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We’ve all got our favorite summertime accessory, and for me it’s hands down a great straw bag!  Straw clutches, structured totes, or floppy beach bags… I love them all!  This classic straw tote has been a favorite of mine for years, and if you follow my outfit posts on Instagram or the blog chances are you’ve seen it already!  I think straw bags of any style are a perfect way to add texture and a light and airy look to any outfit.

We have spent an incredible week vacationing on the beaches in Maine and this dependable straw tote came along with me.  It’s lightweight, packs well, and holds up to sun, sand, and water.  Straw bags look great just as they are, but they’re also fun to dress up and add a bit of pizazz ya know?  So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite ways to dress up a straw bag for summer.

Small scarves or hair ties are such an easy way to add pattern and color to really pump up your outfit.  Some come with ties already attached but I prefer to add my own.  This is my favorite set of bag scarves.   I use them all the time from this bag to my Prada and Louis Vuitton bags as well.  The Combo Set A comes with polka dots, stripes, leopard, and a nice floral print, and there are lots of other combos to choose from too!  You can also wrap the handles, single or double, with it for another cute look.

You can’t go wrong with adding a classic fun flower to your straw bag for summer.  I usually pick these up at craft stores near the jewelry making section.  They have a pin and a clip so you can attach it however is easiest.  You can also clip these flowers to flip flops if the plastic toe divider is thin enough.

Let’s not forget the classic versatile bag charm, it looks great on any bag including straw!  For under $10 you can get an entirely different look!  This is another fun bag charm I like to rotate with my Prada and Louis collection as well.

A broach on a straw bag?  Why yes!  This is probably my favorite because I love mixing fancy with rustic.  If your tote is thick like mine obviously you can’t pin it through.  The trick is to pin the needle deep and pointing down, the pin will remain open but it will be secure.  While doing a quick search for affordable broaches I found this honey bee broach that’s so perfect for summer.

Tassels are just plain fun, I really love the tropical colors this one adds!  Just tie one on and you’re ready for a summertime party!  I can’t speak for all straw bags but this one I have holds up great in the water, it doesn’t disintegrate, mold, or lose it’s shape at all.

I absolutely loved wearing this vibrant dress and it was quick drying too, making it great to play in the ocean in.  Surprisingly the water wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be.  I’ll be sharing our Maine vacation adventures with you this week and I can’t wait!  We had an incredible time!  These photos were all taken at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.  You have no idea the extreme lengths we had to go to in order to have the beach all to ourselves… but that’s a story for my next blog post.




Lululemon Mix and Match workout outfits

I’ve been on a big fitness kick lately so I thought I’d share some of my favorite mix and match workout wear pieces with you!  Unless you were one of the lucky ones, I think most of us gained a little while being stuck at home during COVID.  My daily bread baking phase, as delicious as it was, was definitely not kind to my waistline.  I don’t know about you but I can’t just snap my fingers and force diet and exercise motivation.  If I force it, it doesn’t stick very long.  But alas I’ve found my motivation, and do you know what gave it to me?  Sushi!  I know… doesn’t that sound crazy?  Let me explain.

Brian and I are big sushi lovers and since moving to Colorado we’re always looking for amazing new restaurants to try.  One day we found a sushi restaurant that had great reviews, yes the food was delicious, but across the street was a Pilates studio.  The next time we ate there as I was walking up to the door I turned my head and there it was again, the Pilates studio.  During dinner it all hit me, I have not felt good about my body since leaving Pilates.  I took regular Pilates reformer classes in Texas and I didn’t realize how happy it made me.  I’m pretty injury prone and Pilates made me feel strong, lean, and healthy.. plus it’s such a great way to zone out and de-stress.

I’m happy to say I’m back in reformer classes and I’ve never felt better!  It’s definitely an investment in my time, but it’s a worthy one.  I drive an hour each way to class meaning each time I take a Pilates class it’s a 3 hour time investment, but my body and my health are worth it.  There are always excuses or reasons not to do something, but my new motto is NO EXCUSES!  Ok getting back on topic here, it was a few weeks after taking classes that I realized my workout clothes were pretty pitiful and it was time for some upgrades.  Can I just say having cute and flattering workout clothes has only made me more excited to attend classes.  It’s funny how that works.  So below I’m sharing with you some of my favorite pieces that are easy to mix and match that are also very comfortable.


Over 40 workout outfits

I’ve got to say I’m not a big fan of racerback style sports bras, I have a few but honestly they have always hurt my neck and upper back.  So for the most part I’ve learned to embrace my straps hanging out.  It’s especially cute when it adds a pop of color I think.  If you’re looking for a flattering workout top that isn’t fitted around your stomach this one is great!  I’m wearing my regular size and it’s loose while still being flattering.  It looks really cute knotted too.  I love how these leggings are quick drying.  I spilled water on them and  was dry about a minute later.

Leggings | Top | Sports Bra | Earrings

Lululemon Mix and Match workout outfits

When it came to workout leggings I used to have a black only rule, but this year is all about changes so I’m branching out and having more fun.  I love the pretty floral pattern here but even more I love the pockets on the sides!  They’re hardly noticeable but it’s a great spot to stick your keys or phone while exercising.

Leggings | Top | Earrings

Zella workout outfits

Leggings | Top | Sports bra

Give me a good solid black outfit anyway!  I love the sheer stripes on this top, it’s fun and flirty without being too revealing.  I chose a black sports bra but I think a contrasting pop of color would be another fun look, this top comes in several other colors too.  Another win for the leggings, not only are they buttery soft but they have those clever pockets that are so handy.

Mix and Match workout outfits

Leggings | Top | Sports Bra

Snakeskin has been so popular lately but I haven’t really jumped on the trend.  No, I’m not afraid of snakes, I just haven’t found a piece that really jumped out to me until now.  These leggings just make working out more fun!  I also love a good basic workout tank and this 2 pack was such a great price, it looks cute relaxed or knotted.

Amazon Mix and Match workout outfits

Leggings | Top

This top has a built in sports bra so you can skip it for low or medium impact workouts.  It is such a bargain and super flattering too.  It’s racerback but it doesn’t put pressure on my neck and upper back like the sports bras do.  Comes in several other colors too.

Lululemon Mix and Match workout outfits

Leggings | Top

Another workout top that has a built in bra, and it’s perfect for low impact workouts such as yoga, pilates, walking, and cycling.  It comes in other colors too.  Happy workouts my friends!  I think workouts are so much more when you have a cute outfit on.  Wouldn’t you agree?




Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

I’m back with a fashion post!  A what?  Yeah… remember way back when I posted about my outfits?  Maybe you don’t, my last fashion post was April 2019.  It’s definitely been a while.  If you’re wondering what happened it was moving out of state, home remodeling stress, weight gain, Covid, wildfires, and more weight gain.  My blog is a reflection of me and what’s happening in my life.

Once life calmed down after moving and remodeling Covid hit.  Let’s be honest I wasn’t going anywhere or buying any clothes.  With my Covid weight gain I started feeling extremely insecure and the last thing I wanted to do was buy clothes or have my picture taken.  But 2021 is here, the world problems aren’t solved by any means, but I do feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m watching what I eat and exercising again.  I’m ready to live again and anxiously awaiting for life to be normal.  So today I thought I would share some of my favorite January winter outfits with you.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - camo trend

Camo baby!  Do you love it or hate it?  This trend has been going a few years strong now, and being pattern obsessed I’m definitely a fan.  This comfortable and warm sweater jacket runs a bit large so I went down a size.  Paired with a striped tee and faux leather leggings it’s a fun winter outfit to wear.  It also looks great with a black turtleneck!

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Camo Sweater | Similar Striped Tee Here & Here | Faux Leather Leggings | Boots | Earrings | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - Sweater dress

When warm days hit it’s time to give those winter legs some fresh air!  This sweater dress runs true to size and is very comfortable.  Other fun ways to wear it would be with a lace cami or leggings and a scarf.  It’s very versatile and versatile always wins a spot in my closet.

Sweater Dress | Earrings | Similar Booties | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

This dress was an amazing find.  I still have some weight to lose, but this black jersey studded dress instantly made me feel like a million bucks when I tried it on.  It runs true to size and is very flattering and camouflages a tummy.  Best part?  It’s half price so act fast!

Ways to wear a dress in the winter

Paired with some tall black boots and my favorite faux fur cape, this is the perfect date night outfit (hello Valentine’s Day).  I think every woman should have one of these faux fur capes in their closet.  Paired with a dress or dressed up with jeans, it’s a wardrobe staple plus it’s warm and very affordable.

Dress | Boots | Faux Fur Cape | Similar Clutch | Earrings

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

This fun pink puffer coat has been tested in the Colorado winter and I approve.  It’s really nice to find a fun affordable coat for $40.  It also comes in black and runs true to size.  The boots are on clearance for $19.99, fit true to size, and are so warm!

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Puffer Coat | Beanie | Jeans | Boots (on clearance)

Over 40 fashion blog

Can you have to many fuzzy sweaters?  Please tell me no!  This sweater jacket made me feel so glam and it was just $40!  It has a slight stretch and hidden pockets which is a bonus.  It fits true to size and comes in peach and a fun black and white pattern too.  This purchase was a big win for me.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Sweater Jacket | Earrings | Jeans | Similar Leopard Shoes | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - ruffle sweater

Ruffle sweaters are so fun and feminine to wear, they’re certainly having a moment.  My sweater sold out pretty much instantly, but this gorgeous sweater is very similar, and this ruffle sweater comes in three colors.  Are you liking the ruffle trend?

Boots | Chain Necklace | Beanie

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - blanket scarf

Living in Colorado I do get tired of wearing a coat all the time so why not switch it up with a nice warm blanket scarf?  Wearing this soft blanket scarf was literally like… being wrapped in a blanket.  Haha.  Plus there are so many different ways to wear it, it gives you tons of wardrobe options.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Black Sweater | Blanket Scarf | Jeans | Boots

Thanks for stopping by my January winter outfit round up!  Ta ta for now.




Spring dresses under $100

When it comes to clothing choices I’m definitely a dress girl, honestly it’s hard for me not to buy every dress I see.  While I’m a huge fan I also don’t like to spend a fortune either, so today I’m focusing on gorgeous spring dresses all under $100.  Temps are starting to warm up in Texas but then again we still get some cool days thrown in here and there, so I love the fact that this fresh spring dress has long sleeves.

Spring dresses under $100

I especially love this peach dress I’m wearing which is just $39.99 and so flattering!  Ashley loved it so much she begged me to buy her the same dress.  It comes in black too, you really can’t go wrong with any color.  Then again I’m also in love with this dress from ruffle wrap in teal, and this dress as well.  But hello we’re moving and the more I buy the more I just have to pack and drag up to Colorado.  Y’all don’t even get me starting on packing.  I’ve packed 6 boxes and I’m already completely over it!

One thing I do like about this dress is the concealed hook at the top so I’m not busting out cleavage and embarrassing my kids.  I wish more dresses had hooks like this, but when a dress it too low cut one of my tricks is a lace tube top that goes over your bra, every dress loving lady needs a few colors of these.  They work really well with tops too, I wore my black one in our Christmas card photos.

Spring dresses under $100

So did everyone enjoy carrot week last week?  Haha… what can I say spring makes me think of carrots and floral dresses.  I’ll have you know my carrot flower arrangement lasted a good 10 days.  I’m definitely making another one for Easter.

Here are more great spring dresses to choose from, all under $100.  Have a fabulous weekend!



How to properly store your your fall and winter scarves after the season.

Now that it’s officially spring time, let’s talk about how to properly store your fall and winter scarves.  When temps start to warm up it’s easy just to place them aside and forget about them…. and the results can be disastrous!  It’s especially crucial when dealing with delicate materials like silk, cashmere, and wool.  Let’s start with the scariest word of all, the M word… no not your Mother… the other scary M word moths!

I’ll never forget, years ago I bought a purple cashmere scarf.  It was gorgeous and luxurious.  I gently wore it and at the end of the season I simply folded it up over a hanger in my closet and went on with my life.  Then the next fall I took it out to wear it and it was shredded with holes.  I was devastated, and I never saw a single moth in my closet!    Moths can lay up to 40 eggs a week and their little babies will happily feast on your new Burberry cashmere scarf quietly all through the season without making a peep.  Moths definitely have great taste in clothes!  Prevention is key, so here are my tips to help keep your scarves in tip top shape so they will look gorgeous and last for years.

How to properly store your your fall and winter scarves after the season.


Cleaning is crucial at the end of the fall and winter season.  Moths get active when the weather warms up… and I bet your scarves are dirty!  Even if they don’t look dirty, if you have worn them they have sweat, perfume, and body oils on them… which all attract moths!  They love to feast on cashmere, silk, wool, and other natural fibers, but you should wash your scarves made of synthetic materials too, any odors or body residue could attract moths making it easy to find your delicates.  Washing or dry-cleaning will kill any moth eggs and larvae preventing infestations.  Even if you aren’t worried about moths, storing your scarves with perfume or body oils could cause damaging discoloration.

How to wash cashmere


Most scarves that are silk, cashmere, and wool say dry clean only.  I hand wash all my dry clean only scarves for several reasons but the main reason is I just don’t want dry cleaning chemicals around my neck.  Washing an expensive dry clean only scarf the first time is a bit scary, but I do it all the time.  You definitely need to use caution to prevent damage and shrinkage.  I’ve washed many cashmere, silk, and wool scarves, even many of my Burberry and Louis Vuitton ones without any damage at all.

Baby shampoo makes a great gentle detergent as well as Woolite.  Eucalan is a gentle no rinse detergent that is designed for washing delicate fabrics and comes in scented and unscented versions.  It makes hand washing delicate items a breeze.

I like to wash my scarves in a large bowl because I worry my scarves could snag or there might be damaging cleaning product residue in the sink.  A bowl also prevents too much movement while the fabric is in a wet delicate state, plus is easier to drain and rinse.   I use cold water and about a tablespoon of gentle detergent.  To rinse I empty the bowl and very lightly squeeze (don’t wring or twist) to remove a little water.How to hand wash luxury scarves

Place the wet scarf on a towel on the floor, taking care not to stretch the scarf while transferring it and gently roll to remove excess water.  Use another towel if needed to gently remove as much water as you can and lay flat to dry.  Do not hang to dry because this could also result in stretching.  I love this drying rack, and it stores flat.  If this terrifies you then stick with dry cleaning.

Scarves made of synthetic material should also be washed at the end of the season, moths won’t want to munch on them but the scent of anything dirty longterm in your closet will attract them.  I usually wash mine on the gentle cycle in the washing machine and air dry.

How to kill moth larvae in the freezer


Did you know putting your scarves in the freezer is great for them?  Freezing your scarves will prevent any annoying shedding and bonus   you can also kill off the eggs and larvae.  Place your scarves in a bag for protection and on a shelf in your freezer and freeze for 48 hours.  This will kill anything.  Any time you buy anything vintage or pre-owned put it in the freezer first!


Unless I’m wearing a crisp white button down shirt I’m really not a fan of using an iron.  I’ve damaged too many items, and don’t get me started on those shiny ironing marks!  I’ve even had items come home from the dry cleaners with marks.  Investing in a steamer is the way to go when it comes to getting wrinkles out and of your scarves.  I have a large home steamer and always take our travel steamer with us on vacations now.

How to hand wash a wool scarf


Short term hanging is fine in between uses but I’m not a fan of those hanging scarf racks.  Surprisingly I’ve had a lot of scarves snag on the edges and I find them really thick and bulky in closets.  They also create a lot of cozy spots for moths to lay eggs.  Folding is a much better option and prevents any possible stretching.   Roll thinner scarves to help prevent wrinkling if that’s an issue.

How to protect your closet from moths


I’ve bought cedar blocks and other moth preventatives before, but I find storage bags to be the best option.  I love these storage bags from The Container Store, they’re sturdy, come in different sizes, and give me peace of mind!  It’s also a great way to keep them organized. These bags also offer protection while in the freezer.


Not every moth you see is the clothes-eating kind.  But if you do see one flying around your closet it’s probably best to spring into action.  Removing any items made of cashmere, wool, silk, or any other animal fibers and place them in the freezer to kill eggs or larvae.  Wash anything that could be dirty, and empty any food crumbs from bags.  Moths hate disturbance so shake out piles of folded clothes, vacuum and wipe down shelves…. and don’t forget those dark creepy corners of your closet either, that’s there favorite spot!

How to protect your closet from moths

Luxury scarves can be quite an investment, following these tips are guaranteed to give your scarves a longer life.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to wash those scarves!



How to wear sequins

Ladies, let’s talk sequins…especially the perfection of a black sequin skirt.  Lately I haven’t been buying a ton of clothes, but that’s the beauty of building up a versatile wardrobe.  Investing in great staple items definitely pays off, and a black sequin skirt can give you countless looks.  So for today’s blog post I thought it would be fun to show you my five favorite ways to wear a black sequin skirt.

Over the past few years I’ve learned to let go and have fun with my outfit choices.  Sadly, for years I held myself back from lack of self confidence.  Now that I’m 41, or 40ish as I like to say, I’m proud to say I’ve grown comfortable in my own skin.  Not only do I have more fun in life but with my wardrobe as well.  Don’t let anything in life hold you back, and that includes sequins.  Whether you’re young or old wear your clothes well and with confidence.  I think sequins are ageless and very appropriate for a lot of occasions.

Sequins are light, sparkle, and fun.  Don’t let those three things make you think they’re for formal settings only though.  Nope, styled with the right accessories a sequin skirt can work for many situations, from the office to parties and from date nights to church.  Yeah…I would totally wear sequins to church y’all!  Not afraid…God loves it when we sparkle.

sequin skirt with cardigan

fall and winter outfit ideas

Paired with a long black cardigan over a tee or cami top is a favorite look of mine.  This is a great way to wear sequins during the day without feeling like you should be at a disco party.  A long black cardigan takes the edge off of the shine, and it’s a great way to wear sequins during the day without feeling self-conscious.  I think this combo could be worn in the right office setting too.

sequin skirt with sweater

fall and winter outfit ideas

Another favorite look is when paired with an oversized sweater, especially a bright one.  Sweatshirts look great too!  Wearing a fitted pencil skirt works great with a loose top, plus mixing the textures of a sweater with sequins creates an amazing look.  It’s a fun, carefree outfit.

ways to wear a sequin skirt

ways to wear a sequin skirt

Let’s not forget this winning combo with nice button down shirt.  A plaid shirt pairs perfectly with a sequin skirt, which you can see in my ways to wear a plaid shirt.  But let’s not forget the power of a simple, white button down shirt.  It’s perfection!  If you don’t have a go-to crisp white button down shirt in your closet I encourage you to find one!  It’s a classic, but also a must that it fits great, so be sure and have it altered if needed.  I always have my white shirts taken in on the sides for a fitted look.

Monocramatic outfits

Monocramatic outfits

I also love a good monochromatic outfit, and sequins are no exception.  A black sweater or turtle neck paired with a black sequin skirt is such a winning look in my book.  I typically like to keep my jewelry to a minimum when wearing sequins so they don’t have any competition.  I like those sequins to be the focus.

Sequin skirt outfit

This is a combo I could wear forever!  A black sequin skirt paired with a cute graphic tee and denim jacket.  Mixing up these textures creates a winning outfit.  I mentioned every women should have the perfect white shirt, well I think every women should also have the perfect pair of black pumps.  Round toe or pointy toe, high heel or low heel, just find a pair that works well for you.

Sequin skirt outfit

So if you’re a sequin fan it’s time to find that perfect black skirt… you’ll create endless looks.  The pencil skirt I’m wearing is sold out but you can find a similar one here and here.  Not feeling a pencil skirt?  What about a nice flared sequin skirt, or what about rocking a pair of black sequin pants?  Oh the amazing outfits you’ll create!  I’ve rounded up a great variety of black sequin skirts and pants below that I think would add a great sparkle to your wardrobe.