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Happy weekend everyone!  I don’t normally post to the blog on Sundays, but with all the sales still going on from Black Friday I thought why not?  Plus with the kids home from school and Brian not working much this week, my days are all screwed up anyway.  We just recently picked up this pair of jammies and we are mad for plaid!

I love how trendy buffalo plaid is this season!  I mean it’s everywhere from clothing, dishes, and pillows to table linens.  I’ve been looking for cute wintery pajamas anyway, and this pair definitely fits the bill.  They’re so soft and comfy, and Ashley my cuddle bug loves them too.  After all the yummy food I ate for 2-3 straight days pajamas are pretty much all that fits me, haha.  We took these photos after Thanksgiving so I definitely have that puffy carb face going on!

My 3 year old niece Lilly slept in my bed with me and she really got a kick out of these sheets.  She spent the night after Thanksgiving and when I peeled the duvet back she got so excited and said “you have snowflakes!”  It looks like these are out of stock in king and queen sizes though.  If you’re interested in flannel sheets I can vouch for the quality of them at Pottery Barn.  I switch to their plain flannel sheets after the holidays but they do have cute prints too, I love these reindeer ones.

Pajamas | Canopy Bed | My Flannel Sheets (only twin size) | Similar Flannel SheetsWhite Quilt

Ashley and I both went up an entire size for this set, I know all about pajama sets shrinking, but we also like ours very loose fitting.  I can’t stand it when pajamas and bathrobes feel tight, plus this should give us a little wiggle room if they shrink after washing.  Ashley’s wearing a small and I’m in a medium.  If you’re in the market for some new pajamas,  I’ve listed more cute plaid options below, hold the mouse over the image and you can see the store and price.

Wishing you a great rest of the week, and as soon as those holiday parties kick in try my sugar cookie martinis!  This week I’ll be talking about budget Christmas decorating tips too.