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It’s that special time of year again y’all.  The one where I just feel frumpy and exhausted from the holidays.  You know I’m totally pro-scarf from previous fashion blog posts, but this is the time of year I really count on them to keep me going, ya know?  I feel puffy and bloated up from all my bad eating choices, and once again a scarf comes to the rescue.  But not just any scarf, a bold colorful scarf.

Buffalo plaid was literally everywhere this season, from everything wardrobe related to wrapping paper and home decor items.  With the pretty vibrant red color everywhere it gave the impression of being a Christmas trend, but plaid is just the perfect wintertime staple.  So even though Christmas is over keep rocking that plaid!

There is still no better way to pull a bland outfit together than with a great scarf!  There’s no easier way you can add texture, color, or pattern.  I love how a scarf gives the impression of being a well planned outfit without it necessarily being one.  I also love how it helps camouflage holiday weight gain!  A double win this time of year!

Do you remember way back when the scarf first started getting popular again?  So many people had anxiety about the proper ways to wear and tie them.  Those days are gone!  Yeah I’m totally on board with fancy tied scarves, and sometimes I do that, but at the same time I love that thrown on asymmetrical whatever scarf look!  That’s totally the look I’m going for here.

Black Tee  | Jeans | Scarf | Earrings (Sold Out) Similar Here and Here | Booties

Most of you know the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is going on, you can save up to 50%, so now is your chance to look for a great scarf… hmm??  I managed to snag my New Years Eve dress 40% off that I’ll be showing you soon!

We’re on our way to Colorado and so excited to get away and de-stress.  I’ll be blogging a bit up there and I’ll be posting my favorite low calorie detox soup in a few days.  Also if you didn’t get to read my New Years Eve “Make The New Year The Year Of You” post from last year give it a read, we all need motivation and have had ups and downs.  So I think it still applies!