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Hey everyone!  I’m ready to share our news, a few have known and kept the secret, but for a lot of people I know this is going to be a shock!  We’re moving!  It was a lot of stress emotionally and physically putting our house on the market, and that’s why the blog came to a halt and I had to take a break.  Our house was showing non-stop, and keeping your home show-ready at a moment’s notice when you have a busy active family is HARD.  We naturally keep the house pretty picked up anyway, but it was still stressful.  We had to have the house perfect and be able to run out the door at a moment’s notice… and you can’t even stash dirty dishes in the oven or under the counter because odds are they’ll look there… right?  The house sold within a week and life is calming down now so I’m ready to talk.

Selling our home was really emotional for me.  I was excited to move but it actually put me into a depression and I had to mourn the loss of our beautiful home, it was weirdly like going through the emotions when you lose a loved one.  Having said that, I told Brian we I wouldn’t budge on the price and I would only accept the perfect offer… and we got it.  We received our perfect offer over Spring Break, and we all had a massive freak out.  We almost declined and pulled our house off the market just from the shock and fear that it sold so fast.

I was scared to tell anyone we were putting our house up for sale because years ago when we lived in another city we sold our house and it was a disaster.  It was during the 2008 market crash, and it was a 90 year old house.  It was gorgeous but it sat on the market a year and we took a loss.  I was afraid of another real estate disaster, but God came through for us and this is meant to be.

We were seeing signs all around us to go but we were still conflicted.   A few weeks before Ashley’s birthday she asked it she could have a new bible for her birthday.  She had really specific ideas how she wanted it to look, what version she wanted, and how her name was to be engraved.  One Saturday morning the three of us went to the Christian bookstore, and as we walked up we saw this giant window display in the window.  We just stood there in awe and Brian snapped a photo with his phone.  The verse is so special and beautiful it makes me cry.

“For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth in peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.” -Isaiah 55:12 (KJV)

We’ve gotten a ton of questions from friends and family so I thought I’d answer all the questions we’ve been asked plus a few more that I know some of you are thinking haha.  So here goes!

What area are you moving to in Colorado?

Right outside Estes Park, we’re in the Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest.  We found a cabin that needs a lot of updates, but it has a ton of potential.  It’s technically not inside the Estes Park city limits, but we’re only about 15 minutes away.  Our home is on several acres with gorgeous views.  Yes we will have a few neighbors but there is plenty of distance.

Why are you moving to Estes Park?

We love the area and just have so much history there.  My kids have been going there since they were so little, it’s beautiful and we love it.    Estes Park is where I fell and fractured my spine, I never thought I’d feel good or normal again, but with God’s grace I recovered.  Estes Park is where I first placed my hand on my sister Julie’s tummy when she was just a few weeks pregnant with my niece Lilly (who I’m obsessed with).  Estes Park is where my Father in Law spent his last Christmas with us before he passed.  We have a special photo of him sitting at the table playing games with the girls that makes me cry.  We have so many stories and warm fuzzy memories that make us laugh and cry here.  We feel at peace and closer to God and His creation here.  We are ready for the simpler lifestyle and a change.

This seems really fast and sudden, have you really thought this decision through?

This has been in the works since New Year’s, so it was not an unplanned spur of the moment decision.  We started looking at real estate in January and found our new cabin then.  We thought about buying it to rent out for vacations, but God was tugging at our heart and we realized we were being led to live there.  We fought it for a while.  Plus if we hate it we will just move back.

What do your kids think?

My son is grown so he won’t be moving with us, but he’s excited to visit, plus he helps locally with the family business.  The girls started out super excited then they started getting a little nervous.  They’ve gone back and forth but things are fine now.  Haley has a few kinks to work out with her school.  She will be a senior next year but just needs 1/2 class credit left to graduate… so we’re working on that.  She really studied hard in school, taking all AP classes, doubling up on needed classes, and keeping her grades up to be in the top of her class.  The following year she’ll go off to college, her future looks bright, plus we donated $500,000 and she’s on the rowing team lol!  Ashley is exited to be closer to nature, she’s a gentle soul, she’s begging for a horse down there and wants to name him King Louis.  We’re just in talks at this point though.

Will you still have the blog?

Yes!  We’re going to do massive cabin renovations and I can’t wait to document all of it, good or bad… and no we aren’t moving just so I’ll get to redecorate.  That’s just another bonus though!  Plus we still love to travel, I can’t wait to really explore a new part of the country.  I’m a little nervous cooking at high altitude though.  Cooking times are different, so I’ll have to experiment with that and see what’s up.

Don’t you know how expensive it is to live in Estes Park?

People complain it’s expensive up there, but we’ve ran the numbers and we’re actually going to be saving money.  Yeah the place is a little smaller, and real estate with a view of course costs more.  But a lot of things are cheaper, and we find the restaurants and groceries similar to what we pay in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Our property taxes surprisingly are drastically lower, so our house payment will actually be less.

Are we just moving to Colorado to smoke weed?  

Haha… no.  I don’t need anything to stimulate my appetite, plus we would rather drink wine anyway!  But I do find the jokes hilarious, like when people are at a high elevation in Colorado and they take a photo saying dude we’re so high.  I mean come on… that’s funny!

Are you worried about being snowed in and trapped for days in your new home?

It snows in Estes Park but not nearly as much as people think.  The town is on the drier part of the Rocky Mountains, there isn’t any skiing in the area.  We’ve visited Estes Park so many times in the winter and there are times we don’t see even a flurry.  Estes Park has lots of sunshine so when it does snow it usually melts within a day or 2.  The roads are also treated and plowed constantly.  It’s not like Texas where we get a bit of snow and we all skid off the road.

So you’re probably going to change your clothing style and only wear buffalo hide and flannel right?

This was something I was concerned about at first, and Ashley too.  I was looking around in my closet and told Brian I can’t wear any of this stuff in the mountains, my purses, shoes everything looks too city girl.  I’m going to need to get rid of it all and only wear mountain clothes.  He said why on earth would you want to blend in with everyone else?  It’s a statement that’s stuck with me.  So when it’s not a snow storm or I’m climbing the side of a mountain you’ll still see me in my pink Prada pumps.

How will you shop and buy things so isolated in the mountains?

The most amazing mall is only 90 minutes away in Denver, it meets my standards with a macaron store, a Nordstrom, and a Neiman Marcus.  Denver is so modern and amazing, 90 minutes is nothing to us.  The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is huge and spread out.  With bad traffic it can take a good hour to drive to my favorite mall in Dallas, so we’re good to make trips into Denver once a month or so as needed.  This mall has the most beautiful Restoration Hardware store I’ve ever seen, it totally blows the Dallas location out of the water!  Plus there is online shopping to fall back on.

We won’t be officially moving until the very end of May or the first few days of June, so life here at our home has returned to normal somewhat for now.  The kids will finish the school year.  However, we will be taking trips up there to get the remodeling process started before we officially move.  Brian and I love DIY and remodeling projects but there are a few things that fall out of our area of comfort, such as replacing windows and shiplapping, staining, and adding wood crossbeams to a vaulted ceiling.  So we’ve been in talks and getting bids from some local contractors.

I will absolutely be sharing photos of the cabin soon, I can’t wait to show you what we plan on changing.  We’re doing some stuff immediately before we move in, other stuff will be done over time while we live there.  In the meantime here is a little peak of the view off our deck, it’s heavenly!   We’re surrounded by big boulders and pine trees (you know I’m obsessed with pine cones) with a view of the creek below.  It’s so quiet with just the gentle sounds of the creek and the breeze in the trees.

We already have friends and family asking to stay with us!  Brian said we might still need to get that vacation scheduling software so everyone can see when were booked and make their reservations… haha!  I love having house guests, so I’m really excited.  I’ll give you more cabin updates soon!

In the meantime I’m excited for spring and Easter coming up, Monday on the blog I’m showing you how Ashley and I created the prettiest Easter eggs!