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Hi January love bugs!  What an odd collection of things I have to show you this month.  Just take it all in… yes there are dental tools I’ll get to that in a bit though.

First thing I want to say is I love January, words I never thought I’d say.  I used to hate this month with a passion, mostly because it was cold and the house was sad and bare from putting away the Christmas decorations.  These days I’ve started to appreciate January.  After all the chaos of December I now appreciate the quiet stillness of January.

All our decorations are put away except the trees in my office and our large living room Christmas tree.  I’ve decided to decorate them for Valentines Day, I mean why not?  Energy wise I’m still dragging a bit but as soon as I’m finished I’ll have it up on the blog soon.

Oh, and let me mention if you’re looking for a good show to watch check out Dirty John, it’s available on the Bravo app or Amazon.  It’s just 1 season but so good!  It’s based off real life events, I’m on the 3rd episode and hooked.

I know I already did a blog post about my puffer vest and boots that kept me toasty warm in Colorado, but these ear muffs were a total life saver!  I’ve never thought I looked all that great in hats, as my EX hair stylist used to say I have one of those faces that needs a lot of hair… uh… thanks dude.  These ear muffs were a win win for me because it kept my ears warm without ruining my hair.

With leopard and plaid so popular it feels good to wear a fresh pattern, this houndstooth scarf was fun to wear and has a very soft cashmere like feel.  Both are very affordable from Amazon!

The red Gucci, she’s a beauty isn’t she?  She was bought pre-loved off Fashionphile for a great price and looks brand new.  This was I think my 3rd purchase from this company and everything has exceeded my expectations.  I recommend them highly, you can save items and watch them for a price drop, and they even have lay-away.  Just be warned it’s addicting!

The Wonder Lint Sweater Shaver has been one of my best finds lately!  I love my black cashmere sweater, but boy was it looking rough!  This lint shaver takes a little time but it’s worth it, my sweater looks new again.  Just check out the before and after photos below!

It plugs in, so no batteries, has a long cord, and comes with an extra blade.  I’m so excited to freshen up all the old sweaters in my closet!

I’ve been using the same cookware for nearly 20 years!  It was good stuff and I’m saving it for my kids, but we were ready for some upgrades.  It all started at Thanksgiving, my roasting pan was so cheap and gross that we bought the All-Clad Roasting Pan from Williams Sonoma.  Once I felt the quality and saw the beauty of All-Clad I was hooked and I knew I wanted more.

I decided to use my extra Christmas money and gift cards towards new All-Clad cookware.  I was about to go to Williams Sonoma again until I saw the above 10 piece collection on sale 40 percent off at Nordstrom!  I still waited a week, it was an expensive purchase and I wanted to make sure I really wanted it.  Well in that extra week it went 50 percent off, so I jumped.

What a great deal, I love it all, but the soup pot and sauté pan are my favorite so far.  I’m redoing some old bad photos in my early blog recipes, you can see my new sauté pan in my Classic Marinara Sauce recipe.

These dental tools are officially the weirdest thing I’ve ever had in the Monthly Loves category.  It all started in the bathroom one night before Christmas, I was using the plastic end of one of those flossers, Brian was in the bathroom and I said geez I could use a set of dental tools.  Bam… he gets me a set for Christmas.  I’m thinking out of all the things I say I want, dental tools is what you remember??  I love using them though, it’s addicting… and my teeth have never felt cleaner.

I love roses, wearing them, decorating with them, and smelling them, even when Valentines Day isn’t approaching.  These pajamas are so comfy and soft, not to mention adorable with their rose print.  I was too tired to try them on in the store so I just grabbed a size up in case they ran small, I love my sleep wear oversized anyway.  The rose top and pants are sold separately so it might be fun to mix and match with another pattern.

The last thing I wanted to mention is finally the Bali DIY Plantation Shutters are on sale!   I’ve ordered more for upstairs and I will give a complete review when they arrive, but for now if you’re interested in saving on plantation shutters this is the way to go.  Not only can you save money by measuring and installing your own shutters, but with the extra 20 percent off that’s a substantial savings.

We ordered the 3 1/2 inch louvre in simply white, the quality is amazing!  With all the chaos of Christmas I never got around to photographing the installation, but I will for the next batch.  I know it seems intimidating ordering plantation shutters online, but read the instructions and watch the video how to measure and you’ll be good to go.  THEY ARE ON SALE UNTIL JANUARY 23rd!!!  So feel free to ask me any questions via email or in the comments.

Alright I’m about to finish binge watching Dirty John, and I’ll have some fun Valentines Day stuff up soon.  Have a great rest of the week and stay warm!