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How to make handmade Valentine's Day cards

I love celebrating Valentine’s Day, and I especially love small gifts and gestures that come from the heart.  This year I’ve decided to have a very handmade Valentine’s Day.  To me nothing says kindness and love more than when a person takes the time to make gifts and cards by hand.  My mother makes beautiful handmade cards for every season, it’s fun to see her creations.  I always gush over how much I love them, and asked if she would give me a card making lesson.  She was thrilled to share her passion with me.

How to make Valentine's Day cards

Mom showed me how with just a few simple supplies you can easily make your own cards at home!  She’s a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and for today’s Valentine’s Day cards we used the Dandelion Wishes set, it’s just so cute and versatile.  You can order most of the products we used from her website, this dandelion stamp from Amazon is similar to the set we used.

How to make Valentine's Day cards

I’ve mentioned before in blog posts how I like to use kraft paper from the Dollar Tree to protect my table surface, but also it makes clean up a breeze!  Since we’re working with ink we definitely wanted to protect our surface.  Below I’ve listed our supplies but feel free to swap out ink and cardstock colors.

Stampin Up Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set


Red cardstock

White cardstock

Paper cutter

Red ink

Black ink

Tape runner or craft glue

Dandelion stamp


We started with a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and folded it in half the short way, then using a paper cutter we cut the paper in half the long way.  So with 1 sheet of paper you end up with 2 cards.  Then we cut white cardstock with our paper cutter to fit the card about a quarter inch smaller to create a pretty paper border.

Stampin Up Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set

If you’ve never used stamps before it takes a little practice but you’ll have it down in no time.  Each stamp is a little different so Mom said you always practice a few times first on scrap paper.  Once you’ve throughly inked the stamp you want to press with gentle but firm pressure and hold 5 seconds.  Be sure not to rock the stamp while you press or if could affect the image.

Mom has a little trick she told me, she uses a fine tip black marker to fill in any missing ink spots.  Once I finished with my stamps I used a tape strip to adhere to the red card.  Mom warned me that tape strips can be a little unforgiving if you need to reposition the paper, she says craft glue can be a little easier to work with, it’s up to you.

Stampin Up Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set

Now it’s time for the fun part, the jewels!  We used self sticking ones.  Tweezers help but you can use your fingers too.  Mom adds lots of fun embellishments to her cards, her combinations are lots of fun.  I had so much fun adding the jewels that I might have gotten carried away.  I just enjoy making life sparkle… it is my tagline haha.

Stampin Up card ideas

You can leave the inside of the card blank, but feel free to jazz it up like we did!

Stampin Up Dandelion Wishes Stamp Set

All finished, I love how it turned out!  What I love about card making is all the creative possibilities!  Mom teaches card making classes and even when they make the same card design they all have their own individual style.

Stampin Up card ideas

Look at some of Mom’s other cards she’s made, aren’t they gorgeous?  She loves relaxing and making creative cards… she calls it therapy!  I agree it was very therapeutic and fun during my lesson.

How to make a Valentine's Day card

I find making cards so fun and relaxing.  It’s the perfect craft to just unwind and de-stress, and it’s so fun to come up with different styles and combinations.  The possibilities are endless.  So why don’t you join me for a handmade Valentine’s Day this year?  If you’re interested in Stampin’ Up products or have questions visit my mother’s Stampin’ Up website and I’m sure she’d love to answer any questions you have.