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It’s the week of love so why not do my monthly love for February??  One thing I didn’t put on the blog this year was a Valentine’s Day gift guide.  Brian and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t always do gifts.  Some years we do, but mostly we don’t, so while the gifting thing is fun that’s why I skipped it.  I think it’s more fun to do handmade gifts anyway or thoughtful gestures… I mean it’s not Christmas.  If you’re looking for some ways to add a little love and cheer to your house this week check out my Valentine’s Day Decor blog post for some inspiration.  A lot of our decor is handmade so you still have time!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, two recipes of mine that have been getting A TON of traffic lately have been my Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake and my 4 Ingredient Champagne Cocktails.  Clearly people have Champagne and strawberries on the brain!  Just don’t forget to stir the ingredients before adding the Champagne… I was so frazzled at Thanksgiving I forgot to stir it…oops!  My vote for a Valentine’s Day dessert would either be my recent Port Wine Chocolate Pecan Parfaits or my Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate Pudding.  The pudding tastes amazing warm, and cold leftovers taste like the thick decadent chocolate mouse we love too.  Okay, enough about food…

Blogging wise I feel like it’s been kind of a slow month for me, it’s just that time of year… and I’ve felt so tired lately.  I’ve found some really great beauty items but I’m still trying them out so I decided to leave those out for another time.  I don’t have any of my own product photos, like I said I’ve been tired… but here are the things I’m excited about this month.


I’ve been a fan of these candles for a while now.  I first discovered them on Amazon, and recently learned that Nordstrom has started carrying the line too.  Luxury candles are a huge industry now and I’m always looking for ones that smell great in the $30-ish dollar range.   I’ve always been huge fan of anything rose scented (or flavored) and Cinderose combines a sweet floral rose smell with an unusual masculine scent of smoke.  It burns very clean too, I know Amazon prices fluctuate but it’s currently cheaper at Nordstrom with free shipping regardless of a Prime membership.


This water bottle has been a lifesaver!  Let’s be honest, drinking water can be a chore, and if I’m not naturally thirsty I can easily forget to drink water.  This timed water bottle is amazing!  It starts at 7 am and ends at 8 pm for 64 ounces of water.  It really helps looking at the times to keep my water drinking on schedule.  My Mom says to drink 100 ounces of water a day… gag.  I’m working up to that but for now I’m getting a solid 64 ounces plus my lemon water… so I’ve gotten better!


This looks so funny when I use it, I really should have had taken a photo, but remember… tired.  Maybe I’ll take a quick phone photo for my Instagram story this week just to show you how crazy funny it is.  But seriously I love this thing!  This hair bonnet attaches to your hairdryer for gentle even heat.  It’s perfect for deep conditioning treatments, my hair has been so silky soft this week.  It’s also great for rollers, I pop my velcro rollers on dry hair, put the bonnet on and heat my head for a few minutes using the bonnet.  I let it cool, unroll, and then have lots of volume, frizz is reduced too.  I’ve used it a ton the past few weeks.


Who wants to iron on vacation?  Not me, I used this a lot in Estes Park, I don’t know what took me so long to buy a travel steamer!  Y’all I truly hate ironing, I’m always getting those shiny iron marks on my clothes which I hate, it’s much easier to freshen up and eliminate wrinkles with steam.  I love it!

I’ve been trying out some makeup products under $15 that I really like so I’ll have that out soon, and my sister has convinced me to do a beauty gadget round up and review.  I’m obsessed with buying beauty devices.  I get a lot of questions from my mom and sister, asking me  if I’ve tried this or that, and I have a lot of opinions about them all!  So if that’s something you’d be interested in I’ll try to have it out soon.   Have a great week Valentines!