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Are you looking for a great city to explore?  One that offers a variety of nature, restaurants, activities, and arts?  How about Calgary!  Tucked into the Canadian province of Alberta, this cosmopolitan city has so much to offer.  After Toronto and Montreal, Calgary is the third most populated city in all of Canada and is located not far from several national parks.  Calgary makes a great day trip when you are road-tripping through the Canadian Rockies or camping at a nearby national park and you just need some city life!  So you may be thinking what all is there to do in Calgary?  Plenty!


Calgary Tower – Explore Calgary’s most famous landmark and take in panoramic views from the city skyscrapers to the Rocky Mountains.  Be sure to check out their dining options while you’re there!

Studio Bell Museum – An exciting music museum with galleries that span five levels, this awesome museum boast 22 interactive exhibits to give a place that amplifies the love, sharing, and understanding of music.

Stephen Avenue – Also known as 8th Street, this major pedestrian mall is a mix of high-end retail, public art installations, and eclectic boutiques.  Foodies and discerning shoppers are certain to enjoy.

Calgary Zoo – Not far from the City, this is one of the largest zoos in Canada and boasts over 100 species of animals and a huge butterfly conservatory.  Here you can enjoy close encounters with animals that originate from the vast reaches of the planet.

Peace Bridge – This bridge, designed by a Spanish architect, was constructed to connect the Southern Bow River Pathway and the City Center with the Northern Bow River Pathway and the City of Sunnyside to accommodate the increasing pedestrian commuter traffic.  From here you can take in beautiful views of the city skyline.


Native Tongues Taqueria – Native Tongues is the best, most authentic Mexican restaurant in Downtown Calgary.  The atmosphere offers an upscale, modern take on Mexican street eats.  With some of the most amazing cocktails and tasty tacos, they are sure to please.  I definitely recommend the Hongas Tacos, you’ll thank me later.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese Steakhouse – Japanese Barbecue restaurant where you can actually cook your own dinner.  All the dishes are highly flavorful and the portions are quite large.

Phil & Sebastian – This trendy coffee shop is always packed because they offer the best coffee in Calgary along with some great dairy alternatives.  Whether you want a classic Americano or an oat milk latte, this modern place will set you up with the most tasty cup of joe in town.

Last Best Brewery Company – The best brewery in downtown Calgary, their beer is frigid cold, and of course frigid and Calgary in the winter just go together.  Located in the City Center, it is easily accessible by foot or public transit.

So as you can tell, Calgary is an amazing cosmopolitan city in the Canadian Rockies.  There are so many things to see and places to go.  If you visit and find yourself unable to leave due to the sheer beauty and bustling excitement, here is a site full of Calgary homes for sale!  So now it’s time to hit the road and start your adventure!  Eh?