Since Thanksgiving I’ve been easing back into clothing blog posts… very slowly.  First with pajamas and now with a poncho sweater… haha.   Seriously, it was like I ate all the food on the planet, I waited until my guests left and then I really went for it.  Luckily this wool poncho sweater is helping out with my Thanksgiving bloat, but I’d probably be wearing it anyway since I love it.

I bought it in Ireland over the summer at the Aran Wool Shop, they deliver worldwide by the way, I’m tempted to order something else.  I mentioned this place and even took a photo of my sweater in my 12 Must See Things in Dublin post.  I knew when I bought this it would end up on the blog, it’s just so cute.  I mean who doesn’t love a cozy poncho sweater in the fall and winter?  They’re just so warm and cozy!

I’m fascinated by the story of true Irish wool, did you know that each sweater stitch has it’s own unique meaning?  The sweaters originated many years ago from a set of islands off the west coast of Ireland.  Fishermen and farmers from the island wore the sweaters and each family had their own knit patterns that were carefully guarded, and passed down from generation to generation.

If you love the beauty of quality Irish wool sweaters but aren’t planning a trip to Ireland or wanting to purchase from the Aran Wool Shop online, I see Amazon has some similar ones that look great HERE.  But… I say just book a ticket and go to Ireland!!!  We never found any leprechauns but it’s green, beautiful, and amazing there!  Definitely one of our favorite spots in Europe.  I also found a similar poncho sweater to the one I’m wearing on sale online at Macy’s for a great price!

I recently picked up these Gorjana hoops at the Nordstrom holiday party.  Gorjana is one of my favorite jewelry brands ever, and they continue to amaze me with their new styles.  The entire line is done simple and tasteful, yet it’s still interesting and fun to wear.

By the way, has anyone noticed how my frizzy hair poof is suddenly gone??  I had some crazy wirey hairs growing out of the top of my head that I’m convinced weren’t even human.  Zoya Salon gave me a Brazilian blowout and wow!  Seriously we should all write Zoya and Kenzie thank you notes for helping my hair out, my frizz was epic!!  I still have some stray hairs on top of my head and it was a windy day, but I’m so impressed!  I didn’t flat iron the top of my head or use any frizz product!  I think it lasts somewhere around 3-4 months if I remember correctly, depending on your hair.  It’s so amazing I’m not even afraid to travel to Florida anymore!

Similar Looking Poncho Sweater | White Tee | Jeans | Earrings 

With yesterday’s MakeUp Eraser and today’s outfit I thought I’d give you a little break from the Christmas stuff.  But next blog post we’re back on!  I’ve got sugar plum fairies dancing in my head.


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