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It seems like I’ve been saying we’re moving for months now… or at least it does to me.  As of yesterday it’s official, we no longer own our house.  We are paying a month’s rent, though, so we technically have this house until the last day of May.  Yesterday was so emotional for me, on the way up to our closing I was almost in a trance like state… just very weird.  I’m truly excited to move but this month is full of obstacles.

Yesterday we were supposed to close on the new cabin in Colorado but it was delayed 2 weeks, which is especially frustrating because renovations were originally supposed to start this week.  It’s actually getting kind of comical at this point all the delays with the cabin.  It took over 2 weeks to finish the inspection (they usually take half a day) but it couldn’t be finished because the furnace needed a new part to turn on and the only company that still made the part they needed was in Texas, but they were behind production because a tornado hit their warehouse.  We finally got the part but geez…. these are just some of the absurd situations were dealing with!  Agh!!!!

We have a roof over our head but emotionally I feel homeless.  Our Texas home belongs to another person and our new cabin technically isn’t ours yet, and it’s making me feel out of sorts.  Plus our house is all torn up and empty.  We decided to sell off almost all our furniture, and people keep asking me why we’re doing that.  First of all this cabin has a different vibe decor-wise, and most of our stuff won’t look good, plus since the cabin is smaller we will need more space-saving furniture, and also we don’t want to haul a ton of furniture up there that we probably won’t use.  I need to be very efficient in decorating and designing the cabin.  I have some ideas how I want to decorate but I really need to live in the cabin a while and let it speak to me.  Word of advice- mistakes are made when you decorate too quickly!  You end up wasting time and money.

It’s crazy all the stuff we’ve sold, many things sold to the new owners which worked out great, our other stuff pretty much sold instantly on Craigslist and at our garage sale.  I’m taking my smaller kitchen table, our mattresses, and my ivory sofa and chair, that’s really it… and some little decor stuff that I love.  I’ll probably end up selling those after we get settled in the cabin and I redecorate, but we need a spot to eat and a sofa to sit on until I find what I want.  I’ve felt sad selling some of my favorite pieces but at the same time it feels good to get rid of everything.   It’s crazy how much stuff we had in this house, I’ve packed up so many boxes already.  I’M SO OVER IT!!!

I had fun with the monthly loves category but it came to an end naturally.  I was purging and selling stuff off once we went into contract, and the last thing I want to do is buy more stuff that I would need to pack up, so that’s the story with that.  I haven’t really wanted to do outfit posts either, I haven’t wanted to shop plus I’ve gained a little bit of weight and nothing fits good.  I’ve just been stress eating way too much lately!!  I’m about to get the weight off, I actually had just started dieting a few days ago and then our realtor gave us tickets to the all you can eat porch at the Rangers game tomorrow.  I’ve dreamed about the all you can eat porch for years!  Screw the diet and pass the nachos please!

I feel like we’re all in survival mode right now, the girls are stressed out with school and just ready for the year to end.  They work and study hard so naturally they’re burnt out… poor Haley had 5 AP tests this week and the SAT is tomorrow.  As soon as we close on the new cabin we’ll go up and take some before photos, I’m excited to share it with you, but I’m also a little mortified how it currently looks.  Mentally I have it decorated and remodeled and it looks amazing though… haha!  So far we’ve picked out stone for the new fireplace and we’ve redesigned the window wall and ceiling.  I can’t wait to share cabin photos and projects with you!  It won’t be much longer!