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Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

Happy Friday loves!  I’m finally back with Part 2 of my Beauty Devices Reviewed.  I tried to get this out sooner but I’ve had a very hyper squirrel outside my window distracting me.  I know that sounds made up, but it’s totally true!  Ok, if you don’t follow my blog and you stumbled upon this page let me say that I LOVE collecting beauty gadgets, it’s fun to play at-home spa, and when you find beauty devices that actually work for you the results are incredible!

If you haven’t read Beauty Devices Part 1 be sure and give that a read, I talk about my favorite light therapy devices.  In this blog post were talking about even more beauty toys and an honest review of what I’ve loved and hated… a few items even got returned to the store.  So, let’s get started drumroll please……



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

I love Nuface, at one point I wasn’t sure if it was working so I returned it, only to buy it again a few weeks later!  The thing with these at-home devices is you might think they’re not working but when you suddenly stop you realize they were working.  Nuface is a micro current device that lifts and sculpts the face.  I especially love it for the areas along my mouth and jaw.  The Nuface Trinity is the most expensive with a removable head that allows you to buy attachments for other areas such as around the eyes and there is also a red light attachment.  Then there is the mini version which is a little smaller, and little cheaper, but it won’t work with the attachments.  I have so many toys already that I don’t need the trinity version and I’m happy with the mini… which is what I’m holding in the photo.

Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

One thing that has always been a downer with using Nuface is you need the prime gel, it’s a hassle, it gets expensive, and you need to wash it off.  The newer gel primer is a hydrating leave-on gel which is much better, it does get expensive though.  Another trick is using aloe gel, but that dries very quickly.  My favorite secret is to use Spectra 360 Electrode Gel as a conductor.  You’ll need to wash it off too, it’s basically sonogram gel but it’s cheap and it works!  I don’t use this device on my forehead because I’m lazy and I never saw forehead results so I just focus on my jaw and cheeks, and I definitely see results in those areas.  I don’t use this device on my neck either, I’m just paranoid about it bothering my thyroid.  I definitely recommend either the Nuface Trinity or Nuface Mini!



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

An effective at home beauty laser sounded almost too good to be true… and for me it was.  This laser hurt, it’s bearable but it hurts enough to dread doing it.  I used it for a few weeks and it dried out my undereye skin out to the point it looked crusty and gross.  I tried to push through it waiting for glorious new skin to appear but I couldn’t get past the ugly phase of it.  It got to the point that I was looking older and I couldn’t ever wear concealer under my eyes.  I ended up returning it and it took about two weeks for the skin around my eyes to look normal again.  I just didn’t have a good experience so I do NOT recommend this device.



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

I’ve gone through 3 Clarisonic devices in the past 8 years.  Maybe I have bad luck or something I’m not sure, but it seems like they aren’t made to last.  I have a love hate relationship with this device.  I hate charging it, I hate keeping the brush head clean and dry, and I hate having to remember how to replace the brush heads.  Having said that, it’s excellent at cleansing the skin, I’ve always used the sensitive brush head and it feels really nice.  I can’t use it in the morning because it makes my skin look too shiny, almost like a polished stone, but it works well for me at night.  It’s an amazing device for cleansing and exfoliationing the skin, it’s just a high maintenance device.  If you’re in the market for a facial cleaning brush I do overall recommend the Clarisonic, but the PMD is also a good choice.



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

My sister got the Luna Play Plus in one of her subscription boxes, she said she didn’t really care for it and gave it to me to try.  This vibrating facial brush is for cleansing and gentle exfoliation of the skin.  Honestly it reminds me of an awkward less effective version of the PMD Clean.  The silicone bristles are a little longer so it’s a little softer feeling on my face, but I find the shape of the device awkward feeling in my hand.  I also found it difficult to adjust the speed and turning it on and off in general.   I’ll give this to my girls to try out but overall I do NOT think I would recommend this device.



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

Last year I did a full review of the PMD Clean so I won’t go into much detail again but I do like this device.  I find the handle comfortable to hold, and love the fact that it stands up on it’s own.  It takes batteries, but they last a very long time.  I love how it has two versatile heads to use, the cleaning scrub side has 3 vibration speeds and the other smooth side is for massaging in skincare products for better absorbtion with 3 pulsing vibration settings.  You won’t get that luxury brush feeling of the Clarisonic, but I love how you don’t need to buy replacement heads.  The brush head dries quickly, eliminating bacteria.  It’s a fun beauty gadget to have and it’s really gentle to the skin.  It doesn’t do a whole lot when it comes to anti-aging, but it does a good job cleaning the skin.  If your budget allows and you need a cleaning device I do recommend this product.



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

I love this anti cellulite toy but geez it is a workout using it!  There is a lot of information online how to use Ashley Black’s Cellulite devices, but basically with oil or lotion on the area you’re working on you grab both handles and massage the skin.  There are different techiniques and directions you can use to massage the skin and ways to use it on different body parts.  It definitely works, but it takes dedication to consistently use it.  While I’m using it my skin gets really red and itchy and it kind of hurts.  Sometimes I bruise, if you do bruise it’s important to let them heal before using it again… or you can work around the bruises I guess.  I also use this in the shower sometimes with body wash, I find that easier.  My only complaint it this device is big and awkward to deal with.  It will probably freak your husband out the first time he sees this in the bathroom.  I recommend this product for sure but I kind of like the mini version better below.

Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

The face version is much smaller and designed for smaller areas of the body like the face and arms.   I like this one because it is much smaller to hold, store, and travel with.  I can still use it on larger areas of my body it just takes a little longer.   I’ve actually never used this on my face but I really like using it on other areas of my body.  I like to use this while in the shower or right after taking a bath.  I definitely recommend this product.  If you’re wondering, I’ve never used the device with the pointy edges, it looks kinda scary though…. let me know how that works out!



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

I know a lot of women love at-home microdermabrasion devices but I’m not one of them.  The PMD Microderm has different discs that range in texture from course to sensitive.  This actually has great reviews but using this really scared me.  It reminds me of the spinning nail grinder the ladies use at the nail salon, it’s not a sensation I care for and I think it’s really easy to overdo it and injure your face.  I prefer using other methods to exfoliate my face, like the The Method Polish by Lancer, it’s expensive but the texture is amazing and a tube will last me more than a year.  I do NOT recommend this product and I returned it.



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

Years ago I once saw a DermaWand infomercial and it hooked me in.  This radio frequency device is pretty impressive, not only does it help firm and tighten the skin, it helps to smooth out wrinkles too.   It makes a funny little buzzing noise and zaps your skin a little but I wouldn’t consider it painful.  I dropped it once and the bulb broke and I was able to send it off to be repaired.  Just a word of caution always leave the protective cap over the bulb, it’s pretty fragile.  Treatments only take a few minutes and you can use the serum included or your own, I use my own.   I definitely recommend the DermaWand and I just noticed there is a newer stronger version I had no idea about… it costs $60 more than the regular version.  Let’s see how long I can hold out before I’m tempted to order the stronger version!



Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

I love this pillow, but not necessarily for eliminating face wrinkles.  Maybe it’s just me but I have a special talent when it comes to sleeping with my face smashed into the pillow.  Ever wake up with one of those creases on your cheek from a night of side sleeping?  It’s the worst, this pillow helps but doesn’t completely eliminate my cheek smashing up towards my eye.  I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back, but it’s so hard!  Having said that, I suffer from neck pain and I find this pillow incredibly comfortable on my head and neck. I sleep with it on top of my regular pillow, and place it in the curve of my neck.  I’ve slept with it for years and I take it with me on every trip we take.  It has a satin cover and I throw it in the washer and dryer once a week.  I recommend this pillow for neck comfort while sleeping, not necessarily for wrinkle reduction.

Best at home anti-aging and beauty gadgets

Okay so that’s it for my beauty devices reviews!  Expect more to come in the future because I just can’t resist these fun little toys!  I’m experimenting with at-home gel polish, so when I see how durable it is and my thoughts on it I’ll be sure to update.  I’ll be back next week to celebrate birthday week.  We’ll be having a week of filled with pink, fun, deliciousness!  Have a great weekend!



Ok, let’s talk about at-home beauty devices!  I mentioned in my February Loves blog post that I was thinking about putting together a post about all my favorite beauty devices, gadgets, toys…. whatever you want to call them.  Women love to feel pretty, whether at the spa, at a doctor’s office, or even at home.  With all the dreams and promises to look like a Disney princess how can we resist getting sucked into these amazing little beauty gadgets??  Some of the ones I have are amazing, and others I’ve downright hated… oh the list is long!

Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

I started to create an entire blog post on all of my favorite home beauty devices, but the list got long very fast and I had a lot to say about each item so I thought it would be best if I split up the post.  Occasionally I’ll review beauty devices on their own like the PMD Clean but because I’m a busy Mama/Wifey/DIY/Decorator/Blogger I quickly run out of time, so I see more combined beauty posts in my blogging future.

Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

It takes a while to see if I really like these gadgets, and also new ones are always coming out.  So while I am already planning at least a 2 part series on this beauty device blog post, I’m thinking parts 3 and 4 aren’t that far away because they’re always coming out with new amazing devices and HELLO… I’m an addict remember??

Haha.. sometimes I feel like a beauty gadget addict for real though.  I’m always asking my awesome esthetician Linda if she’s heard of any new skincare devices coming out, and I cruise websites in the dark hours of the night looking for the newest “at-home anti-aging beauty devices”.  So here I am world.. my name is Laura and I’m addicted to at-home skincare gadgets.  Those who are curious, I’m here to help, I mean why not try things out?  It’s cheaper than plastic surgery right?

Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

At the present moment none of these blog posts have been sponsored.  Sponsored meaning I’m gifted a product for an honest review.  Although I do put in my affiliate links in blog posts (dude…I make only a few bucks I promise) everything was bought with my own money and I’m honest with my reviews.  I don’t abuse store return policies but if a product doesn’t work for me occasionally I will make a store return and I’ll let you know in the review when that’s happened.


Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

In honor of today… Valentine’s Day I thought I should start with my skincare love of red light therapy.  I’ll be mentioning a few other light therapy devices later, but let’s start with my true love of red light and how we first met.  It’s all a blur now, but red light therapy was my first ever skincare gadget, even before the ever so popular Clarisonic!

When I was 32 I had a sudden panic attack that I was about to be 40…. in 8 years.  I know try not to laugh, but I suddenly started freaking out and knew it was time to step up my skincare game if I wanted to age well.  After some research I discovered the wonderful benefits of red light therapy and my first beauty gadget addiction started with the red light LED panel below.

I feel like this blog post will get way too long if I go into all the science and benefits of red light therapy.  I’m going to give you an extremely abbreviated version if you are unfamiliar.  Basically red light therapy was discovered by NASA, it works to improve the skin from within stimulating collagen, reversing sun damage, and improving skin texture.  There are numerous articles you can read online about the benefits, but 9 years later I must say I’m a true believer that it works.  Red light is supposed to be used on clean skin, free of makeup and sunscreen.  After washing my face I do red light therapy and afterwards apply my normal skincare.  It can be used day or night and it contains no UV rays.

REVIVE LIGHT DPL RED LIGHT THERAPY $399Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

I actually have the older DPL light version that isn’t hinged like the newer version as you can see above in the photo, but it’s still the same device.  Every day or every other day I would hold this device over my face for about 18 minutes a day.  After a few weeks I saw definite results.  The lines around my mouth had completely softened, my skin looked plumper, had much better skin tone and more of a natural glow.  After months of using this device I was hooked.  I used this device on other parts of my body and also saw a huge improvement in my skin.  I was so thrilled that years ago I convinced my mom to buy one.  I’ve worked this baby hard over the years and she’s done me well.  The newer hinged version looks amazing and I love the DPL so much I have a feeling I’ll be rebuying the entire newer version in the near future.  I love how large this red light panel is and how it covers the entire face and you can use it on other body parts like the chest or legs easily.  Those who suffer from acne, this device improved my breakouts but didn’t eliminate it. I definitely recommend this product. 


Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

I actually cried when I bought this.  Because I was so hooked on red light therapy I had known about the Quasar MD Plus for years but never wanted to pay the price.  Luckily it’s dropped a bit in price, at one point it was over $700!  It’s supposed to be the strongest red light therapy device on the market and I lusted after it for years.  I bought it when I turned 40 and I cried from happiness I finally bought it and cried also from the fact I bought such an expensive device.  This light is definitely stronger than the face panel above, but it also takes a little more work.  The light stays on for 3 minutes while you move it around sections of your face.  There are instructions on how to section off areas of your face and how long to use it.  I’m definitely impressed with the results, I glide the area over my entire face several times a week and also hold the device over trouble areas, which are around my mouth and the eyes.  Occasionally I’ll over use it and my skin gets a bit dry so I’ll take some time off but I always go right back to it.  I think it came with goggles but I’ve never worn them or had issues with eye sensitivity.  It comes with a nice long cord, and I find it easy to travel with.  I definitely recommend this product. 


Blue light therapy works to eliminate acne by killing bacteria beneath the skin.  For years I suffered from bad acne and looking for a cure I discovered the benefits of blue light therapy.  Blue light therapy absolutely works but run from this device.  First off it constantly ate through batteries, and the light head is also really small, only meant for one blemish at a time.  So if you’ve got a lot of breakouts it’s pretty time consuming, blue light can be used as a preventative for acne so a larger surface is ideal.  If you suffer from acne definitely give blue light a chance but I’d go with the Lightstim or the Baby Quasar Blue, both are larger and have charging cords.  I don’t even know what happened to this, I either threw it away or it’s under Haley’s bed.  I do NOT recommend this device. 

LIGHT LED COLOR FACE MASK $89Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

This is a quirky one, you full on look like a freak while you use it, but it didn’t stop me from buying it!  This device is a mixed bag for me, I bought it for a few reasons.  I could watch TV while using it, and I can but towards the end the light bothers my eyes, closing helps but then I can’t watch TV.  Another reason that appealed to me was that I could change the light to be red, green, or blue.  Red light is best for anti aging, blue light is great for acne, and green light is supposed to be good for pigmentation in the skin.  I say “supposed” just because there isn’t as much information on green light out there as there is for blue or red.  I’ve been very curious on green light therapy but I’m not sold quite yet like red and blue, just from lack of knowledge.  I think this light is great for those curious about light therapy, and under $100 it’s very affordable for what you get.  Clearly it’s not one of the stronger lights out there, but I still think you’ll get benefits.  The mask feels slightly heavy but tolerable over your face and you can set the lights to a timer.  Overall I do recommend this product for those on a budget wanting the most bang for your buck.  What I don’t like is how the mask didn’t properly fit over my face.  If my mouth is closed and my face is relaxed the mouth part comes up to my nose.  To get the mask light to fully fit my face I must hold my mouth and jaw open in an awkward position and it gets tiring, but it’s not a deal breaker.  NOTE: I have the 3 color light version, the newer one has 7 colors.  I have not studied or reviewed the benefits of the 4 other light colors.


Red Light Therapy Devices Reviewed

The first time you use an at home micro needling device it’s definitely a little scary, it gets easier I promise!  Because this roller has a built in red light I decided to include it in this review.  Yes, you can buy cheaper basic version without LED red light, but I’m a light addict remember?  What microneedling does is create a tiny controlled injury to the skin, triggering the skin’s natural healing process and stimulating collagen production.  It also helps skincare absorb into the skin 200 times more effectively, and the addition of red light is pure genius.  Honestly this device doesn’t hurt, it just feels strange at first.  Immediately afterwards my skin looks a little flushed and sometimes just a little itchy afterwards so you’ll want to use gentle skincare.  I’d skip retinol and any other strong exfoliants.  Separate attachments are available for the body, lips, and around the eyes.  Another bonus is that the device can be used with a battery or plugged in.  The only negative is you will need to buy replacement heads depending on how often you use it.  I definitely recommend this product.  


Teeth whitening devices reviewed

This device delivers excellent teeth whitening results, but it’s expensive and I have a hard time remembering to charge it.  I do like how comfortable the mouth tray is and how even the LED lighting is.  The Glo Smile teeth whitening gel is sold separately but I discovered any and I mean any teeth whitening gel will work with it.  Unfortunately mine stopped working after 2 years, I mean it’s dead, I even bought a new $85 mouth piece and it still wouldn’t work.   I do NOT recommend this device anymore, I just don’t think it’s worth the high price.  I’ve founded a much cheaper alternative for you that works below!

AURA GLOW TEETH WHITENING LIGHT $18.99Teeth whitening devices reviewed

At under $20 this teeth whitening light is my new favorite!  It takes a battery so there is no charging, making it perfect for travel and quick teeth whitening anytime you need it.  You can use your own favorite teeth whitener with this light so it’s definitely budget friendly.  I’ve used it for months and the battery is still going strong.  The mouth piece is just one whole device and your lips hold it in place.  It’s pretty light weight and not a burden, the only down side is the mouth piece isn’t quite as comfortable as the Glo Brilliant but I can overlook that considering the huge difference in price.  I definitely recommend this device. 

I’ve tried to give the most honest reviews possible, if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll try to answer them.  I honestly believe all light therapy has amazing benefits, especially red light.  When it comes to purchasing a device you really need to look at your budget and your skincare needs.

I definitely love skincare but I’m not an expert by any means.  Being over 40 I’m a definite believer in the benefits of high quality skincare and at-home devices.  I’ll soon be adding Part 2 of my skin care device review, where I’ll dive into Nuface, at-home microdermabrasion, and a few other nifty devices.  So stay tuned, and if you find any new life changing beauty devices contact me immediately… I’m serious.



Lips really take a beating this time of year with the cold, dry winter air, and mine especially have been dry since returning home from Colorado.  In the past I’ve bought pricey lip scrubs, but did you know that it’s incredibly simple to make your own lip scrub at home?  I have 2 teenage daughters that I’m trying to wean off of expensive Lush lotions and potions, I’m always shocked what my girls can spend in that store!  So we’ve all agreed to start experimenting more and creating our own products when we can.

When it comes to DIY beauty recipes I love to keep things simple, and with just 3 ingredients this little scrub does the trick!  It’s amazing how just basic brown sugar, jojoba oil, and a little honey can create such a powerful little scrub.  You can use any small, clean container you like, I picked up this little jar for a few dollars at Hobby Lobby.

Jojoba oil has been a long time beauty favorite of mine, you can pick it up at any natural foods store.  I’ve had good success with Dessert Essence.  You can also buy other brands from Amazon, just make sure it’s 100% jojoba oil.  Those who aren’t familiar with jojoba oil, it’s one of the superior oils for moisturizing because it’s very similar to sebum, the natural oil that lubricates our hair and skin.  You can substitute other oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil… I just find jojoba to be the best on my lips!


1/4 cup of brown sugar

2 tablespoons jojoba oil

1 tablespoon honey

Small storage container with a lid

Feel free to reduce this recipe by half if you would prefer a smaller portion.  2 tablespoons brown sugar, 1 tablespoon jojoba oil, and 1/2 a tablespoon (or 1 1/2 teaspoons) of honey.  At the same time feel to double the recipe if you want.


In a small bowl combine brown sugar and jojoba oil until evenly mixed by using your fingers or a spoon.  Stir in honey and store in a clean container.

Because lip scrubs can be messy it’s best to use this over a sink or in the shower.  If you’re using this in the shower make sure water doesn’t enter the container, nothing breaks down a sugar scrub faster than water.  I like to use a clean stick or spoon each time I’m using it for easy removal and to keep the scrub sanitary.

I take a small amount and rub it over my dry lips for about 30 seconds.  I scrub gently but thoroughly, then I remove the scrub with a damp paper towel or wash cloth.  Now blot your lips dry and apply a good quality lip balm.  I recommend Aquaphor, it’s the best!  Don’t skip the lip balm step, you need to seal in the moisture on your freshly exfoliated lips.  In the winter we all like to use the scrub about 3 times a week.

You may need to occasionally stir the scrub a little if it settles in the jar.  Be sure to use your scrub within 3-4 weeks, but I doubt it will last that long anyway!  So say bye bye to dry winter chapped lips and hello to kissable soft lips!



I’ve been meaning to review the MakeUp Eraser for some time now.  I know those who are really into makeup and skincare have already heard of this product, and you may even already have one.  But still on occasion I’ll bring it up in conversation and I find there are women who have never heard of the product.

Now there are even more MakeUp Eraser options than ever and so I thought it would be a fun blog post to compare the sizes, give my tips on using it correctly, and a few other ways I’ve discovered to use it.

I had heard of the MakeUp Eraser but never really understood it’s purpose or even thought it was necessary until one day I got a sample from Sephora, it was just a small cut square without edging.  I threw it in my travel bag to Europe over the summer and didn’t give it much thought.  One day I ran out of my makeup removing wipes, I tried the magical little sample and the rest is history.

Makeup needs to be removed from the skin so you can properly cleanse the skin and apply skincare.  Face wash doesn’t always thoroughly remove your makeup, I’ve verified this plenty of times by looking at my skin in my makeup mirror.  So like most of you, I got in the habit of using makeup removing wipes, these do a good job of removing makeup BUT sometimes I find them to be drying, the fragrance can bother my skin, and you must constantly buy them.  The MakeUp Eraser can be washed and used over and over which is better for the environment!  So in the long run you’ll end up saving money.


It’s simple, just wet the cloth with water and in circular motions gently cleanse the skin.  I’m especially gentle around my eyes.  It’s amazing how the makeup just comes right off, yes even eye makeup!  I can’t speak for waterproof mascara, but regular mascara and eyeliner just melt right off.  There is no need to use separate eye makeup remover or oils.  After I remove my makeup I go forward with cleansing my skin with my regular glycolic acid cleanser.


Like I said, I started with the tiny cute square as a sample.  I actually made this work quite well for weeks in Europe.  I still use the sample size, it’s been washed countless times both by hand and in the washing machine.  I love how it hasn’t frayed.

The Original is a good size and probably the most versatile, but I find it to be longer than I really need.  I’m actually tempted to cut it in half, I seem to gravitate towards square shaped cloths.  It’s priced at $20 for a single, but this lip print 2 pack is just $25!

The Mini is a great size for those who don’t wear a ton of make up, the narrow size is especially great at removing eye make up.  Again I wish it was a little more square shaped though.  What is great about the mini is if you’re just starting out you can buy a 4-pack so you have enough to get the dirty ones washed, that’s a great value.  It’s priced at $12 for a single or $40 for a 4 pack.

The Glove I didn’t think I would like at all but it’s really cool.  It comes as a set but I just use one glove for each wash so it’s 2 individual ones for the price.  It’s especially helpful at removing makeup around my eyes.  It’s priced at $30 for the set.

The Jumbo is absurdly large and I can’t understand the purpose.  Why on earth would you want one this big?  Maybe for Halloween if you’re covered head to toe with body makeup.  It’s priced at $40.


People in some of the reviews I’ve seen have commented that it’s made them break out.  I have two responses to that.  First off it just removes makeup, it’s not cleansing your skin.  So don’t think that’s it, you still have to cleanse your skin afterwards.  On days I don’t wear makeup I just use my regular cleanser.

Just as important, don’t use a dirty MakeUp Eraser on your face!  You’re trying to take makeup off, there’s no reason for yesterday’s dirty makeup eraser to come into contact with your skin again.  I recommend you wash it each time or buy a few so that you always have a clean one on hand.  My skin is very acne prone and I’ve not had a problem.

In Europe I washed mine out by hand with tons of bar soap and made sure it had 100 percent air dried before I used it again.  The easiest way is to just throw it in the washer and dryer.  Being 100% polyester it washes up great and I’m even able to get black eye makeup stains out.


It’s great for getting makeup off bathroom counters.  I also use it to clean the outsides of my makeup compacts and wiping out my makeup drawer… seriously my makeup drawer gets so filthy!  I’ve also used it to get dirt off my purses, and my favorite…it gets rid of shoe funk!  What’s shoe funk?  It’s that build up of funk that happens when I don’t wear socks with my shoes.  It’s so gross, it happens to all my flip flops, flats, sandals, and pumps.  I always start with clean feet so I’m not sure how it gets so bad.

This miracle product completely removes all shoe funk!  Remove it each time, if you let shoe funk build up it’s harder to remove.  I love how there is no harsh chemicals that could damage my shoes!

Lots of fun colors and prints are available, and I recommend all of these sizes except the jumbo.  By the way… please tell me I’m not the only person who gets shoe funk!!



Hey friends, I’m so excited to review the PMD Clean device today with you!  I’m obsessed with new beauty products, and let’s be honest if I think it will make me look better I’ll try anything.  Although I’ve had many at home beauty products flop on me, when I discovered the PMD Clean I was so excited to try it out.

Let me start by saying although it’s similar to the Clarisonic, it’s also different in many ways.  The PMD Clean has 2 sides, an exfoliating brush head that is used to cleanse, massage, and exfoliate the skin, and the other side is for an anti-aging massage that helps with the absorption of serums and moisturizers.  It has 4 vibration settings, the first 2 are for cleansing with the brush side and the other 2 settings are pulsing vibrations for the anti-aging massage.

This brush head is a huge bonus for me, I was so tired of replacing brush heads on my Clarisonic.  Plus I had several instances where the brush wouldn’t dry, and it would grow bacteria and actually cause breakouts.  The brush head on the PMD Clean is silicone, anti-bacterial, and dries almost instantly.  The downside is it won’t give you the deep scrub feeling of the Clarisonic, but the PMD still leaves my skin feeling clean, smooth, and exfoliated.  I often found the Clarisonic too harsh to use every day on my skin, even with the gently brush.  I’m able to use the PMD twice a day, every day.

A huge plus for me is the PMD Clean takes batteries.  I’m so sick of cords and needing to charge devices that this is a huge win!  The silver portion of the PMD unscrews and takes 1 AA battery, and one is include with purchase.  It’s so great to be able to use a new beauty device immediately without having to charge overnight first.   If the battery thing throws you off just know I’ve used the PMD twice a day for about 3 weeks and it’s still going strong, maybe just keep a spare battery around.


I like to use cleansing wipes first to remove heavy makeup before using the PMD Clean.  To cleanse start by rinsing your face with water, apply cleanser to your face, and massage the skin with the exfoliating brush side using modes 1 or 2 in a circular motion.  Rinse and pat the skin dry.  For the anti-aging benefits use smooth side of the head and modes 3 or 4 to massage serums and moisturizers into the skin.  You can do this by directly applying the product to the smooth side of the brush head, but I found this wasted too much product.  I just apply directly to my skin in that area and massage in, the 4th setting is my favorite.

While using the massage feature I made a point to use upward motions, being gentle and not causing any pulling to my skin. The massage feels really good on my face, with maybe the exception of my forehead.   I didn’t read in the directions where this device can’t be used around the eyes, but instead of a sweeping motion I used more of a slow tap to avoid pulling.  After cleaning and massing my skin with the PMD my skin seriously feels soft, plump, and amazing.


The PMD retails for $99 and the Clarisonic retails for about $130 with brush heads needing to be replaced every 3 months.  I love how the PMD is lightweight, soft and flexible.  It’s really easy to use along the contours of my face and it’s gently enough that you can go over certain areas of your face longer if needed, there is no timer like the Clarisonic.


No brush head to replace

Silicone brush head does not grow bacteria

No charger cords to clutter up your bathroom

Light weight flexible head and body are easier to store and travel with

Smooth massage head stimulates blood flow and aids in product absorbtion


You need to buy batteries

The brush head is one size and can’t be changed

I have to say I really love this tool.  It’s going to be a great item to travel with this summer, and I don’t have to worry about packing charger cords, yay!  I love how the brush head doesn’t hold water and grow bacteria and I love the bonus of the skin massage.  With the gentle exfoliation and the smooth massage head, skincare products will definitely absorb easier into the skin.  Facial massage increases blood flow to the skin, increasing collagen and creating a glowing lifted effect as well.  It’s also waterproof, stands up on the end, and comes in 2 other colors.  This is such a fun beauty tool to add into your skincare routine!  See you next week.



10/19 update – I was interviewed by the New York Times about my Coolsculptng experience, you can read about it here.

Remember back in February when I said I had Coolsculpting done?  I said I was going to keep you updated on my results but I didn’t, because there was nothing to report.  Be sure and read my original Coolsculpting blog post, I give you all the details of the treatment.  I did get results but not until right around the 3 month mark.  I didn’t think it was working, then one day I looked down and noticed the fat was gone.

First let me answer some questions I can hear you thinking.  Yes I have pants on, well shorts LOL.  No, thats not a 5,000 calorie frappucino, it’s a lame keto drink, and what does this photo have to do with Coolsculpting??  Well, I didn’t want my fat rolling through my blog feed and on emails!  If you want to see all my fat hanging out you must click on the link – haha!  The top is from Target by the way, I made the page!

About 6 weeks later I asked if I could have a second treatment on the same areas because I wasn’t sure it was working.  But I was instructed to just be patient and wait for the full 3 months for results.   Remember I had my inner thighs and flanks done, these were 2 areas that don’t ever budge with diet and exercise. These before and after photos I took directly off the computer at the Med Spa.  So sorry they aren’t the best quality, but you can definitely see results.

Ugh, this before photo on the left may be the most unflattering photo I’ve ever seen.  I almost didn’t put this on the blog because I thought it looked horrific.  But whatever… I did cover up my bra though, I need to keep a little dignity.

Any swelling or soreness was gone by day 5 or 6. The areas that were treated stayed slightly numb for at least a month though.  The only time I would notice this is when I rubbed or scratched the area.  The skin didn’t feel numb but the area under the skin did, it was a strange sensation.  Other than that I didn’t experience any side effects or problems.  You can read about discomfort during the procedure and the first few days after the treatment in my original blog post I Tried Coolsculpting.

My feet are in the exact same position for the thigh before and after photos.  I had to stand with my feet around a marker with numbers.

I’d definitely say success, and I have no desire to do a second treatment on my flanks and inner thighs.  I finally got out the tape measure and I’ve lost 1 inch off my waist and 1 1/2 inches from the top of each inner thigh!  That’s from 1 treatment!  I’m definitely happy about that!  You can find more information at and if you have any questions I’ll try to answer them!

Those who live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I had cool sculpting done at Trinity Aesthetics and Laser.  I’m part of the monthly maintenance skincare program and I love it.  Linda is my girl!  She makes my skin pretty and we gab about reality tv, a total win!

See ya later this week, blog changes coming soon!