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Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

I’m back with a fashion post!  A what?  Yeah… remember way back when I posted about my outfits?  Maybe you don’t, my last fashion post was April 2019.  It’s definitely been a while.  If you’re wondering what happened it was moving out of state, home remodeling stress, weight gain, Covid, wildfires, and more weight gain.  My blog is a reflection of me and what’s happening in my life.

Once life calmed down after moving and remodeling Covid hit.  Let’s be honest I wasn’t going anywhere or buying any clothes.  With my Covid weight gain I started feeling extremely insecure and the last thing I wanted to do was buy clothes or have my picture taken.  But 2021 is here, the world problems aren’t solved by any means, but I do feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m watching what I eat and exercising again.  I’m ready to live again and anxiously awaiting for life to be normal.  So today I thought I would share some of my favorite January winter outfits with you.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - camo trend

Camo baby!  Do you love it or hate it?  This trend has been going a few years strong now, and being pattern obsessed I’m definitely a fan.  This comfortable and warm sweater jacket runs a bit large so I went down a size.  Paired with a striped tee and faux leather leggings it’s a fun winter outfit to wear.  It also looks great with a black turtleneck!

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Camo Sweater | Similar Striped Tee Here & Here | Faux Leather Leggings | Boots | Earrings | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - Sweater dress

When warm days hit it’s time to give those winter legs some fresh air!  This sweater dress runs true to size and is very comfortable.  Other fun ways to wear it would be with a lace cami or leggings and a scarf.  It’s very versatile and versatile always wins a spot in my closet.

Sweater Dress | Earrings | Similar Booties | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

This dress was an amazing find.  I still have some weight to lose, but this black jersey studded dress instantly made me feel like a million bucks when I tried it on.  It runs true to size and is very flattering and camouflages a tummy.  Best part?  It’s half price so act fast!

Ways to wear a dress in the winter

Paired with some tall black boots and my favorite faux fur cape, this is the perfect date night outfit (hello Valentine’s Day).  I think every woman should have one of these faux fur capes in their closet.  Paired with a dress or dressed up with jeans, it’s a wardrobe staple plus it’s warm and very affordable.

Dress | Boots | Faux Fur Cape | Similar Clutch | Earrings

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

This fun pink puffer coat has been tested in the Colorado winter and I approve.  It’s really nice to find a fun affordable coat for $40.  It also comes in black and runs true to size.  The boots are on clearance for $19.99, fit true to size, and are so warm!

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Puffer Coat | Beanie | Jeans | Boots (on clearance)

Over 40 fashion blog

Can you have to many fuzzy sweaters?  Please tell me no!  This sweater jacket made me feel so glam and it was just $40!  It has a slight stretch and hidden pockets which is a bonus.  It fits true to size and comes in peach and a fun black and white pattern too.  This purchase was a big win for me.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Sweater Jacket | Earrings | Jeans | Similar Leopard Shoes | Bag

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - ruffle sweater

Ruffle sweaters are so fun and feminine to wear, they’re certainly having a moment.  My sweater sold out pretty much instantly, but this gorgeous sweater is very similar, and this ruffle sweater comes in three colors.  Are you liking the ruffle trend?

Boots | Chain Necklace | Beanie

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits - blanket scarf

Living in Colorado I do get tired of wearing a coat all the time so why not switch it up with a nice warm blanket scarf?  Wearing this soft blanket scarf was literally like… being wrapped in a blanket.  Haha.  Plus there are so many different ways to wear it, it gives you tons of wardrobe options.

Colorado fashion blogger winter outfits

Black Sweater | Blanket Scarf | Jeans | Boots

Thanks for stopping by my January winter outfit round up!  Ta ta for now.



How to wear sequins

Ladies, let’s talk sequins…especially the perfection of a black sequin skirt.  Lately I haven’t been buying a ton of clothes, but that’s the beauty of building up a versatile wardrobe.  Investing in great staple items definitely pays off, and a black sequin skirt can give you countless looks.  So for today’s blog post I thought it would be fun to show you my five favorite ways to wear a black sequin skirt.

Over the past few years I’ve learned to let go and have fun with my outfit choices.  Sadly, for years I held myself back from lack of self confidence.  Now that I’m 41, or 40ish as I like to say, I’m proud to say I’ve grown comfortable in my own skin.  Not only do I have more fun in life but with my wardrobe as well.  Don’t let anything in life hold you back, and that includes sequins.  Whether you’re young or old wear your clothes well and with confidence.  I think sequins are ageless and very appropriate for a lot of occasions.

Sequins are light, sparkle, and fun.  Don’t let those three things make you think they’re for formal settings only though.  Nope, styled with the right accessories a sequin skirt can work for many situations, from the office to parties and from date nights to church.  Yeah…I would totally wear sequins to church y’all!  Not afraid…God loves it when we sparkle.

sequin skirt with cardigan

fall and winter outfit ideas

Paired with a long black cardigan over a tee or cami top is a favorite look of mine.  This is a great way to wear sequins during the day without feeling like you should be at a disco party.  A long black cardigan takes the edge off of the shine, and it’s a great way to wear sequins during the day without feeling self-conscious.  I think this combo could be worn in the right office setting too.

sequin skirt with sweater

fall and winter outfit ideas

Another favorite look is when paired with an oversized sweater, especially a bright one.  Sweatshirts look great too!  Wearing a fitted pencil skirt works great with a loose top, plus mixing the textures of a sweater with sequins creates an amazing look.  It’s a fun, carefree outfit.

ways to wear a sequin skirt

ways to wear a sequin skirt

Let’s not forget this winning combo with nice button down shirt.  A plaid shirt pairs perfectly with a sequin skirt, which you can see in my ways to wear a plaid shirt.  But let’s not forget the power of a simple, white button down shirt.  It’s perfection!  If you don’t have a go-to crisp white button down shirt in your closet I encourage you to find one!  It’s a classic, but also a must that it fits great, so be sure and have it altered if needed.  I always have my white shirts taken in on the sides for a fitted look.

Monocramatic outfits

Monocramatic outfits

I also love a good monochromatic outfit, and sequins are no exception.  A black sweater or turtle neck paired with a black sequin skirt is such a winning look in my book.  I typically like to keep my jewelry to a minimum when wearing sequins so they don’t have any competition.  I like those sequins to be the focus.

Sequin skirt outfit

This is a combo I could wear forever!  A black sequin skirt paired with a cute graphic tee and denim jacket.  Mixing up these textures creates a winning outfit.  I mentioned every women should have the perfect white shirt, well I think every women should also have the perfect pair of black pumps.  Round toe or pointy toe, high heel or low heel, just find a pair that works well for you.

Sequin skirt outfit

So if you’re a sequin fan it’s time to find that perfect black skirt… you’ll create endless looks.  The pencil skirt I’m wearing is sold out but you can find a similar one here and here.  Not feeling a pencil skirt?  What about a nice flared sequin skirt, or what about rocking a pair of black sequin pants?  Oh the amazing outfits you’ll create!  I’ve rounded up a great variety of black sequin skirts and pants below that I think would add a great sparkle to your wardrobe.



Happy weekend!  We’ve been having a blast in the Rocky Mountains this week, it’s been filled with fresh air, snow, and lots of relaxation!  I’ve had a light week blogging, which actually feels really nice after putting out 4-6 blog posts a week during the Christmas rush.  I’ve needed this down time to recharge my batteries and it’s worked!  I didn’t pack all that many wardrobe items for our trip, but I stayed warm and had lots of cute outfits to wear thanks to these amazing puffer vests I found.

There are lots of colors available but you just can’t ever go wrong with black or red right?  Bringing these 2 vests gave me lots of great looks to switch up while still looking cute and warm.

I wouldn’t say puffer vests are all that slimming, but some definitely flatter more than others and mine is definitely one of those.  Some puffer vests are so thick that I look huge.  I managed to find these affordable vests that are more slimming than your typical ones, they fees thin and lightweight, but yet they’re still extremely warm.  It was so cold up in Estes Park but most of the time I was fine in a sweater and my puffer vest – and these are all under $40.

Sweater – on clearance! | Gingham Shirt | Statement Necklace – similar one | Black Vest | Jeans | Boots

Turtleneck | Black Vest | Jeans | Boots – similar pair | Earrings | Scarf

Striped Sweater – similar one | Red Vest | Jeans | Earrings | Boots

Leopard Sweater – similar one | Red Vest | Black Jeans | Earrings | Boots

My puffer vest is so easy to pack too, plus it comes with a matching storage bag so you can just throw it into a bag and pull it out if you suddenly need it.  I have a quilted Burberry vest too, and I can honestly say I like this one better, it’s warmer and a fraction of the price!

The boots were an amazing last minute find from Nordstrom.  They kept my feet toasty warm and dry in the snow!  I think I’ll get lots of wear out of these boots, even back home where we hardly ever get snow!  I’ll need to hide them from Haley though… she’s known to borrow my boots and never give them back.   Be sure to check my Instagram to see more Estes Park behind the scenes photos.  Have a great weekend!



Hello 2019!  We rang in the New Year at the Stanley Hotel’s Crystal Ball and it was absolutely amazing!  It’s always cold this time of year in Estes Park, Colorado, but this year was exceptionally cold.  New Years Eve it was -1 outside!  I wanted to dress up pretty for the event but one thing I refused was to be cold.  I recently blogged about wearing a caplet and I wish I could have worn my pink one, but I needed something much thicker and larger to keep me warm.

I ended up going with this faux fur cape from Amazon, and it was only $40!  However, when it arrived it was an absolute wrinkled mess.  I had to spend about 30 minutes steaming the lining and fluffing the fur, so if you order it just keep that in mind.  There is a hook at the top so you can wear it open or closed.  It kept me so warm and made me feel pretty.  It comes in other colors too.

As for the dress, I scored it 40% off at the Nordstrom sale, I looked for the warmest dress I could find last minute and luckily this beauty arrived in the nick of time.  It comes in burgundy and a pretty purple color too.  Reviews say the dress runs large, but then again so am I right now so I just ordered my regular size… haha.

I think this would be a gorgeous dress for Valentines Day, a wedding, or any event in cold weather.  It’s really comfortable too!  If you like it and need a cold weather black dress act quickly before it sells out.

My Mama bears gave me these earrings at Thanksgiving.  She is always giving me earrings, I can’t complain… I love earrings.  I have no idea where they came from but I found a pair almost identical for an incredible price.  They were the prefect statement earrings for New Years Eve and really gave my dress a fun party vibe.  Thanks Mom!

The Stanley was absolutely gorgeous with the snow, we had to come early before the sun set and take in the beauty.  I’m a huge Champagne and prosecco drinker but sadly I had to stick with white wine.  It’s an altitude thing, and eliminating carbonation helps.  If I’m not careful I can get really sick at high altitudes and over the years I’ve learned some tricks to help.  I’ll put a blog post together soon with some helpful tips if you suffer too.

Dress | Faux Fur Cape | Shoes -similar | Earrings -similar

If you’ve never experienced the Stanley Hotel you should definitely plan a visit.  We aren’t into snow sports so Estes Park is the perfect quiet place for us in the winter.  Summers are beautiful too but it definitely gets crowded!  Be sure to check out some of my other Estes Park in the winter blog posts HERE and HERE.  Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.  Let’s make it the best year possible!



It’s that special time of year again y’all.  The one where I just feel frumpy and exhausted from the holidays.  You know I’m totally pro-scarf from previous fashion blog posts, but this is the time of year I really count on them to keep me going, ya know?  I feel puffy and bloated up from all my bad eating choices, and once again a scarf comes to the rescue.  But not just any scarf, a bold colorful scarf.

Buffalo plaid was literally everywhere this season, from everything wardrobe related to wrapping paper and home decor items.  With the pretty vibrant red color everywhere it gave the impression of being a Christmas trend, but plaid is just the perfect wintertime staple.  So even though Christmas is over keep rocking that plaid!

There is still no better way to pull a bland outfit together than with a great scarf!  There’s no easier way you can add texture, color, or pattern.  I love how a scarf gives the impression of being a well planned outfit without it necessarily being one.  I also love how it helps camouflage holiday weight gain!  A double win this time of year!

Do you remember way back when the scarf first started getting popular again?  So many people had anxiety about the proper ways to wear and tie them.  Those days are gone!  Yeah I’m totally on board with fancy tied scarves, and sometimes I do that, but at the same time I love that thrown on asymmetrical whatever scarf look!  That’s totally the look I’m going for here.

Black Tee  | Jeans | Scarf | Earrings (Sold Out) Similar Here and Here | Booties

Most of you know the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is going on, you can save up to 50%, so now is your chance to look for a great scarf… hmm??  I managed to snag my New Years Eve dress 40% off that I’ll be showing you soon!

We’re on our way to Colorado and so excited to get away and de-stress.  I’ll be blogging a bit up there and I’ll be posting my favorite low calorie detox soup in a few days.  Also if you didn’t get to read my New Years Eve “Make The New Year The Year Of You” post from last year give it a read, we all need motivation and have had ups and downs.  So I think it still applies!



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!  We’re in the planning stages of taking down our decorations, but I’m thinking I just might have a special plan for my Christmas tree this year.  Hmm.. stay tuned for that but for now let’s talk fashion.

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a fashion cycle?  I do all the time, and maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but you probably get stuck in them too.  As women, it’s easy to just keep buying what we know works for us, hey… it’s a great system, but doesn’t it also limit us?  This has really got me thinking lately.  I have a closet full of black, leopard, and pink.

Clearly I have a pattern, I buy basically new articles of clothing that are the same over and over.  Take a scan of your closet, are you stuck in fashion cycle like me?  What is your weakness and what are you lacking?  Colors, patterns, styles, or basics?

Years ago I broke my habit of buying dresses.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy them but when I had a closet full of mostly dresses it really limited my ability to create new outfits.  So once again I’m stuck in a cycle of buying certain colors and I thought it was time to break the rut!  I think this yellow sweater quite does the trick, doesn’t it?  Would you believe I have nothing in my closet this color?

I had somebody tell me this was a great color for me, and if I hadn’t branched out I never would have known.  This is why stepping outside of your fashion comfort zone is so important.  We feel new things when wearing different colors and styles, I actually felt very happy and confident wearing this sweater.  I still needed to add in a splash of leopard though!

This vibrant sweater is from Target by the way, and so is the necklace!  I’ve had several compliments on this necklace just the few times I’ve worn it.  Someone even asked me if it was Kendra Scott.  If you are interested in the necklace wear it on the lowest closure otherwise the 2 end stones tend to flip up.

Sweater | Jeans | Necklace | Earrings | Shoes

So I have a challenge for you and your wardrobe.  Some time in the next few weeks I want you to wear something different than you normally would.  You probably have some Christmas money or gift cards to spend, so go get yourself something different.  Break up the pattern, it’s just fine to step out of your comfort zone!   I recently talked about wearing patterned tights, and that’s another fun way to try something new with your style.  I certainly need some fresh colors introduced into my wardrobe and I’ll be keeping my eye out for more fresh colors.  Maybe you are just the opposite and need more blacks and neutrals.  So go scan your closet and see what you have too much of and what you need more of!  Go be fabulous!