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Just like when I’m putting an outfit together and add the perfect bracelet and earrings, these light fixtures are my ceiling jewelry.  No room is properly dressed without the perfect light. I have such a love for lights, they really are the finishing touch to a room.  You can be bold or dainty, modern or sparkly.  They are necessary items:  they of course provide light, but they also provide visual interest and finish a room.  They tell the story of your space.

Next to new paint, I think updating light fixtures are the quickest way to add charm and style to a room.  This can be with new lights or older outdated ones that just need some updating.  In previous houses I have painted so many light fixtures!

I love mixing up different styles.  Every light in our home is different.  Our floor plan is very open so I have kept with the same bronze color downstairs for a cohesive look.  I do also love the look of mixed metals and colors, also a great option.

Most of our lights fixtures from our house are new.  I ALWAYS wait for a sale.  I’m actually really clever how I purchase things.  I use my store rewards often waiting to stack them with a sale price and sometimes I can get a coupon to work as well.  Usually when I purchase new items I wait and wait for just the right time so I can save the most money possible.  Saving money is awesome because then I can buy more things I love like shoes.

So, I started with our family room.

Large Orb Chandelier in bronze from Ballard Designs

Previously, we had an ugly ceiling fan.  We didn’t turn it on a lot so we aren’t missing much.  Our family room has a very tall vaulted ceiling.  The large open space of the ceiling can feel overwhelming at times.  This light helps fill in some empty space and gives great visual interest.  You could definitely say hanging it was challenging on our 30 foot tall ceiling.

Glass Pendant Shade Adapter light from Ballard Designs.

Formerly a recessed light over our kitchen sink.  This adapter light from Ballard Designs made this switch over quick and easy.  I love this simple clean design.

Bellora Chandelier from Pottery Barn

This light was love at first sight for me!  It’s a smaller light so it does well over my kitchen table.  I waited and waited for it to go on sale and it was worth it.

Carriage House Chandelier in bronze from Ballard Designs

Our entry way needed a clean looking light and this one does just the trick.  It hangs down on a 6 foot chain adding the perfect amount of light downstairs and also provides a little light to our loft upstairs.

Very difficult to hang on a 30 foot ceiling, my husband looked like spider man balancing one leg on the ladder and another on the wall.  Naturally I was at the bottom freaking out.

Annabelle Pendant from Ballard Designs

I have this light in our small formal living area.  She’s a cutie for sure.  Sometimes I get the urge to put a fake bird inside, but I probably shouldn’t, that would be weird.  It adds the perfect touch of whimsy and coordinates nicely with my dining room chandelier.

And sometimes your ceiling jewelry needs a nice medallion.

Celeste Chandelier from Pottery Barn

Hanging over my dining room table.  With my dining room being pretty neutral it gives nice pop.  Also a ceiling medallion here like in my formal living room.  These are from House of Antique Hardware.

Margaux Ceiling Mount Chandelier from Ballard Designs

Formerly the workout room, now my future office.  I’m not sure how my new office will be decorated just yet but its starting with this light.  It’s all the inspiration I need.  Right now its just an empty room with a great light.

Modern Cage Ceiling Chandelier from Shades of Light.

Home to our mudroom.  Well, more of a hallway really but while turning my hallway into a pretend mudroom I knew this light would look great.  You can read about my fake mudroom story HERE.

Large Vintage Magnolia Blossom Ceiling Light from Shades of Light

I really like the Shades of Light catalog.  I devour it every time it comes in the mail.  They have some very beautiful and unusual lights.  This flower light is hanging in our loft, the negative is it doesn’t provide a ton of light so its best to have it in a small room.

A vintage light left over from our previous house, I had it in storage a few years.  Formerly a brown tuscan looking light, its had a fresh coat of paint and is currently in our guest room.  A white cord cover helps hide my less than perfect paint job on the chain.  If you have an old chandelier never get rid of it!  The possibilities are endless!

Maskers Pendant Lamp from Ikea

If you have ever been to Ikea you’ve seen this light and you know how awesome it is.  Seen floating around on other blogs and Pinterest, it looks good with many styles.  Plus, its a very affordable light.  I have this hanging in my oldest daughters room.  She has a high ceiling and it looks amazing against her turquoise ceiling color.  I love white lights against colorful ceilings.  This is the smaller size, the 22 inch.  This light has a few negatives.  It provides low light so you will need to supplement with a lamp or two, and its made of paper, making dusting hard to do.

Clear Alyssa Chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids

I had some Pottery Barn rewards to burn and my youngest daughter needed a new light.  It’s so sweet and delicate against her pale yellow walls.  This light can easily grow in any future room changes we make, whether we leave it as it or end up painting it.  The possibilities are endless.

Clay Alder Bronze Chandelier from Overstock

Outside under our covered patio.  We have a pitched roof and while planning the design of everything I knew I wanted a simple bronze chandelier.  I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money because I was worried it wouldn’t hold up against the elements, like storms and the harsh west sun. With the sale price and Overstock rewards I was able to get this light for not much money.  I love the way it looks.

So there you have it.  Most of our house lights.  My last tip would be to add dimmer switches.  This is great in certain rooms for ambiance.

We do have a ceiling fan in my husbands office and in our master bedroom as well as the odd plain light here and there. No point in photographing a ceiling fan, we’ve all seen one.  You must wonder if having a ceiling fan in our bedroom makes me sad rather than a gorgeous light fixture. Yes, it definitely does. Remember how I said that light fixtures tell a story?  Well, this story is our bedroom faces west with three windows and is very hot in the summer!

I hope you enjoyed my ceiling jewelry.  Its just one of the many ways you can add style, sparkle, and a finishing touch to your home!