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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am thankful and blessed in so many ways, and I’m looking forward to this wonderful day with family.  We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our house and although it’s taken a lot of work and planning, I love it!  We have a few family members who will be missed, but we’ve still got a good crowd coming.

Speaking of planning, I don’t always host Thanksgiving, I take some years off… we take turns going to others but this year was a breeze because the last time I cooked Thanksgiving dinner I made a folder.  It had every recipe, a time schedule, and a bunch of recipe alterations I suggested for the next time.  I always write down things that I didn’t like so I know exactly what to watch out for.  I know… I suffer from being over organized but it’s made this year so much easier!  So make a folder NOW to cut down on stress for next year.

We recently took these photos in Arkansas around Brian’s Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful property, it was so cold that day, we had harsh outdoor lighting, and with teenagers there was a lot of complaining.  But in the end I think we got some great photos.  Getting all 5 of us photo ready is so stressful by the way!  Moms with young kids I’m sorry to tell you family photos don’t get much easier as they get older.  Taking family photos is just hard period, but towards the end we acted silly and had lots of fun!

So here’s my sweet little fam… Corey is 23, Haley 17, Ashley is 14, and Brian, my wonderful husband who I’ve known since I was 15 years old.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day with loved ones.  I wanted to end by saying how thankful I am for everyone, especially YOU, my readers who’ve supported my blog and encouraged me.  So thank you.  Be sure to check out my Christmas home tour if you haven’t done so, since we decorated early we’ve been joking our Thanksgiving is a Christ-giving.  Ha!