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I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!  We’re in the planning stages of taking down our decorations, but I’m thinking I just might have a special plan for my Christmas tree this year.  Hmm.. stay tuned for that but for now let’s talk fashion.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a fashion cycle?  I do all the time, and maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but you probably get stuck in them too.  As women, it’s easy to just keep buying what we know works for us, hey… it’s a great system, but doesn’t it also limit us?  This has really got me thinking lately.  I have a closet full of black, leopard, and pink.

Clearly I have a pattern, I buy basically new articles of clothing that are the same over and over.  Take a scan of your closet, are you stuck in fashion cycle like me?  What is your weakness and what are you lacking?  Colors, patterns, styles, or basics?

Years ago I broke my habit of buying dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy them but when I had a closet full of mostly dresses it really limited my ability to create new outfits.  So once again I’m stuck in a cycle of buying certain colors and I thought it was time to break the rut!  I think this yellow sweater quite does the trick, doesn’t it?  Would you believe I have nothing in my closet this color?

I had somebody tell me this was a great color for me, and if I hadn’t branched out I never would have known.  This is why stepping outside of your fashion comfort zone is so important.  We feel new things when wearing different colors and styles, I actually felt very happy and confident wearing this sweater.  I still needed to add in a splash of leopard though!

This vibrant sweater is from Target by the way, and so is the necklace!  I’ve had several compliments on this necklace just the few times I’ve worn it.  Someone even asked me if it was Kendra Scott.  If you are interested in the necklace wear it on the lowest closure otherwise the 2 end stones tend to flip up.

Sweater | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes

So I have a challenge for you and your wardrobe.  Some time in the next few weeks I want you to wear something different than you normally would.  You probably have some Christmas money or gift cards to spend, so go get yourself something different.  Break up the pattern, it’s just fine to step out of your comfort zone!   I recently talked about wearing patterned tights, and that’s another fun way to try something new with your style.  I certainly need some fresh colors introduced into my wardrobe and I’ll be keeping my eye out for more fresh colors.  Maybe you are just the opposite and need more blacks and neutrals.  So go scan your closet and see what you have too much of and what you need more of!  Go be fabulous!