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Hello and happy Monday!  It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit post, wanna know why?  It’s been freakin’ hot that’s why, but the kids have been gone with school trips, so I just decided suck it up and deal.  I’m excited to talk about the classic little black dress in today’s post.  Don’t get me wrong I love trends to death, but sometimes it feels good just to wear a classic choice.

With 6 weeks of Europe and packing to think about I’m betting that it’s going to be a bit less about trends and more about the classics anyway.  The LBD is such a perfect, versatile closet staple that I can’t have just one!  I’m always game to add to my collection and this JCrew little black dress is such an amazing choice and it’s only $42!  Bonus if you aren’t feeling the LBD it comes in hot pink too, maybe you’re feeling a LPD?

Dress (fits true to size) | Shoes (in suede) | Clutch (similar style – on sale) | Necklace | Earrings | My favorite strapless bra

We’ve definitely had some fun date nights lately with the kids gone and this dress made for a perfect night out.  When it’s hot out it’s challenging at times to look date night ready while still keeping cool.  This dress totally fits the bill, due to the fabric and cut of the dress it’s so light weight and airy.  I added my favorite pearls for a more polished dinner time look, and you know me I love to add a pop of color whenever possible!  I do believe I snagged the last hot pink wallet on a chain so I’ve linked another that’s just as fabulous.  If you do like the exact one I have it’s currently available in pale pink and black.

Let’s not forget with some LBD’s you need a strapless bra.  This convertible strapless bra is pretty awesome.  Don’t get me wrong I honestly find all strapless bras to be evil torture devices, but this one is a lot less evil than the others, I promise!  If you aren’t near a store to try one on, definitely order multiple sizes so you can find a good fit.  Bra sizes can be all over the place sometimes!

I’ve linked more options below to suit a variety of ages, climates, and taste!  Ladies work the LBD!




Happy Thursday!  Do you know why this Thursday is so happy for me?  It’s because for us summer starts today!!  For me summer doesn’t start officially until school is out, so hello summer!!  This is the first year I can ever remember the kids getting out of school before Memorial Day weekend… but hey I’ll take it!

Another thing that makes me think of summer?  No, it’s not remembering to shaving my legs – that’s where maxi dresses come in handy…. haha.  It’s straw bags!  Straw bags have always been around, but suddenly they’ve exploded and they’re everywhere, in all sizes from small clutches, to giant beach bags and everything else in between.  I’m definitely grateful, I love the carefree summer vibe and texture that a straw bag brings to an outfit.

This particular straw bag I really love to death, it’s available on Amazon for $60.  I was so excited when I received this bag a few weeks ago, once I started playing around with it I couldn’t wait to put it on the blog.  It’s perfect just the way it is, but I wanted to show you my favorite ways I’ve customized it and made it my own.

Maxi Dress | Straw Tote | Harlow Necklace (on clearance) | Sunglasses | Shoes (I ordered my normal size)

One of my favorite ways I’ve worn this straw tote is with a simple flower attached.  I went to Hobby Lobby and near the jewelry making section you can find a huge assortment of flowers to attach.  This one has a combo hair clip and pin.  I used the hair clip attachment and easily slid it into the straw texture without harm.  You can also use the pin to attach, it’s just a little trickier.

Recognize this maxi dress from an old blog post?  This dress is seriously my jam.  The coolest feature about this dress is the raw edge hem.  No altering required, if the dress is too long…and odds are it will be…just cut it with a pair of scissors.

One of the best features about this tote is the draw string close top.  I love carrying totes and though it’s convenient I know all about the stress that comes along with having an open top purse.  First off it’s a safety issue, things can get stolen easily, and maybe this means I’m a terrible driver but sometimes I’ll turn a corner in my car and my bag will fall over and spill all of it’s contents.  This draw string top solves everything!  It easily folds down when not in use too.

Dress | Straw Tote | Brooch (similar) | Shoes | Earrings | Sunglasses

Another favorite way I’ve carried this tote is with a brooch attached.  Seriously let’s get brooches trending big again ok?  I just love them.  It requires a little more effort pinning a broach into the straw but the way this bag is woven it’s totally doable and shouldn’t damage it in any way.

This Leith dress is also another repeat from my peplum jacket blog post.  Gosh, I love dresses I can layer up.  I ordered up a size for a more relaxed fit like the tips suggested.  It’s available in 8 other colors too.

Straw Tote | Striped Hat | Pink Scarf | Sunglasses | Leopard Scarf (pre-loved) | Fedora Hat (similar)

Left are more flowers just like the pink, I just attached 3 in a row.  These flowers are $3.99 at Hobby Lobby, you can probably find some at any craft store or Amazon. Feather attachments would be really fun as well.

To the right I attached a small scarf, which I do all the time with the other purses I carry.  This makes me laugh a little.  A Louis Vuitton bandeau attached to an Amazon straw tote??  Hey… why not?  Life is all about balance!

Striped Bracelet (on sale) | Distressed jeans (also on major sale)

Let us not forget how great this straw tote is just as it with nothing else added!  It’s such a classic shape, with the perfect texture, it’s smooth and not scratchy at all.

Since there are no reviews on Amazon and you’re interested in this tote bag I thought I better mention a few things.  There are no interior pockets, which I’m used to from a few other bags I have.  It’s why I carry so many small pouches in my purse, that and it makes for easy purse swapping – which I do a lot!

Also sometimes it’s a little tricky to make this bag stand up if you just casually sit it down.  I’ve learned to plop it down with a little force, then I give it the side eye like don’t even about falling over and that does the trick!  It’s available for prime free shipping, I got it same day shipping for free – I think that depends on where you live though. Same day free shipping is my newest addiction.

Did you remember about the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale?  It started yesterday and runs until June 3rd. Take advantage of some killer sales right now of up to 40 percent off!



Happy Friday!  I feel like I sort of dropped the ball reminding everyone about the Nordstrom Triple Point sale!  I have failed you… I am so ashamed.  It goes on until May the 6th so if you’re a Nordy shopper like me be sure and take advantage.  You can earn triple points online and in stores today through Sunday.  I like to save up all my rewards and then splurge on shoes or bags.

I’ve been dreaming pink a lot lately, the color just makes me so happy, I’m even getting little pops of pink in our home just in time for summer.  I’m always on the lookout for pretty pink clothes and accessories, but this time I was on a mission specifically for the perfect pink dress.  My little sister and I are going to see Mean Girls on Broadway at the end of the summer and I’m so excited!  Even though the show’s on a Friday instead of a Wednesday I’ve still got to wear my pink!  Mean Girls reference for those who have no idea what I’m talking about – haha.

So I spotted these 2 pink dresses online, ordered both, and thought well surely I won’t like one, or one won’t fit right.  I’ll just return the one that doesn’t work, and wouldn’t you know it both fit and I love them both – story of my life!

With this dress I used Red Carpet Kolour in Light on my arms, chest, and legs.  I really love that stuff!  It’s not glittery but it gives your skin a nice sheen, blurs imperfections, and lets your skin catch the light.  It comes in Light, Medium, and Tan.  I have all 3 and there isn’t much difference between the Medium and Tan.  You can also mix colors together easily to get a custom shade.

Amazon has the light for $30, but is out of stock in the other colors.  I did find the Medium and Tan/Dark in stock at another store but it’s $49.95, or you can wait and see if Amazon restocks it.  I freakin love this stuff.  Once you apply it let it dry a few minutes before getting dressed.  After that it shouldn’t rub off on your clothes unless you get really sweaty.  Even then it washes out of clothing.  For the next pink dress I do not have Red Carpet Kolour on so see if you can tell the difference.  I can, I’ve been lazy when it comes to spray tanning lately, so this stuff has made my pale skin look human.  If you look really close you can see the difference where I stopped at my ankles.

I did have a really dumb moment with this dress when I first put it on.  I thought why is it so hard to walk in?  I was walking around like a penguin wearing it thinking is my butt really this big?  It wasn’t until I took it off I saw the slit was stitched up in an X.  Once I removed that it made a world of difference and is easy to walk in.

It reminds me of the last time I was in NYC on the subway I saw a lady who really looked put together wearing a skirt dressed for work, I was admiring her outfit.  Then when she got up for her stop I saw the back slit of her skirt stitched up with the white X.  Ouch – you’re supposed to cut that out.  I guess we all have our fashion faux pas!

The lace detail on this skirt is just gorgeous, and another thing I love about this dress is the adjustable straps in the back.  I’m wearing my usual size, it also comes in navy and a gorgeous pale blue.  It’s also machine wash and line dry so I can take it to Europe with me this summer.  I might be washing clothes in the hotel sink!

Lace Dress |  Shoes | Earrings | Clutch (similar) | Red Carpet Kolour Light


Here’s my second dress choice.  Another dress I fell in love with.  I’m getting more of an Elle Woods vibe with this dress but I still think it would be super cute.  It’s so stretchy and comfortable, Ted Baker sizing is a little different, but don’t let that throw you off he has great dresses.

The polka dot clutch is another Etsy find.  You can pick from so many patterns and it’s under $30!  There’s a small detachable chain that comes with the bag if you prefer this.  I’m crazy for polka dots lately.

The only negative about this dress is it’s dry clean only.  Not at all a deal breaker for me, I can usually get a few wears before my clothes need dry cleaning, but dry clean only means it will not be coming with me to Europe this summer.  This dress also comes in white and for a while was available in black.  There’s a chance they’ll restock in black so keep an eye out if you’re interested in that.   Bloomingdales has a very pale pink one and the Ted Baker website has a navy which is also very classy.

I just can’t emphasize how comfortable this dress is!  It’s so stretchy and the fabric feels so breathable, it’s almost like fancy pajamas!

Dress | Earrings | Clutch | Shoes (similar – same brand)


We took these photos on the way to a favorite spot of ours, Chez Fabian, and look we finally made it!  Yay!  If you’re local it’s in Grapevine and part of the Main Street Bistro & Bakery, it’s a favorite.  So which dress will make it to Mean Girls with me?  I have no idea actually but I’m sure it will end up on Instagram.  I have a hunch if the lace dress does go to Europe with me I might be sick of it, so the hot pink one for Broadway…. but who knows.




It’s May and I’m so pumped!  Who else is with me?  We are officially counting down to summer.  Normally the girls have school a full week into June but not this year, nope we’re done with it all before Memorial Day.  Yay!  I’m really looking forward to our summer plans and especially looking forward for the teenage pile of school papers, lunch boxes, shoes, tennis gear, and backpacks to go away.  I especially love it when I unexpectedly trip over them… so fun.

Oh, something else I wanted to mention is Holy Ads!  I decided to get Adsense back up and running, for whatever reason last year at this time we couldn’t get it to work.  Google has been randomly choosing the ad placement and I’m trying to tweak it, but there seems to be a delay.  So no, I’m not trying to drive you crazy with ads, I’m working on getting them to calm down.

Let’s get back to my white jeans!  I’m getting better about staying clean since my original White Jeans Love blog post.  So I thought I’d do an outfit round up of some of my favorite white jean outfits and we could chat a little bit.

Jeans | Striped tee | Leopard Sunglasses | Necklace | Bracelet 1 | Bracelet 2 | Bracelet 3 | Bag (similar)

This has actually been my favorite outfit so far with white jeans.  I mean striped tees just look so good with everything, especially white jeans!  I have such a love and fascination for Chanel.  Everything Chanel is freakin awesome but other than the Chanel fashion books I decorate with in my home these Chanel shoes are the only thing I have.  It was a total freak accident I even got them.

I was walking through the Nordstrom shoe department one day wearing some nice designer shoes, and long story short, a sales person asked me how I liked them and I said I didn’t care for them because they made funny squeaky sounds.  Together we walked around the store so he could hear the squeaky sounds, he gave me a new pair to try, still squeaky.  So he said I’ll give you a full refund for anything you like, shoes shouldn’t sound like that, so combined with that and my Nordstrom rewards that’s how I ended up with Chanel shoes for $200.  I love them so much that sometimes I want to sleep in them.

Tee | Straw Bag | Earrings | Striped Bracelet | Pink Bracelet 

Can we talk about these earrings?  They’re from Etsy and just $16!  They just scream summer to me, I love supporting sellers on Etsy.  If I let myself I can browse for hours at the Etsy website.  These crochet earrings come in so many colors and they’re weightless feeling, seriously a great purchase!

I’ve also been having a serious straw bag addiction lately, another trend I’m grateful for.  It’s getting so bad lately that I love every single one I see.  I really love cross body bags too, they’re great when you need to be hands free and your contents are light, but now there is a tote version in this bag and I’m like ahhhhh!!!!  I wish I had that one too!

White Tee | Wedges | Earrings | Bag (pre-loved)

This is how I act when I’m just so sick of having my picture taken, but seriously white on white is such a chic look… that is if you can stay clean!  I love wearing monochromatic outfits, especially with black.  I’m coming around more with white, and learning my limits… ok no salsa or red wine.  You know, the white outfit basics.

Gingham Shirt | Silver Earrings | Flats | Bag

The story with most of my outfit photos is I’m usually just out running errands with Brian or we’re on our way out to eat.     We’re in the habit now of grabbing the camera and we’ll usually pull over and get a few quick snaps.  Sometimes the kids are in the car rolling their eyes at us.  I’ve been eyeing this pretty yellow building around the corner from where I live for a while and we finally remembered to get a snap.  I’m always looking for cute photo spots, so is Brian.  He’s the best trained husband ever.

Moving on… let’s talk about how spring and fresh gingham and white jeans are.  I don’t want this gingham trend to ever end!  I mean gingham will always be around but lately it’s everywhere, in every color, in everything.  Patterns just make me so happy.  I’ve worn this shirt with everything lately from shorts to even unbuttoned over a maxi dress.

 Pink tee (sold out – similar one)

Camo Jacket | Suede Flats (similar ones) | Bag (pre-loved) | Hoop Earrings

I love this utility camo jacket so much!  Another pattern that looks great with practically anything, I even wore it some while hiking the Palo Duro Canyon.  I ordered my usual size a small but I still found it a little bulky, I washed it and it shrank just slightly and now it’s perfect.  I especially love pink and came together, the rugged contrast combined with girly colors and sparkles is such a fun look.

I just ordered this jacket in mauve color too, it was finally restocked in my size.  Stalking stores online really pays off!  I thought it would be the perfect light weight jacket for Scotland this summer, I’m really confused what to expect weather wise in Scotland in August.  The camo jacket packed great for our hiking trip, very minimal wrinkling so I think it will work well on chilly nights.

Hey!  Don’t forget Saturday is Cinco De Mayo!  It’s time to get your chips, salsa, and margaritas on!  I’m sure we’ll end up at Uncle Julio’s, it’s our favorite Mexican restaurant.  If you’re near a Williams Sonoma check out my Skinny Margarita Taste Test from last week, they were so good!  Until next time.



Who else is feeling major summer vibes right now?  Spring…you know I love you but I’m ready for flip flops, margaritas, and popsicles.  I think this is why I’ve been wearing this dress so much lately, it screams Hey Summer!  But seriously when warm weather comes I’m all about the maxi dress!

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to maxi dresses is because of the long clean illusions they give.  Yes, I’m tall but anyone can benefit if you shop for the right kind.  Paired with a pair of wedges or heels, the long length of a maxi dress makes everyone appear taller.  Create an hourglass and slimming effect by shopping for a maxi dress that’s fitted on top with fabric that drapes and pours over the hips like the one I’m wearing.

I love these Karine Sultan earrings to death!  I love the big statement they make yet they aren’t heavy at all, it’s crazy how every time I wear these somebody stops to ask me about them.   It’s been hard finding a pair of silver statement earrings lately, it seems they’re all gold…and gold is definitely having a moment so I get it.  The cool tones of this dress screams silver to me, so sometimes a girl just needs silver.

By the way, do you know the earring trick?  If you’re sensitive to earring metals, just paint them with clear nail polish.  It creates a barrier, and poof….you’re all good.

Another thing I should mention about wearing maxi dresses is a good strapless bra.  Many dresses you’re able to wear a regular bra, but it’s still good to be prepared and have one on hand.  Up until a few years ago I was convinced all strapless bras were torture devices and I wanted to burn every one I saw.  Laurie my Nordstrom stylist helped convert me.  My go to strapless bra is this one from Wacoal, although it comes with removable straps so technically it’s a convertible bra.

Why do I love it you ask?  Well first of all it creates a nice smooth silhouette.  So many strapless bras are designed for a push up effect, but in regular clothes you get that awful double bubble effect.  Another reason is when you wear the correct size it actually stays in place and doesn’t slide down.

You need a nude color and a black and you’re good to go with narrow cut dresses and tops as well as, strapless, off the shoulder, and spaghetti straps.  If you aren’t able to get measured in a Nordstrom store then I recommend watching their bra fit guide, then still order several sizes because with each brand you just never really know they fit.  They have a great return policy so there shouldn’t be an issue returning what doesn’t fit.


I’m all about these beautiful shades of aqua as well, like I said major summer vibes!  I love the gorgeous flow of this dress, nothing makes me feel prettier than a dress that moves and flows beautifully!   Except for a few random cold days we’ve had glorious warm days so I’m in full maxi dress mode.  Those who aren’t quite there you know I love to layer up my dresses as well, if you haven’t check out 3 Ways To Wear A Maxi Dress In The Spring.  That’s the beauty of the maxi dress, you can really style it up or keep it simple, and it goes from casual to dressed up beautifully.

So who else has summer on their mind?  Margarita anyone??


Maxi Dress (X-Small & Small only) | Earrings | Shoes | Bag 

This blue maxi dress sold out fast!  Here are some other shirts and dresses available in the same fabric, most are on sale so act fast!




I’ve always loved white jeans, just not necessarily ON ME.  They’re so fresh and clean, yet I’ve always been afraid of them.    Oh, I’ve tried over the last couple years, maybe it’s my fault.   Perhaps I gave up too easily, I don’t know… but this year I decided to go for it and there was no way I was backing out of it.  I decided now was the time and I was going to conquer my fear of white jeans!

Ok, you’re thinking why have you been so afraid?  I’ve got several reasons.  Um, getting dirty in any form is a big one, I can’t seem to eat or drink anything without spilling, I even seem to rub up against the car and get dirty just getting in and out…  I’m working on that.  Having a sudden massive unexpected period always runs through my mind – please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks about that!  I have this fear with my daughter as well, I see her wearing white jeans to school and I say honey are you positively sure wearing white jeans is a good idea today?  Like calendar sure?  I full on remember the cruelty of junior high kids.  An even bigger fear though, the biggest of all is looking like a giant marshmallow.  I mean I love white jeans but you can’t deny that sometimes they aren’t slimming!  In the past I’ve tried on some that really enhanced and highlighted my cellulite, yeah thanks… that’s not the look I’m going for.

When searching for white jeans I probably tried on at least 20 pairs, all different brands and at all different price points.  I think the younger and thinner you are the easier it is, I’m not a spring chicken so I really had to dig around.  But you know what?  The wait is over,  the winners were Kut From The Kloth and it actually surprised me.  I go way back with this brand and I love their denim jackets, I have two, but I haven’t worn the jeans in quite a while.  In a world full of overpriced designer jeans, and people willing to pay $200-$300 for jeans just because they look good in them I managed to join the club for $89.  I’m actually impressed.

So now that I’m in the club I’m having a blast because as you may or may not know white jeans look amazing with pretty much everything!  One funny thing though is the first day I wore the white jeans I sat in something.  I have no idea what, I made it a full hour.  We had a quick bite to eat and went to the mall in that hour, I’m feeling super hot in my white jeans and then I hear the dreaded words from Brian, “What’s on your butt?”  Yep, the first day, the first hour I sat in something!  How’s that for bad luck?  But hey.. it made me stronger and I keep wearing them.

Since the butt stain incident I’ve managed to wear these jeans several more times, each time increasing my length of time until I get dirty… and that my friend is progress!  They always wash perfectly clean because I’m obsessed with using White Brite on our whites, that stuff will get anything out.

This last time I wore these jeans I just pared them with a simple graphic tee, I love me some graphic tees and this one is $14.99!  I can’t stop wearing these turquoise earrings either!  All other earrings lately have been a little neglected because these seem to go with everything.

Kinda sorta related to white jeans is my coolscupting on my inner thighs.  I wanted to address this because I’ve mentioned how I’m insecure about my inner thigh pudge, it’s been a little over 6 weeks since coolsculpting and I haven’t noticed a change, even a tiny one.  I measured my thighs and there is no difference, so that’s why I haven’t updated.  I was all ready to have a second session and I was told no, to continue to wait, to at least the 3 month mark.  So here I am waiting….not very patiently though.

I love adding a splash of pink to my outfits and this bag works perfectly.  It’s no longer available but this adorable pink tote has such a pretty scalloped edge and is just $49!  This Michael Kors pink tote is pretty awesome too and just went on sale.

Well, back to the jeans, I’m seriously loving them and having a blast wearing them.  I like the cropped length, although I’m 5’8″ so they may hit other people longer.  The frayed detail is really cute and on trend as well right now.  Biggest of all is how comfortable they are.  The denim isn’t stiff or awkward and they move with my body, which I really appreciate.

Now let’s talk pockets.  I cut the front pockets out of these jeans.  Before, you could really see the inside of the pocket showing through.  This was a problem with a lot of white skinny jeans I tried on.   I’ll end up sewing them closed, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Just cutting them out made a huge improvement!

Just a tip, any time pockets give you a problem just have them removed.  It’s a pretty common request tailors get all the time.  I especially do this with pants that have gaping pockets, ugh… that drives me crazy!

So, I want to share if you have a white jeans phobia you can conquer this.  I think there is a great pair of white jeans waiting for everyone, for all ages, sizes, and styles.  All types of white jeans will work, not just skinny jeans, either.   Newbies who have white jean phobia like I did, just go slow.  Maybe don’t drink red wine and have chips and salsa that first day ok???


Jeans | Graphic TeeEarrings | Bag (similar one) | Wedges (other colors available)


One more thing I’d like to mention, I received so many kind comments via text, social media, email, & comments about our puppy Bella.  Thank you so much for your sweet words, they mean the world to me and have certainly made me feel better!  We will try again when we are allowed to, and this will make us stronger in the long run.  Take care.