Today I’m talking about mirrors.  Seriously,  I just love them!  Mirrors make smart investments when it comes to home decor.   Mirrors trick the eye and reflect light whether the light is natural or artificial, and this gives us the perception of more depth and space.  Not only are they beautiful and functional decor but they give a room energy and sparkle.

With so many styles, you can find mirrors for any home style.  It’s no wonder mirrors are one of my favorite home decorating accessories.  Ugly mirrors can easily become gorgeous with a simple coat of paint.  Mirrors can create the illusion of another window, add balance to a room, and even reflect a beautiful view you wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

So let’s talk about why I love them so much, ways to use them, and how you can never have too many mirrors!



Round mirrors or oval shaped mirrors are a terrific way to break up a room that has lots of angles and straight edges.  They can soften a rooms masculine edges and bring energy and light into the room.  Our master bedroom has lots of straight lines, so I added round mirrors over each night stand to add balance to the room.  If you have a room with lots of squares, rectangles, or lines consider a round mirror or a mirror with curves to add softness.



Say goodbye to that plain builder-grade bathroom mirror!  There is no better way to add pizazz to your bathroom than a new mirror.  Updating your bathroom mirror can give you great impact without a lot of expense.  It may take a little effort to pry the old mirror off the wall, and you might need a little touch up paint if your going smaller, but I promise it’s worth the effort.



Sometimes you just can’t decide on art work, or if you’re like me you decorating taste changes a lot.  Luckily, mirrors can help us out in this department.  A mirrored piece can be so versatile and easily changed from one room to another.  If you’re having trouble deciding on art work consider a mirror, you can’t go wrong with this choice.



A group of mirrors is another fun way to decorate your home.  Small mirrors can be easier on the budget and you can add to your collection gradually.  A grouping of larger mirrors can add a bold statement to your room and give some major pizazz!  Whether big or small, a group of mirrors are a creative way to add style and light to a room.  The possibilities are endless.



Hands down large mirrors are my favorite, leaning or hung on the wall.   They have a gorgeous visual impact in any room, create light, and give the illusion of a larger room.  You can even layer a large mirror behind furniture.  I have 3 large mirrors in our home, one in my daughter Haley’s room, one in my office, and one in our living room.  If I had space to add another I definitely would!  I love the look of a big mirror leaning against the wall; however, with pets or little kids you should still anchor it to the wall for safety.  Don’t think large mirrors are only for large rooms, they work very well in small spaces as well.



Gallery walls have really taken off, and for good reason.  It’s a great way to show off different collections of art and photographs you have.  If you have a gallery wall, or are planning one for the future, consider adding a mirror to add a bit of sparkle.  A round mirror as I mentioned above is a perfect way to break up the straight lines, add variety, and soften your collection.



A mirror over a mirror, yes you can do it.  Why not?  Layering mirrors is one decorating trick I’m excited to try!  When you  have a large space covered by a mirror you can add a smaller mirror with a gorgeous frame to add interest and drama.  Our master bathroom has large mirrors that go nearly up to the ceiling.  I need these mirrors to brighten and open up our small bathroom, but I still crave the look of a beautifully framed mirror.  So when our remodel starts I know I will be layering a mirror in the center where my vanity is.  The down side is yes you probably need to drill into the larger mirror to anchor the smaller one well.  So if your thinking of layering a mirror make sure you’ll be happy with it for a long time!


It can be a challenge to decorate a childs room into one that grows with them.  Trust me I know all about this.  I will say that the countless times I’ve repainted, or redecorated my children’s rooms, the previous mirror always worked.  Adding a mirror to your child’s room can be a wise investment.  So if you want wall decor that can grow with your child, forget wall art with puppies and rainbows and consider a mirror for lasting impact.



Have a room that’s lacking?  It just needs something…a pop of color perhaps?  Consider adding a vibrant, brightly colored mirror.  You can buy one as is or take an old mirror and spray paint the frame!  I have a few mirrors that I repaint all the time depending on my current decor.  Most mirrors unscrew from the frame and can easily be spray painted, but if you can’t take the mirror apart its very easy to tape off the glass and paint around it.



Mirrors outside on a porch, patio, or fence are a fun, quirky way to add some flair to your backyard.  Consider adding a mirror to an outdoor area that would reflect a beautiful view or create the illusion of another window.  If you have a beautiful outdoor space, flowers, or garden you wouldn’t mind seeing more of, consider hanging a mirror to reflect the view.

If you’re looking for ways to decorate or update your home I hope I’ve inspired you to consider mirrors as an option.  Shopping for mirrors are fun, I hardly ever see one I don’t like!  I love them new or old.  I especially love finding old mirrors at a thrift store, all they need is a a little spray paint and they are new again.  Get creative while mirror shopping and have a blast!


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  1. I absolutely love all the mirrors. I will be on the lookout for morel I love the mirrored furniture they sell now as well.