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I can’t believe how fast this month is flying by!  It’s going by fast because I’ve been busy non-stop… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Today we’re driving up to Arkansas for the weekend for a family reunion get together that we’re all excited about, and that will definitely force me to take a much needed break!  So let’s talk about my November Loves!  I actually love doing these monthly blog posts, it reminds me of show and tell growing up.  Anyone remember that?  That was so fun!  So here are my favorite things this month that I’ve accidentally purchased – haha!

Let’s start with these dreamy curtain string lights I found on Amazon.  I don’t even remember how I found these, I just accidentally stumbled upon them and knew they would be great for Christmas decor or just a fun backyard vibe.  At first we went all the way around the pergola but we realized we liked just the 3 sides better.  So we took the front strand off, these are so just so pretty and have lots of different flashy settings too.  It makes the pergola dining area so dreamy, I might leave them up all year if the spring winds don’t tangle them up too bad.  I’ll update on that.

These lights would be really pretty indoors too, maybe up in windows or along a wall… they just have so many uses, and not just for Christmas.  They look even prettier in person.

This Wine o’clock shirt was too funny for me to pass up at Target, I had it on Instagram a while back, I still love wearing it.  It’s not as cropped as it looks here either!  It’s just a weird combination of me wearing low rise jeans with my long weird torso.  Seriously I can’t even wear one piece swimsuits, they won’t pull up high enough.  I solved the problem for this sweatshirt with a tank, though.  It looks a lot different on the model, she’s wearing high waisted jeans and probably has a normal torso.  It’s on clearance under $15 too.

Being barefoot is just a Texas thing… even if it’s cold.  Brian always laughs and says we’re earthing.  If you don’t know what that is Google it, but only after you finish reading this of course!

Speaking of drinking wine, check out this freakin awesome wine opener.  It’s Brian’s birthday present, the only problem is his birthday is still 5 weeks away.  I just couldn’t save it that long!  At least this way he can enjoy wine before his birthday.  I hate opening wine bottles.  I always joke that I need screw top wine on stash for when I’m too frazzled to open a bottle.  I have bad wine opening luck, even our fancy electric one would stop and get stuck, breaking the cork.  I’m telling ya there are times I’m temped to just take a hammer to the bottle when the cork breaks off!

Full disclosure, I ordered this because it was pretty and it looked cool.  I crossed my fingers it would actually open wine easily.  Like I said we’ve had very bad luck with wine openers.  It’s AMAZING at opening wine!!  It looks like it could give you a hard time but I promise it doesn’t.  This would make an amazing Christmas gift for any wine lover!  I got mine on sale and so can you, be watching for some Pre-Christmas sales and free shipping!  There is a wall mount version too!

These candle sticks have been on my favorites side bar for a while, and I finally got them.  I love the clean simple lines and the bold black color.  I love bright white decor but at the same time I NEED black in every room and these are so versatile.

Now let’s see it all together!  Oh, FYI I have the wine opener sitting on this tray which is not included.  This is the same tray I had on my coffee table with candles a while back.  It looks great without a tray too.

I am loving this red seasonal trend!  I’ve been wanting a red belt and this one fit the bill nicely.  It runs a bit on the larger side, I bought a small and if you wear smaller than a 27/28 in jeans it won’t fit you.   Unfortunately there is no XS, if you feel in between sizes do not order up.  It’s on the third hole to please the belt world, but it fits better on the fourth hole.  I’m also wearing it with these DL jeans in a size down and still rocking the Target leopard sweater in a size up so it’s not tight in the bust.

Have I told you Ashley gave me a big lecture that I get leopard and cheetah mixed up?  She gave me this big spill and I was like okay, thank you… it’s still all leopard to me though.  Sorry the word cheetah does not roll off my tongue but I appreciate the help.

We all know it’s about to be holiday shopping time, I’ll be doing a few gift guides again this year.  I always link to them them or put some sort of spin on them to stand out.  Men are so incredibly hard to shop for, so with Brian’s help I’m putting a together a great list of his favorite sweater vests.  I’m kidding… haha.  It’s a bunch of amazing smart home devices that he loves and he literally thinks every dude on the planet would love them.  So stay tuned for that.