How to create a cute Easter carrot flower arrangement in just minutes.

I can’t believe it’s already April, time is really flying by!  I love spring and the new beginnings it always brings, it’s a perfect time to freshen up your home with a cheerful flower arrangement.  So today I thought I’d show you how I made this quick carrot Easter Bunny flower arrangement!  It’s so cute and really simple to make.


1-2 bundles of carrots with green tops

A knife and scissors

A glass vase – any size or clear shape you like

Wet floral tape – optional but recommended

1 or 2 types of different flowers of your choice

How to create a cute Easter carrot flower arrangement.

Start by removing the green carrot tops and set aside.  Place a carrot next to the vase of your choice and cut one to length.  You can use that carrot as a guide for cutting the rest to length.

How to use carrots in a flower arrangement

Because the sides of my vase are straight and carrots naturally taper I turned some upside down for a tighter fit.  I highly recommend using wet floral tape, it’s only a few dollars at any craft store.  Floral tape is water proof and adds structure to your vase, making it a lot easier to arrange flowers.  I cut my tape to overlap the vase by about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch.  As long as you really press and secure the ends own it’s pretty strong and flexible.

How to use carrots in a flower arrangement

Now place your carrots around the sides of your vase.  The first couple might be a little hard to stay up but it will they start staying up once you get more in there.  My carrots were just slightly taller than the top of the vase so the floral tape helped them stay up.  Use little carrot ends if needed to ensure a nice tight fit and fill in any gaps.  This will also help if you’re using a square or rectangle vase.

How to use carrots in a flower arrangement

Don’t worry about those ugly ends or if your carrots are perfect in height, this will be covered up.  Now add water to the vase about 3/4 of the way up.  Make sure you use flower food to prolong the life of your arrangement!  Grocery store flowers almost always come with a packet, but I make so many flower arrangements that I use Floralife, for floral arrangements.  It’s liquid and dissolves quick and it’s just faster and easier for me, plus a bottle lasts me a long time.

Easter decoration ideas

Now take the green carrot tops and cut them into manageable pieces to fill in the arrangement.  I think if you had a taller vase you could perhaps keep some entire bundles intact, but mine were too long and floppy.

Easter decoration ideas

Now it’s time to add some flowers!  I used these pretty orange coral colored roses.  I always have fun with my arrangements, there is no right or wrong way to arrange them!

Easter flower arrangement ideas

Springtime flower arrangement ideas

I decided to add a little splash of yellow limonium flowers.  You can use any flowers you like, have fun playing around with sizes textures and colors.

How to use carrots in a flower centerpiece

Any exposed carrot tops or you can fill in and cover up with any extra carrot greenery.  Just make sure the ends of the greenery are fully submerged in water.

Easter decor ideas

Keep an eye on the water level and keep the flowers out of direct sunlight to preserve the life of your arrangement.  Some flowers are thirstier that others so add additional water if needed.  Flowers also love to be misted, so I keep a spray bottle filled with water and give them a light spray once or twice a day.

Spring flower arrangement ideas

Easter table centerpiece ideas

It’s been 5 days and we’re still looking good here!  I did lose a green piece because the end wasn’t fully submerged in water.  I am full of shame.  Really watch the water level, by day 3 half of my water was gone!  If your wondering, when I do water refills I don’t add flower food, I probably should (it would be better) but I never want to take the time to mix it.  Either route is good.

Spring time flower arrangements

Roses are probably my favorite flower, but tulips are a close second… this would be another gorgeous look!  This is my first time using carrots or tops in a flower arrangement, I just got the quirky idea the other day to try it.  I keep wondering if the carrots or green tops will sprout?  Haha… if they do I’ll update.  Happy spring!



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