful blessed week and we’ll chat soon.