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Men, they’re a tough bunch to shop for aren’t they?  It’s incredibly frustrating shopping when you have no idea what to get a person!  One thing most men love are gadgets, include internet and their phones and you’ve got one brilliant combination!  You might could say Brian is a little obsessed with having smart home devices.  It seems like every year for birthday or Christmas he has requested and received one of these items, or bought them himself.  Anyone interested in having smart home gadgets would love these gifts.

So I’m here to show you his favorite items, and tell you why he loves them so much.

NEXX Remote Control Remote Garage Openers

How many times have you left the house wondering if you remembered to close the garage door?  Or maybe you’re on vacation but you want the UPS driver to put that special delivery in the garage?  With this device and smart phone app you can rest easy.  The install process is quick and easy, and once activated you can view the status of your garage door and open or close it right from your phone.

Ring Wi-Fi Video Enabled Doorbell


This awesome device is a doorbell and peephole all in one, only you don’t have to be right behind the door to see who is there.  You could be in the other room, at the grocery store, or across the world.  Not only can you see who is there, you can talk to them too, and for all they know you are at home, which is a great security feature.  Plus with a minimum monthly membership you can save 30-second recordings in the cloud that are both button and motion activated…perfect for the occasional doorbell dasher or pumpkin smasher!

Arlo Security System HD Cameras

And speaking of video recordings, these outdoor video cameras are 100% wireless.  They are battery operated, motion activated, and connect to the base station over your Wifi network.  Similarly, a minimum monthly membership allows you to save recordings in the cloud, but the best feature I’ve found is the ability to log in on your phone and see live views around your house, such as in the case where you’re away from home and need to know if the lawn crew has been there and remembered to close the gate.  Another great security feature is that it will send you alerts if it detects motion in the middle of the night.

Honeywell Programable Thermostat

I can’t say enough good things about this little thermostat.  But wait, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, right?  Maybe so, but I love the ability to make adjustments to my system without having to actually be there.  For example, if I’m snug in bed and I don’t want to have to walk clear across the house to turn up the heat, all I have to do is log in on my phone app and bam, done!  Or if I’ve left for vacation and want to turn off the system after I’ve left and turn it back on again when I am on my way home, this little guy makes that so simple.  On top of all that, it is sleek and compact and has a well designed user interface.

SimpliSafe Wireless Security System

Burglar alarms used to be so complicated to install and customize, that’s why you had to have a costly installation company do it for you.  And talking about invasive, they would have to drill holes in your door frames and walls and run a spider web of wires through your walls and attic to connect everything.  If you are adding a new system to an existing home (or business) you can’t beat this system in terms of ease of installation and customization.  Everything is wireless, so if you want a door sensor here just stick one on, or if you want a motion sensor there, just stick one on.  The base station automatically sets up and recognizes your sensors, and with a minimum monthly membership you can have your system monitored so that the police can be notified in case of an intrusion.

Rachio Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

I can’t tell you how much we love this sprinkler controller.  Not only can you log in and program it from your phone, you can also run manual cycles which means if you are walking around your yard testing your zones you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to the controller. This saves time and also cuts down on wasted water, and that’s really the big advantage of this unit, the water saving.  In addition to testing zones, this controller connects to a local weather station over the internet and monitors the rainfall conditions and forecast as well as the retained moisture in your soil and makes adjustments to your watering schedule accordingly.  There is a spot on the app screen that tells you how much water per month you have saved, and that really makes me feel good about conservation.

This may not solve all your problems in gift giving, but hopefully this could give you some great ideas!  I’m wondering what cool smart home gadgets Brian will find for me to gift this year?  I’ve already threatened him with a sweater vest if I don’t get a list soon!  Do you have any recommendations?