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Welcome to our Christmas 2019 home tour.  Well… since a big chunk of our house is still in heavy construction mode, it’s more of a mini tour this year.  Plus, I’m weeks late putting this on the blog.  I gotta tell ya it’s been an exhausting year.  Lately I feel like I’m constantly behind on everything, but better late than never I say.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

This time of year I love to break out the flannel snowflake sheets and my ever-so-favorite, funny Christmas pillows.  If you’re not familiar it’s one of the lines from the Christmas Vacation movie… one of the funniest too!

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Last year’s gingerbread salt dough garland I made found a home on our new fireplace mantel.   You can easily make your own salt dough ornaments or garland, it’s a really fun Christmas project for all ages.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Every year I like to switch up our Christmas decor, and wouldn’t you know I’m already dreaming about next Christmas’s decorations.  Ah… next Christmas when I won’t be so exhausted and more of our home will be finished.  I’m going big big big next year!

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Last year I mentioned one of my favorite Christmas decorating tricks was wrapping up little tiny boxes.  It’s one of my favorite budget tips!  I  like to use soap, pudding, and other small boxes.  Open up the box, remove the contents, tape it back together, and wrap!  Decorate the boxes with scrap wrapping paper and ribbon and they look so cute combined with other decorations.  At the end of the season you can simply throw them away or save them like I do.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

My other trusty Christmas decorating trick is also red ornament balls and pinecones.  I can’t get enough!  You can read more of my Christmas decorating tips in last years How to Decorate for Christmas on a Budget.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Every year I like to add a new Christmas decoration to our home and this year it was SANTA PAWS!

Christmas Blog Home Tour

Santa Paws was meant to be here in our new mountain home, plus he serves me wine… how sweet is that?  I scored him 30% off on a Black Friday sale.  If you also need a Santa Paws he’s still on sale!  His Christmas attire is removable so I may just keep him up year round if I have room.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

I bought super cheap basic wreaths this year and gave them a little pizazz with SnoFlock, pinecones from the creek nearby, and berries.  I’ve got to say having a bag of SnoFlock on hand this time of year is an essential for me.  Our bag has lasted me 3 years!

Christmas Blog Home Tour

This right here is what I call Christmas cheer… we’re making spirits bright!   Break out those extra wine glasses and fill them with candy canes or other small Christmas items for instant, simple decor.

Christmas Blog Home Tour

That’s all for our mini Christmas tour.  For more ideas be sure and check out last years 2018 Christmas Home Tour!



Valentine's day decor

Happy Saturday my Valentine Lovebugs!  I’m all happy because I’ve finished decorating for Valentine’s Day!  I only decorated a few rooms, but I still love our decor this year.  I just wasn’t ready to let go of our Christmas tree, it was a new purchase this year and I’m head over heels in love with it still.  The more I started thinking about our Christmas tree the more I realized it makes for perfectly acceptable Valentine’s Day decor.  It’s a winter holiday so why not?  January is sometimes a let down after the boom of Christmas so why not keep the holiday cheer going with the love of Valentines’s Day?

This year I tried to make things a bit more DIY and crafty, so let me show you around and I’ll tell you exactly what I did.

blogger valentine's day decor

Valentine's Day Christmas Tree

Those who read my blog often know that I just love tablescapes!  It combines my 2 favorite loves, decorating and eating!  I kept things pretty simple for our kitchen table.  I left my striped table runner, it looks fabulous with everything!  Then pulled out my very favorite charger plates combined with these pretty pink and red napkins.

Valentine's Day tablescape

Table | Chairs | Tablerunner | Charger Plates | Napkins | Chandelier 

valentines day tablescape

I love buying cloth napkins, y’all should see my collection, it’s getting big!  Then I simply tied a bow and sprinkled a few candy hearts.

Valentines Day tablescape

I love red roses in our house every day of the year so of course during the season of love I’ll have a few extra around the house.  For my centerpiece I filled 3 mason jars with roses and Israeli ruscus for a pop of green.

Valentines Day table

I love my fireplace, it’s my pride and joy.  I love how our mirror reflects light and adds sparkle to our family room, but another benefit is that it’s great for layering a wreath.  This heart wreath is on its second year, last year it was on my front door and it’s holding up amazingly well.  I attached it to the mirror with a suction cup.  I left our frame up from Christmas, it’s really fun and easy to switch out art, I just threw something together in photoshop.

Valentine's Day fireplace decor

Black Candleholders | Mirror | Heart Wreath | Fireplace Screen | Faux Fur Ottomans | Gold Knot

Valentine's Day Christmas tree

I love our sweet Valentine’s Day tree, It probably cost me $10 to decorate.  I made salt dough heart shaped ornaments and painted them pink, then cut out paper hearts, and added roses from the Dollar Tree.  I also have a lot of pink and red flower napkin rings that I bought last year from Pier One so hey… I put them on the tree too.  You can’t even tell they’re napkin rings!

salt dough ornaments

For the heart ornaments, I used my gingerbread salt dough recipe but instead of the 1 cup of cinnamon I replaced that with an extra cup of flour.  I let them dry and painted.

heart paper garland

The girls and I had a lot of fun making paper garland together.  It’s so cheerful and cost just a few dollars to make.

valentine's day fireplace decor

decorate with roses

No sew heart pillow

If you haven’t read my tutorial on how to make a no sew heart pillow be sure and check it out!  You can use any color or pattern!

Living room decor

Lamps | Coffee Table | Tealight Centerpiece | Deer Head | Cheetah Rug | Sofa | Fur Throw

Valentine's Day decor

I can never have enough roses!  I love these little paper sacks I found in the candy aisle at Hobby Lobby.  I added a small cup filled with water for the roses, the paper sack adds such a charming touch.

Valentines Day decor

I love mixing extreme elements together, so I added some sparkly jewelry to our pinecones on the coffee table.  It’s rustic and girly at the same time.

Valentine's Day decor

Horse Sculpture | Mirror | Chandelier | Paris Book

Blogger Valentine's Day decor

I’m not ready to pack away the buffalo plaid just yet, I’m going to let it cruise well into Valentine’s Day!  For my dining room tablescape I pulled out my favorite leopard accent plates combined with gold charger plates, I love the combo.

I decided to make my own table runner so I took a roll of 18 inch wide white paper and hand painted it.  My sweet Haley Bears helped me punch out hearts with our leftover cardstock.

leopard dishes

It’s so easy to make these rose napkin flowers, I’ll show you below.

how to fold rose napkins

Take a napkin and starting with the pointy end roll it up, then simply wrap it around in a circle to look like a cinnamon roll.  Then take the end and tuck it in underneath.  Adjust and fluff the center if needed and add some leaves. I pulled some off a shrub in my backyard.

Rose folder napkin

Placemats | Leopard Dishes | Red Napkins

I found when I was painting the table runner the sloppier I got the better it looked.  So there is no need for perfection here!

Valentine's day tablescape

Brian and I usually have a date night either on Valentine’s Day or the day before, then we have a family Valentine’s Day dinner at home with the kids.  I can’t wait to celebrate!

Valentine's day tablescape

Valentine's Day Flowers

Here’s a little sneak peak at my next blog post that will be up in the next few days, how to wrap pretty flowers for gifting.  I hope you enjoyed our cheery red Valentine’s Day decor, and you should think about leaving your Christmas tree up next year and decorating it for Valentine’s Day.  Our entire family loves having it up still after Christmas.  Brian asked me if I was leaving it up for Easter too… yeah I think not.   Something about the Easter Bunny and a Christmas tree just doesn’t work for me.  Maybe one day…. haha.



I’m back with another Christmas tablescape!  I just love parties, entertaining, and family meals, so I find decorating our table really fun.  I did a simple table for the Christmas tour, but I was ready to change it up.  I wasn’t sure what to do, I was just certain I didn’t want to buy anything new.  So I walked around my house and it didn’t take long to find inspiration to create this Candy Land inspired tablescape – just with a bit more Christmas flair!  That was my favorite game as a kid, and luckily I had a ton of leftover candy.  After our Thanksgiving meal we decorated gingerbread houses with my daughters, her friend, and my little niece Lilly.  Luckily I saved all our unused candy.

I created this tablescape with everything I already had on hand, and you can create this tablescape for very little cost too!

I used kraft paper from the Dollar Tree, I simply cut the paper to the length of my table, the ends curl under a bit so if your cut is a little uneven you won’t be able to tell.  I pulled out my metal charger plates again, they just look great with nearly every table I do!

I used sugar to fill our trifle bowl and martini glasses to create a pretty snowy look, it’s also great for holding candy canes in place.  You can use anything really, wine glasses of different heights, bowls, jars… whatever you can get your hands on!  Or if you’re needing some new glassware what a good excuse to buy some… it doubles as decor too.  Then I added our leftover candy.

The napkins placed into the glasses create a pretty poinsettia looking flower, don’t they?  This was a total win because I didn’t feel like ironing my napkins and now you can’t tell!

I think the best thing about this Christmas tablescape is after your party or dinner you can just throw the kraft paper away for easy clean up!  This especially worked out great for me because we have a custom made table, so I have lots of trouble finding tablecloths that fit our table.

Some of my cinnamon salt dough gingerbread ornaments were just perfect for our Candy Land table, but I think regular gingerbread cookies would be great too.  We love entertaining and creating beautiful tables, but I’m a firm believer in shopping your own house before you buy new stuff.  Sometimes you need to add items to your collections, but sometimes you don’t.  You have a lot more to work with in your home that you realize!

If you love creating beautiful tables make sure to have a few staple items, such as various napkins and a few chargers or placemats and then you can create endless looks!  I love working with white dishes because they’re so versatile and you can just throw color and patterns right in.

I love how the sugar makes the candy so vivid and pop, it’s Candy Land meets the North Pole!  I just can’t seem to leave my house alone and I’ve swapped a few things around since the home tour.  Since I have our poinsettia arrangement on our kitchen table the mini budget Christmas trees made it to the dining room buffet table and they look so cute!  I love how bright and cheerful our table looks!



Hello loves!  I’m back today with more Christmas talk, how to have a beautifully decorated home for Christmas on a budget.  Going out to a store and buying every decoration you see to decorate with is easy if you have that luxury.  What’s hard is finding frugal ways and still creating a gorgeous home.  I know there have been times I’ve purchased things then the credit card bill comes in January and I’m like “you spent $68 on seasonal napkin rings??”  We did replace two Christmas trees this year, which was unavoidable for us, but those purchases made me determined to keep everything else on a strict tight budget.  I’d rather drop the dough on the gifts than the decor, but that doesn’t mean I’ll accept anything less than a perfect Christmas home.

So here are some of my favorite budget friendly Christmas decorating secrets and tips.  Most of these photos are from the Christmas 2018 home tour, but I did find a few photos I took last year that never made it to the blog.


Ribbon is your best friend!  It’s usually on sale at craft stores this time of year, you may even have some great ribbon on hand already, or pick some up from the dollar store.  The possibilities are endless with ribbon, you can create a simple ribbon garland like I did over my bed by cutting small strips and tying them into a bow on twine.

I was able to take a $2 roll of gold ribbon and tie it to some ornaments from last year to create my beautiful festive chandelier!  You can use ribbon to decorate your tree, add a bow to a boring wreath, and use leftover ribbon to wrap presents.


I love the Dollar Tree for seasonal, party, and craft items.   Some visits can be hit or miss, during busy seasons like Christmas you almost need to stop by every few days, and when you find a great items that have potential you better buy plenty.  Sometimes I’ll go back the next day to buy more and they’re gone.  I made these cute mini budget Christmas trees from $1 trees, at the Dollar Tree, if they’re gone hopefully they’ll restock them.  A Dollar Tree staple this time of year is white tissue paper and red Christmas ornament balls, it’s insane how much I go through those!


Use what you have, really let that sink in.  The possibilities are endless!  Our outdoor wooden glass recycling bin was brought inside and filled with tissue paper and little presents and it’s so cute.

If you have pretty crystal or china, pull it out and set the table for a gorgeous look.  You have more items in your home that can be used than you really know.  Do you have pretty martini glasses?  Fill them up with candy, pull out that gorgeous crystal cake stand you never use and stack it with little Christmas trinkets.

I was able to clear out a few empty baskets we had on hand and filled them with old ornaments and draped some old lights around them.  Tip: that’s not all ornaments, most of the baskets are filled with tissue paper, and the ornaments are on the top.


A simple and easy way to add Christmas decor is to frame cards.  You can frame your own cards, or others.  This card my Mother in Law sent out years ago was just so funny I made sure to hang on to it.  The next year it was still making me laugh so I decided to frame it and suddenly a new idea was born!  I save all old christmas cards and I’ll pick new ones to frame from the previous years.  Sometimes I frame our old photo cards too.

Here in our bedroom I’m doing it all, free pinecones, old framed cards, and I pulled out the ol’ trifle bowl to hold ornaments.


I couldn’t get a tree collar to work on any tree we had this year, the stand of each tree was too wide.  One day while up in the attic – seriously, when I’m decorating I’m there all the time – I found some old white fur fabric.  It was from my old vanity stool I had re-covered, so I used the leftover fabric to make a tree skirt.   It’s cut straight, but I cut a slit in the back and slipped it around the tree base.  Then I tucked the edges under to make a circle.  I found a ton of old tulle too and did the same thing with our dining room tree.  So use what you have, old scrap fabric or a small blanket.


I’ve been saving large boxes for a while now, I knew this year I wasn’t going to do an upstairs tree, but I wanted to do something fun for the kids.  I needed a way to fill a large area cheaply without buying much and wrapping up big boxes came to mind.  I also like to wrap up little boxes, you can wrap up jello, pudding, or raisin boxes and group them together in a bowl for some festive cheer, and just unwrap everything afterwards.  Another trick is boxes of bar soap, I used those to decorate some shelves and stockings.  I removed the soap and just wrapped up the empty boxes.  Bonus is we have a ton of soap to use now, haha.

Why not decorate with real wrapped gifts, who said they need to be under the Christmas tree?


Collect pinecones, acorns, and tree branches for endless possibilities.  You can create natural rustic decorations, or add some glam with paint and ribbion.   We had a lot of fun collecting pinecones, and large burr oak acorns!  I’ve listed some of my pinecone projects, such as this snowy pinecone berry wreath, but I have a few more I’m in the process of making!

When we came home from Europe our holly tree had died in the front yard.  I was so upset, but that’s Texas in the summer for ya.  The landscapers thought I was a little nuts when I insisted they remove the tree in 1 piece.  I think they wanted to hack it up into pieces to make it easier, but I stood my ground.  I decided it would be a Christmas tree in our bedroom.  It took a long time to prune it into the shape I wanted, then I flocked the tree with my leftover SnoFlock (the bag has lasted years) then I wrapped the root ball in burlap and tied with twine.  It’s a simple winter tree and I’m going to use it every year.

If you have a small dead tree or bush don’t throw it away, it has so much potential from Halloween to Christmas, save it for yourself or pass it along to another!!

I saved some of the branches I cut off the holly tree and made this snowy little tree for the kitchen.  No, our kitchen window isn’t filthy.  It must be something with your computer monitor… you should probably get that checked out!


I freakin love spray paint any time of the year but this is the time of year it really shines!  Gold spray paint is the perfect way to take your decor up a notch, and a can will last you quite a while.  I didn’t like my nativity set and last year I was finding myself not wanting to put it out.  I wanted a more modern sparkly one and never found one and one day after too much coffee I spray painted the entire set gold and I now LOVE IT!!  Do you have any cheap candlesticks or old blah Christmas decorations that need a spray paint makeover?


I love making cinnamon salt dough ornaments, they’re inexpensive to make and once you get the hang of it it’s pretty easy.  I did gingerbread but the sky’s the limit with what you could create, adding a little glitter and a ribbon to pinecone would be simple and pretty.  Years ago when we first moved into this house we decorated the upstairs kids tree with small stuffed animals and it was so cute.  So get creative!


A bag of snow fluff can be $4-7 depending on where you live and the sizes.  It’s like pillow fluff and it can be used for everything.  I used it to fill in some bare spots in my dining room Christmas tree, I used it to top off the gold potted trees in my office, these dollar store trees, and we used a ton of it around the wrapped up presents upstairs in the loft.  I think you could even use it to cover up your Christmas tree stand.  You can use old pillow fluff if you want, but actual snow fluff in the Christmas aisle will be a bit softer and whiter.


I love filling bowls, baskets, and boxes with little Christmas items.  We all end up with a few leftover items we aren’t sure what to do with.  A few ornaments, little bells, some leftover ribbon, or even a bow from a gift, throw them all in a bowl!  Maybe add a tiny little present too, like a wrapped up jello box.  It’s a nice was to use up everything, and it’s a bowl of Christmas cheer.

I hope these have given you some good ideas!  Now I’m off to make taco soup, and do another pinecone project with Ashley.  Yep… haha you read that right.  I also want to do another fashion post with a look I love, but I have that post Thanksgiving puff so I’ll just go play with pinecones for now.



Merry Almost Christmas!  I’m so excited to show you our Christmas 2018 Home Tour.  Just ask any of my family members and they will confirm I am truly a Christmas decorating nut, one year I put up 4 Christmas trees!  Every year I like to switch things up a little, it’s just too fun for me to leave it the same every year!  Sadly last year I failed getting a tour up on the blog, it didn’t happen because we we’re really busy with photography classes and planning a Colorado trip, but I’m here this year.

I mentioned I blew my budget on a few things, but they were essential…I needed new Christmas trees, they were really old and bad, but I made a ton of my own decorations this year.  I have a lot of tips and tricks for maximizing Christmas decor on a low budget.  That won’t be in today’s tour, but next week I will blog about all my secrets and ways to save money.  I’m all about balance.  Be sure to sign up for the email list so you don’t miss anything good!

In case anyone is interested in any decor items related to the tour I’m going to link where to buy them below, although many things are no longer available.

These white branch trees have been a favorite for a few years in our home.  Originally I bought them at Restoration Hardware, I found nearly identical trees at Amazon for a lot less.  The ones above are RH and the one shorter one below is from Amazon… save and go with the Amazon ones!  This year I put them in gold pots.

I love adding Christmas cheer to my office, plus the room is in the front of the house so we all get to enjoy it.  I’m thinking I may leave these trees up after Christmas and do something Valentine’s Day-ish with them.  Alexis my sassy mannequin is in full Santa spirit as well.

Those with a good eye did you notice our plantation shutters?  I love them, I planned on reviewing our process but they just arrived. We are ordering ones for the upstairs loft after Christmas so I’ll give you a review of how we ordered, how we saved, and the installation process.

Chandelier | White Slipcovers | Placemats | Charger Plates 

Last year we had 3 Christmas trees, but this year I toned it down a bit and got a little more creative.  I always need my dining room tree though!

Sofa | Rug | Mirror | Coffee Table

My lovable golden deer head, Goldie Fawn, (yes I know that doesn’t make sense) freakin’ loves getting decked out for Christmas.  I love the sparkle that mirrors give to a room and the berry wreath really warms the area up.  I just love wreathes over mirrors.

Hello, meet my naughty purchase of the year… this Christmas tree, I’d link it but it’s already out of stock everywhere.  But it’s tall, pre-lit, and gorgeous!  I’m all about the flocking this year baby!  I think the merry burlap bag is just so cute too!

So what I did to cut costs is do a lot of decorating with the 500 pinecones I collected.  I bleached them, made wreaths, and now garland. The garland took a long time but I love it!  See my gingerbread salt dough garland back there?  The Merry Christmas banner was a new purchase, and I tied some old burlap ribbon to it to jazz it up.

A couple years ago I was shopping around for a trendier nativity set and I couldn’t find one I loved so one day I decided to spray paint my existing set gold and it’s LOVE!!  Jesus loves his glam makeover… missing are the 3 wise men and shepherd boy… what can I say?  There was no room at the end table.

I hung letters for each child and I’m really glad I didn’t name my kids Alexander, Sidney, and Sophia right now…hahaha.  Brian says I have a stocking problem, yeah… I do buy new ones a lot, but I can’t help it.  These knit stockings are awesome and also come in red.

Fireplace Screen | Chandelier | Table | Chairs

And our guest room always needs a holiday cheer!  The desk on the opposite wall turns into my gift wrapping station this time of year, it’s so helpful.

Merry Pillow | Tray | Daybed | Frames | Duvet 

Now for the loft, up here has a funky relaxed teen vibe.  The vivid stripes on the bookshelf make styling a breeze and so fun.  Below is where I put a Christmas tree last year but we decided it was time to mix it up.  So I collected boxes of various sizes over the last few months and wrapped them up and added lots of fun pizazz.

Many thanks to Ashley who helped me pull off our Christmas present snow scene, I couldn’t get this area right and she helped me work out the kinks. She was a trooper waiting in that 45 minute Hobby Lobby checkout line with me… I only wish I was kidding about that.

Canopy Bed | Rug | Tray

Our bedroom I needed to keep a little simpler or I would never go to sleep!  I made most of the decorations in here, the pinecone wreath, garland, and the snowy winter burlap tree.  Brian is obsessed with our flannel sheets by the way!  I can’t blame him… those things are good.

Mr. Nutcracker said he’s for indoor use only but I put like 40 coats of clear varnish on him.  So fingers crossed… let’s see how he does!

Thanks for stopping by my Christmas 2018 Home Tour, I think it’s the most magical time of year!  I will soon blog my tips and tricks for decorating, and don’t worry we’ll have many more Christmas and holiday projects on the blog…more projects, food, and fun!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Happy Friday!  I’ve finally finished up getting photos for our living room fall tour.  I’ve got to vent though because it seems like getting photos has been ridiculously hard lately!  It started with the porch, it hardly rains in Texas yet as soon as I’m ready to take outdoor photos it rains for a week.  The rain was awesome, so it was hard to be upset about that, but still.  Then because of the dark gloomy weather it made indoor photos very difficult.  At least the high heat is gone, so I’ll take that.

I mentioned in the fall dining room tour a few days ago how I really love decorating with natural items, it gives our home such an organic homey feeling.  Plus I get the option to throw everything away and free up storage space.  I always keep pine cones though… I can never have enough.  I need even more for some upcoming crafty stuff so this weekend I think Brian and I are going hunting for pine cones.  We don’t have any in our neighborhood but I’ll find some for free… who wants to buy pine cones when somewhere they’re just all over the ground??

I also mentioned in October Loves how I’ve been painting and white washing pumpkins.  There they are!  Aren’t they so cute sitting on my candle holders?  Those candle holders are a mix I’ve collected over the years, 3 are from our trip to Northern Ireland a few years ago, one is from my husband’s grandmother and another from Pier 1,

Anyone remember finger knitting as a kid?  I had the urge to do it, and found some leftover yarn, it was really fun.  I stitched 2 long chains together to create a fall scarf for my painted deer head, Goldie Fawn.

Yeah… I know that doesn’t make sense but I’m a huge Goldie Hawn fan, I’ve seen Overboard and Housesitter 1,832,483 times.

If you’re curious about gel stain you can read my old blog post HERE.  I love the richness it added to the room, it takes a few days to really dry but other than that it’s pretty easy to do.

One of my favorite candles!

I get a lot of traffic with my Pottery Barn Sofa Review and it’s been a great purchase.  The fabric is incredibly stain resistant and it looks incredibly clean.  I’ve gotten ink pen out, red lipstick, lots of coffee spills, and an entire glass of red wine, ok that one was my fault… oops!

All those stains came out.  It matches really well with the Eliza Cream Tufted Arm Chair too.

Cheetah Rug | Tealight candle holder | Bronze Orb Candleholder

Did anyone else anyone else watch the show Revenge?  I was obsessed with Victoria Grayson’s chair, I was able to get the Thurston Wing Chair in the same french script pattern.  Sometimes I like to sit in it and play Victoria.

I had to throw in my kitchen table top, it’s not the living or family area but hey… I had to get in my pretty table top flowers somehow.  If you read my fall dining room decor post you know I found some great table runners from Amazon, and this striped one is awesome!  I’m always on the lookout for either stripes or leopard things.  This striped runner comes in lots of sizes and has matching placemats too.

Wishing you a terrific pumpkin filled weekend!  If you’re looking for an easy fall weekend recipe try my Slow cooker sweet potato turkey chili, I have it in the crock pot right now for tonight, it’s Paleo friendly and yummy!