How to make a no sew heart shaped pillow for Valentine's Day.

Cheers to Friday!  Who has Valentine’s Day on the brain?  I certainly do.  I’m determined to have a fun handcrafted Valentine’s Day this year, but saying handcrafted shouldn’t equal difficult or hard.  No… I’m all about easy to do crafts and this no sew heart pillow is the perfect craft to get ready for Valentine’s Day.  With a few basic supplies you’ll have your own heart pillow in an hour or less.

How to make a DIY budget no sew heart pillow.

How to make a no sew heart shaped pillow.

You’ll need 2 pieces of fabric, and something to draw with on the fabric.  A piece of chalk is ideal because you can wipe it off with a damp rag, but a pencil can also work.  I just used plain red fabric, but the possibilities with textures and patterns are endless.   One more thing, the better the scissors the faster this project will go.  Fabric scissors are ideal, if you have old dull scissors you can still proceed it will just take longer to cut.

Supplies for a no sew heart pillow.





Pillow fluff

Trace or freehand a heart onto the fabric with chalk for the no sew heart pillow.

Start by placing 2 pieces of fabric together, if the fabric has a pattern or texture make sure one side is facing down and the other up.

Now lightly trace or freehand a heart with chalk.  The beauty of chalk is you can wipe it off and start over if needed.  If you’re drawing one freehand don’t worry it doesn’t need to be perfect. Once the pillow is stuffed any asymmetry won’t be that noticeable.

Mark outside the heart to make a cut line for the no sew heart pillow.

Trace another 2 to 3 inches around the heart, this will be where you will cut.  Feel free to make it even larger if you have the extra fabric space and you want a longer fringe.

Mark outside the heart to make a cut line for the no sew pillow.

You’ll want to cut at least 2 inches outside the heart, other wise it might be too hard to tie it closed.

Cut around the no sew heart pillow.

Now simply cut around the second line.

To start make a cut at the top & the bottom of the no sew heart pillow.

It’s important you make the first fabric cuts at the top and the bottom.  Once you complete that continue cutting strips all the way around the heart.  The size is up to you, mine we’re about 1/4 of an inch.  As you cut around the curves of the heart some fabric strips might look a little triangle shaped, that’s ok and you can always trim it straight later if you like.

Once you finish making cuts all the way around the heart you can take a damp rag and wipe the chalk off.  Then simply tie the fabric strips together in a knot.  Again I recommend starting with the center top cut and bottom cut.  Once you tie those it anchors the pillow a bit and makes tying easier.  Tie knots all the way around the pillow but leave a space open for stuffing.

Tie the fabric scraps together, but leave a space to stuff the no sew heart pillow.

Now it’s time to add the fluff!  Once you’re finished stuffing and arranging the pillow fluff simply finish tying the fabric together.  I love how the fabric started to frey when I tied the strips together, it just added charm.

Finish tying the fabric scraps to close the no sew heart pillow.

Voila!  All done… how quick and simple was that?  Now it’s time to find the perfect spot in my house…

Budget DIY Valentine's Day decor.

How fun would it be to make different sized hearts, colors, and patterns?  It’s a great craft for kids to help with and these pillows would make a sweet gift.  I’ll definitely be making a few more of these cuties, they’re just so fun to make and make the perfect cheer for Valentine’s Day.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you soon. XOXO



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      1. I really don’t remember the exact amount of fabric I used, each piece was probably about 20 inches. You can make it any size you want, just remember it will end up smaller once you tie it together.