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I’m so thrilled with the results of our flocked Christmas tree and I wanted to share it with you today.  I’ve wanted to try this for a while, and this year when I saw the state of our sad 10 year old pencil pine I thought what better way to give this tree a little makeover?  It was easy and fun!  I found SnoFlock from Amazon and it made the entire experience fool proof.  It’s an easy process, but it can get a little dusty so I recommend doing this outdoors or at least in a garage.


Spray bottle or mist hose nozzle


Large kitchen sifter




Drop cloth

Have your Christmas tree arranged and fluffed on a drop cloth for easy clean up.  I used a trash bag to keep the base of the tree clean.  Fill a spray bottle with water or you can use a hose with a mister nozzle attached.  Since I was working with a large tree I used the hose method to save time.

Generously spray the area your working on with water, then pour SnoFlock into a large kitchen sifter.  Next take the sifter filled with SnoFlock and simply shake it over the wet branches.  Continue to do this until you create the desired effect you want.

You can do a light snow effect or a heavier one.  This was very easy but because I had such a skinny pencil pine I had trouble getting the SnoFlock into the layers of the branches.  To solve this problem I tilted the christmas tree on its side a few times.  I don’t think this would be an issue with a fuller shaped tree.

Once I was done I noticed a few bare spots so with a gloved hand I just picked up a handful of SnoFlock and sprinkled it on the tree by hand.  It worked out great.  I also lightly misted the tree all over just to make sure I didn’t leave any powdery SnoFlock.

Now let the tree dry 24-48 hours.  I left my tree outside about 24 hours then I brought it inside.


I would not dare try to do this inside.  I think outside or a garage is best,  it created quite a bit of white dust.  I didn’t wear a mask although towards the end of this project I realized I really probably should have.  Even outdoors there was quite a lot of airborne particles.

I’m definitely glad I went with the hose nozzle method, I was able to flock the entire tree in about 20 minutes start to finish.  If the hose method isn’t an option for you the spray bottle will work just fine, it may just take a bit longer.  You could also have a helper and and extra spray bottle to make this go quicker.

The Snoflock thickens quickly so if you notice spots that are too heavy for your liking shake them off as soon as possible before it starts to dry.

I’m really pleased with the look!  It’s given this old tree new life!  You could easily do this with any Christmas tree, real or faux, and don’t stop there…try this with garland and wreaths as well!  I have a lot of SnoFlock left over for future projects.

I absolutely adore the snowy tree branches.  It’s Christmas tree love!  If you’re looking for that snowy tree look or just trying to breathe new life into a old tree, try it and I know you’ll be pleased!