I’m back with another Christmas tablescape!  I just love parties, entertaining, and family meals, so I find decorating our table really fun.  I did a simple table for the Christmas tour, but I was ready to change it up.  I wasn’t sure what to do, I was just certain I didn’t want to buy anything new.  So I walked around my house and it didn’t take long to find inspiration to create this Candy Land inspired tablescape – just with a bit more Christmas flair!  That was my favorite game as a kid, and luckily I had a ton of leftover candy.  After our Thanksgiving meal we decorated gingerbread houses with my daughters, her friend, and my little niece Lilly.  Luckily I saved all our unused candy.

I created this tablescape with everything I already had on hand, and you can create this tablescape for very little cost too!

I used kraft paper from the Dollar Tree, I simply cut the paper to the length of my table, the ends curl under a bit so if your cut is a little uneven you won’t be able to tell.  I pulled out my metal charger plates again, they just look great with nearly every table I do!

I used sugar to fill our trifle bowl and martini glasses to create a pretty snowy look, it’s also great for holding candy canes in place.  You can use anything really, wine glasses of different heights, bowls, jars… whatever you can get your hands on!  Or if you’re needing some new glassware what a good excuse to buy some… it doubles as decor too.  Then I added our leftover candy.

The napkins placed into the glasses create a pretty poinsettia looking flower, don’t they?  This was a total win because I didn’t feel like ironing my napkins and now you can’t tell!

I think the best thing about this Christmas tablescape is after your party or dinner you can just throw the kraft paper away for easy clean up!  This especially worked out great for me because we have a custom made table, so I have lots of trouble finding tablecloths that fit our table.

Some of my cinnamon salt dough gingerbread ornaments were just perfect for our Candy Land table, but I think regular gingerbread cookies would be great too.  We love entertaining and creating beautiful tables, but I’m a firm believer in shopping your own house before you buy new stuff.  Sometimes you need to add items to your collections, but sometimes you don’t.  You have a lot more to work with in your home that you realize!

If you love creating beautiful tables make sure to have a few staple items, such as various napkins and a few chargers or placemats and then you can create endless looks!  I love working with white dishes because they’re so versatile and you can just throw color and patterns right in.

I love how the sugar makes the candy so vivid and pop, it’s Candy Land meets the North Pole!  I just can’t seem to leave my house alone and I’ve swapped a few things around since the home tour.  Since I have our poinsettia arrangement on our kitchen table the mini budget Christmas trees made it to the dining room buffet table and they look so cute!  I love how bright and cheerful our table looks!



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