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How to dye polka dot easter eggs

Easter is just a few days away so it’s time to start decorating some eggs!  I like to try and stay away from store bought kits and come up with fun ideas of my own.  Last year we dyed Easter eggs using this simple rice method and I absolutely loved the way they turned out, but since our grocery store is out of rice I decided to hang on to what I have left.  So, we went the old fashioned way dying our Easter eggs, but this time with a polka dot twist.

These polka dot eggs were really easy to make and hello… they’re super cute!  All you need to make these polka dot eggs are just a few items that you probably already have.

Dye Easter eggs with painters tape

So how did we create these cute polka dots?  Blue painters tape and a hole punch!  I also tried address labels, and that did work but it was a lot more time consuming.  Once you get a rhythm down it goes pretty fast, and if you have someone helping you you’ll have your dots ready in no time.

I punched and Ashley took the dots off the hole puncher and placed them on the egg.  Most of our tape dots came out very easily but the few that did stick we pulled off with tweezers.  We used regular liquid food coloring from the grocery store and settled on neon pink.  We’ve got the girliest Easter eggs around!


Boiled eggs

Painters tape or address labels

Hole punch

Tweezers (optional but helpful)


Food coloring


Boiling water

Slotted spoon

Cooling rack

Paper towels


Start with hardboiled eggs that are cool and completely dry.

Tear off a piece of tape and secure one end to the table and hold the other end taut while you punch the tape.  A few might not fully punch, when that happened I just used scissors and cut off the stuck edges.  Most of our tape dots came out easily, a few did stick but were easy to remove.

Ways to dye easter eggs

Place the tape dots on the eggs making sure they are attached on all sides, then create a spot for the eggs to dry by placing a cooling rack over paper towels.

Ways to dye easter eggs

Mix 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 teaspoon vinegar, and 10-20 drops of food coloring in a cup and stir until blended.  Repeat for each color being used.  Let the dye cool down a bit then using a slotted spoon dip the eggs in dye for 3-5 minutes or until desired color is achieved. Remove with the slotted spoon and allow to dry on the cooling rack.  As you can see the tape dots stayed on while in the food coloring.

How to dye polka dot easter eggs

Let the eggs dry completely, about 10 minutes, to avoid smearing.  Peel off the tape dots and you’re done!

How to make polka dot easter eggs

With all the painting we do we always have blue painters tape hanging around, but you can experiment with other types of tape as well.  Like I mentioned above you can punch labels too, I thought it was a little trickier though.  Painters tape is ideal, it sticks well and removes easily too.  We used regular painters tape, I’m not sure if the plastic painters tape would punch as well.

How to dye polka dot easter eggs

I’m fully stocked up on eggs and I’m ready to create more pretty Easter eggs.  With egg leftovers we’ll be making a zesty egg and potato salad.  What are you’re favorite ways to use hardboiled eggs?  If you have any favorites leave them in the comments.  Have a Happy Easter!



How to make a birthday balloon wreath

We’re so excited tomorrow is Leap Day!!  It’s extra special for us because it’s also my daughter Ashley’s 16th Birthday!  We always celebrate her birthday, of course, but I’m known to go a little overboard when her actual birthday comes every 4 years!  I saw a pretty bag of pastel balloons for $1 and an idea was born.

Easy DIY Birthday party balloon decor

What I especially love about this wreath is how inexpensive it was to put together.  I think I spent around $8 including the wreath form that can be reused for other wreaths.  If you already have a wreath form it will probably cost under $5 to make.  I’m big on inexpensive homemade holiday decor, not only is it fun to make but I can toss it if needed because it’s inexpensive.  Storage space is lacking in our home, so I can just pop and cut off the balloons and save my wire wreath form for another project.

How to make a birthday balloon wreath

Another bonus is how quickly you can put this wreath together!  It probably took me 20 minutes or less, so easy!  I used an 18 inch wreath form and grabbed all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree and Walmart.


wire wreath form – I used an 18 inch one

balloons – I used two bags

curly ribbon


tissue paper cut in squares – I used 3 large sheets

A few tips, balloons are cheap so have an extra bag on hand, you may break a balloon, blow it up to the wrong size, or just need more than you think.  I also started this project working on a table but about half way through I found it easier to complete the wreath hanging.  Be sure to curl the ribbon before attaching it to the balloon wreath, we don’t want scissors near the balloons!

The trickiest part of this wreath was just deciding on a balloon size, so play with the size on the first balloon before you tie it off.  Because we are not blowing up the balloons very big you should have a large stretchy end to tie and attach to the wreath.


Start by blowing up the balloons to the size you want and tie them off, leaving as much of the stretchy end as possible.

Make a loop with curly ribbon at the top to hang the wreath up.

Cut long strips of ribbon and curl with scissors.

Take some tissue paper and cut it into squares.  I cut 6 squares per each tissue paper sheet.

Tie the balloons in a staggering pattern around the wreath.  Some balloons will flop around and not look right when you tie them to the wreath.  To fix this take 2 balloons and twist them around together.  This should help anchor them.

Tie the curly ribbon to the wreath form around the balloons.  You can also add the curly ribbon once the balloons are all tied on, just loop them around the balloons to secure them.

Take the cut tissue paper squares and stuff them into the wreath to fill any bare spots and adjust wreath if necessary.  That’s it, all done!

How to make a birthday balloon wreath

Ashley loved her birthday wreath and it made the house feel so festive!  It’s so cute maybe we’ll leave it up an extra week!  If you’re wanting more birthday inspiration check out this birthday cake cookie dough,  birthday cake body scrub, and also birthday gift wrapping ideas with kraft paper.  We love birthdays!



DIY Valentines Day Garland
We’ve been snowed in all week, it was fun at first until suddenly it wasn’t.  After binge watching way too much Netflix I decided it was time to get a little crafty.  I’ve also been wanting to decorate for Valentine’s Day, but the reality is I have no idea where my decorations are.  Honestly I can’t even remember if they made it through our last move.  So hand made Valentine’s Day decor it is!

DIY Valentines Day Garland

Any time I decorate I always love to start with a festive garland along the fireplace mantel.  After scouring the house for crafting supplies I decided we needed to go old school, as in wax paper crayon old school.  This craft project brought out my inner child and she loved it.  I collected all the crayons in the house I could find and went to work.  My garland was done in no time and so fun to make!

How to make Valentines Day Wax Paper Garland


Wax paper


Cheese grater

Old towel


A heart shape to trace (candy lid, cookie cutter, anything you can find)

Pen or pencil


Hole punch

String, yarn, or thin ribbon


Wax paper crayon garland

1.  Remove paper from the crayons and shred using a cheese grater.  Thicker crayons are ideal, regular ones work fine too just go slow so they don’t break.

2. Cut out square or rectangular wax paper pieces and place them on an old towel to protect your surface.  Sprinkle grated crayons over the wax paper.  A little goes a long way!

3. Place another piece of wax paper on top.

4. With the iron set on low heat, iron the wax paper moving it around until you get the desired effect you want. If you’re worried about crayon residue you can place a paper towel or old rag on top.  The small amount of crayon residue I had easily wiped off my iron though.

5. Let the wax paper cool then trace around your heart pattern.

6. Cut around the pattern.

7. Punch holes in each side – you can punch several hearts at once to make it easier.  Then thread with yarn, ribbon, or twine.  All done!

How to make Valentines Day Garland


It gets a little messy grating the crayons, so definitely do this over a towel that way you can shake it out afterwards.

After chipping several nails while grating the crayons I decided to protect my fingers with a sock, what a difference that made!  An old glove would work too.

The crayon easily washed off the cheese grater so have no fear!  Just some hot soapy water and a sponge and you’re good to go!

Valentines Day Crayon Wax Paper Garland

Oddly enough, we could not find one single red crayon in the house but we found pink and purple aplenty, it’s so festive and cute!  Each heart has a unique stained glass effect!

How to make Valentines Day Wax Paper Garland

So make sure you save those old crayons, the color and pattern possibilities are endless!  I love using handmade decorations because they can be whipped up at the drop of a hat and are easy on the budget.  Plus if storage space is an issue you can always toss them, but I won’t be tossing this garland, it’s way too cute!



How to make gingerbread sugar scrub

We are officially snowed in today, and with Thanksgiving just days away we’re already full of Christmas spirit!  The girls and I are big fans of anything gingerbread so we decided to give our favorite sugar scrub recipe a gingerbread twist.  ‘Tis the season for dry winter skin!  Living in the mountains is especially hard on our skin, so this delicious sugar scrub is the perfect solution to keep our skin silky smooth.

I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to make this scrub. You probably have most or all of the ingredients already on hand in your kitchen.

How to make gingerbread sugar scrub

Just a warning this gingerbread sugar scrub smells so good you might want to eat it!

How to make gingerbread sugar scrub

To preserve the texture of the scrub, it’s important to keep the coconut oil at room temperature and not to melt it.  This keeps the mix light and fluffy.  I decided to skip the essential oils this time and just use regular spices from our kitchen.

Use a spoon to soften the coconut oil a bit, add the spices, and mash it up to make a paste.  Then simply add the sugar and mix well.  Once the scrub is mixed together use your hands to blend and break up any coconut oil or sugar lumps.  It’s that simple!

How to make gingerbread sugar scrub

This sugar scrub makes an adorable Christmas gift too!  Why not share the gingerbread love?  Tie a pretty bow or gingerbread ornament to the jar and you’ve got a perfect holiday gift that’s quick to make and budget friendly.  Be sure and check the dollar stores for cute holiday jars.

We generally use our scrubs within 2-3 weeks but I have kept some for up to a month and the quality has been fine as long as water has been kept out of the jar.  This recipe makes about 2 1/2 cups, we were able to fill 2 small jars.

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub


  • 2 cups brown sugar, packed
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 2 tsp ginger
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp cloves
  • 1/2 tsp nutmeg


  • In a medium size bowl add coconut oil and mix with a spoon until it softens up.  
  • Add spices to the coconut oil, mash and stir well to blend.  
  • Add brown sugar and mix again, using a spoon and your fingers to blend.
  • Store in a clean storage container and use within 2-3 weeks.

How to make gingerbread sugar scrub

I like to leave a jar of scrub by the sink and use it a few times a day.  It’s a lifesaver for our dry winter hands and gives us our gingerbread fix!  It has all the yummy goodness of gingerbread but it’s calorie free!

We’re just getting started with our gingerbread spiced fun so expect more on the blog soon.  As for now we’re off to play in our snow.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Calling all Christmas lovers and wine drinkers!  Feeling crafty??  Lately I’ve been so stressed out finishing home remodeling projects, especially Ashley’s room, it’s been a TON of work.  Over the weekend we actually made a lot of progress, but mentally I’m just over it.  Sometimes you just need to have a glass of wine and start crafting.  It’s the grown up equivalent of playing with toys, and I needed to play with my toys… my wine cork toys!

Once you gather your supplies you can make these wine cork bears pretty quickly.  I’m always saving wine corks, I think they’re so cute and I have the hardest time throwing them away.  If you’re not a big wine drinker and need corks I recommend stopping by local wineries or wine bars.  They’ll gladly give you a ton, I think I have enough wine corks for 2 years of craft projects!

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  It can be a little tedious to find these items, the jewelry making section and the sewing section are great places to search for supplies.  As for the faux fur you can have a small amount cut from the fabric department, but you can also find small rolls of faux fur over in the general crafting section which is what I used.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments


Wine corks

Brown faux fur

Small brown pom poms

Brown pipe cleaners

Small eye pin hooks (check the jewelry making aisle)

Short gold pins (check the sewing aisle)

Thin nails without heads (about 2 inches long)

Small sequins in Christmas colors

Variety of beads in different sizes and Christmas colors

Hot glue

Thin ribbon for hanging

Assorted ribbon, scrap fabric, bells, and other items for decorating

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Step 1: Screw in an eye hook near the end of the wine cork.  Cut a strip of faux fur to cover half of the wine cork.  Turn the fur over and cut a small slit with a pair of scissors so the eye hook will go through the fur.  Using hot glue or regular glue, attach the fabric around the cork.

Step 2:  Glue 2 pom poms for ears and another for a bear nose.

Step 3:  Take 2 short pins, thread with a small bead and sequin for eyes, and stick them into the cork where edge of the fur stops.

Step 4:  Cut 2 pieces of pipe cleaner and glue to the wine cork.  Place a bead at the end of the pipe cleaner and then bend it around to resemble a paw.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Step 5:  Glue a strip of fur wide enough to cover all around the wine cork, make sure the fur is glued just slightly past the top of the cork so the base will be hidden.  Once the body is securely glued bend down and adjust the arms.

Step 6:  To attach the head and body take a bead on a headless nail and secure into the body.  The bead acts as a base and lets the bear head swivel.

Step 7:  Stick the top part of the nail into the cork head.  If this is hard pull the nail out and reposition as needed, use gentle pressure to ensure the nail is firmly attached to both wine corks.  Add a dab of glue to secure.

Step 8: Tie a ribbon loop to the eye hook and then decorate your bear any way you like.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

You can leave the back of the bear head exposed to show off the wine cork or glue on a piece of scrap fabric.  It’s up to you, I think both are cute!

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Get creative and give each bear it’s own unique look, it will be so beary cute!!  If you can find white faux fur then why not make wine cork polar bears?

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

These little wine bear cuties are all ready for Christmas!  They make a fun afternoon project and look so cute hanging on our Christmas tree.  Also don’t forget these make cute gifts and would be adorable attached to a bottle of wine.   If you have fun with wine cork crafts as much as I do then start collecting now!  I definitely see more wine cork projects in my future!



How to make orange cinnamon clove potpourri

I enjoy all the beautiful smells that come with the holiday season.  Right as the air turns chilly and the leaves start to change I love to fill our home with a rich spicy aroma.  Normally I burn a lot of candles this time of year, but with all the beautiful pinecones around our property I decided to make potpourri.  Making your own potpourri is a great way to keep your home smelling great while on a budget.  Today I’m excited to share with you how to make this orange cinnamon clove potpourri.

How to make orange cinnamon clove potpourri

Why orange, cinnamon, and clove you ask?  Because those are my favorite fall and winter scents!  Every time I enter the room with this lovely potpourri scent it reminds me of a cup of spiced apple cider.  It’s such a warm comforting smell!  Below I’ve listed supplies needed and I’ll show you how to prep the ingredients and assemble the potpourri.


2-3 oranges sliced – preferably with a mandolin

20-25 pinecones depending on size

8-10 cinnamon sticks

a large handful of wood chips

*Pure Orange Oil

*Pure Clove Oil

*Pure Cinnamon Oil

Baking sheet with a cooling rack on top

A large bag to mix everything together

*I used Now Essential Oils which are very affordable and sold at Amazon and grocery stores such as Sprouts.


Pinecone potpourri

If you live nowhere near a pine tree and you purchase pinecones from a craft store then they are ready to use.  Hopefully, though, you can find your own pinecones outdoors, but if you collect your own you’ll need to prep them to kill off any mold or bugs and to burn off the sap.  If you do get sap on your hands, hand sanitizer works like a charm to take it off.  Place your pinecones on a baking sheet lined with foil or parchment paper to avoid getting sap stuck to your pans – trust me that’s not fun.  Bake at 200 for 30 minutes then let cool.  If your pinecones are wet they’ll need to bake longer.


How to dry oranges for potpourri

It’s fun to dry oranges for a variety of crafts, the oranges take a little longer to prep but it’s well worth it.  You’ll need 2-3 oranges sliced uniform and thin, using a mandolin is ideal.  Place a cooling rack over a baking sheet and lightly spray with cooking spray.  Arrange oranges in a single layer and bake at 200 for about 4 hours.  I live at high altitude so mine took a little over 4 1/2 hours.  You know they’re done when the center of the orange feels dry and stiff.  Let cool and store the dried oranges in an open container until ready to use.

How to dry oranges for crafts


Once the pinecones and oranges are prepped place them in a medium to large sized bag and throw in a handful of wood chips.  This is optional but I love the visual texture it added.  I used leftover mesquite wood chips from our grill.  If you decide to use wood chips or twigs from outside be sure to prep and sterilize them the same way as the pinecones.

Next add a package of cinnamon sticks, or about 8.  Cinnamon sticks get expensive so I limited the quantity.  You can find them cheaper around the holidays or in the bulk food aisle.  Now it’s time for the good stuff, the essential oils!  Mmmm.  The amount you use is strictly up to you but I love strong smelling potpourri.  I sprinkled the oil directly into my bag with ingredients.  I did 20 shakes of orange oil, shook the bag, 20 shakes of clove oil, shook the bag, and then 5-6 shakes of cinnamon oil.

I say shakes not drops because several drops came out at once.  I prefer a more subtle cinnamon scent with stronger orange and clove, but the amount and ratio is up to you.  I used new 1 ounce bottles of oil and I used maybe 1/8 of the orange and clove and much less of the cinnamon.  You should have enough potpourri to fill 2 smaller containers or one larger one.

How to make orange cinnamon clove potpourri

You can use any brand of essential oil you like, but I used Now Essential oils which are affordable and easy to find at Amazon and some grocery stores like Sprouts.  You can also purchase a variety pack for around $40 it includes all the oils you need plus several extra oils to experiment with.

Just a warning, if you get any oils on your fingers, especially the cinnamon or clove, be sure and wash your hands.  Don’t be like me, forget and then accidentally touch your eye.  That was a bad experience!

Save money making your own holiday potpourri

How easy was that?  Haha… I’ve been watching Ina Garten lately so I’ve got all her catch phrases stuck in my head.  Seriously you gather and prep your ingredients…making this potpourri is so easy!

DIY holiday potpourri

Not only does this fresh potpourri make your house smell incredible, but it looks so festive on display, it’s perfect for the holiday season don’t you think so?  Even better you can gift your potpourri.  Simply place the potpourri in a clear bag, secure the top with a rubber band, and then add a bow or twine.  It makes a great Thanksgiving hostess gift or Christmas gift.

Make your own potpourri gift

As time goes by your potpourri will naturally lose a bit of scent.  You can easily freshen up your orange cinnamon clove potpourri by occasionally adding a few drops of oil.

Interested in more pinecone projects?  Check out my guide on how to bleach pinecones, my snowy berry pinecone wreath and my sugar plum fairy pinecone garland.  I definitely love my pinecones!