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The last few months have been so stressful, between home projects, chores, and moving our girls to college… it’s been exhausting.  It seems like our to-do list never ends, and at some point it really starts to get to you.  I’ve definitely taken notice how scheduled life seems to be lately, and for this reason I’ve been on a mission to practice good self care and relax.  Unfortunately it’s not always that easy to relax.  I really enjoy relaxing on the deck with a nice drink or reading a magazine but before long my mind wanders away to my to do list.  It’s such a struggle!

I’ve already taken up a new Pilates fitness routine which has done wonders to help me de-stress, but I’m always looking other ways to have fun and relax.  Pilates is great but it’s also hard!  Sometimes I just want to veg out, ya know?  While looking for new ways to relax at home I found an amazing website that offers free video games. is a no strings attached game website, just fun free games!  Honestly I can’t remember the last time I played a video game, so I indulged.  I poked around playing a few different ones trying to get my over 40 gaming groove back… and I’ve got to say it’s fun to feel like a carefree kid having video game fun again!

Free games at

Free games at

I love how playing these fun games keeps me really engaged, my mind doesn’t get a chance to wander, and I truly get to unwind! has so many games to choose from it’s so fun, and honestly addicting.  I’m not the best with all the games… I never scored well as a kid on Super Mario Brothers or saved the princess so not all games work for me.  Luckily there are lots of different games to choose from.  I love the simulation category, it’s perfect for me.  Tap Supermarket is such a fun simulation game where you earn money and build your supermarket.  The goal is to grow your store, keep your customers happy, eliminate long lines, and make money!  As you continue to play the store gets really hectic and the goal is to keep up with demand… it’s really fun!

Open Restaurant is another fun game too, although you have a time limit with daily quotas so it’s a little more faster pace.  Brian is obsessed with the Flight Sim game, where you land helicopters and airplanes like an air traffic controller.  Unfortunately he’s stuck on level 9 and probably not too happy I’m telling the world!

Free games at

Whether your trying to de-stress or fight boredom I really want to spread the word on how awesome is!  They have so many different games to choose from, including classic arcade games and educational kids games too.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an active gamer or not, either way the free games will be so fun and enjoyable you’ll feel like a kid again.  Do me a favor ok?  Go have some fun at and tell me what your favorite game is.