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Today let’s talk less about wardrobe trends and more about wardrobe staples.  Wardrobe staple items vary of course from season to season, but this time of year you can’t beat a good trench coat.  After years of wanting a Burberry trench I took the plunge two years ago and I haven’t regretted it for one second!  When you find something this good that works for you, and you’ll get a ton of wear our of it, I’d say it’s worth the investment!

I’m wearing the Sandringham Mid Slim Trench Coat, in honey.  I’ve got to say, finding my size was pretty stressful.  Burberry trench coats run small anyway, and the Sandringham can be the hardest to get fitted right.  I had to go up two sizes!!!  I’m wearing a size 8.  The 6 was too tight and the size 4….well, it just laughed at me!

Some of the other Burberry styles you can get away with just going up one size, such as the Kensington, and other items such as the vests and quilted jackets I can wear my usual size.  Seriously….Burberry sizing is all over the place!  Luckily I used my trusty Nordstrom stylist Laurie to help me with sizing – it was frustrating, and her knowledge is amazing.  Nordstrom provides you with stylists free of charge by the way and I highly recommend this!

Laurie has helped me out for years, we met when I had a trip to Paris planned with Brian.  The year before I had gone to Paris with my Mom and I had interesting feedback from my clothing choices.  Long story short, people may have thought I was a Russian prostitute.  Laurie helped me pick clean, classic, Parisian looks for my new trip and helped me realize purple leopard in Paris probably wasn’t the best idea.  Her influence years ago has helped me become better at selecting clothes and putting together outfits to this day.

I get to visit with her 2-3 times a year.  She helps me with my body issues – more issues than Vogue, right?  lol!  She also lets me in on last minute deals and events.   Laurie told me my Burberry trench is military grade – whatever that means.  I can go fight a war and still look great?  I have no idea, but I continue to tell people it’s military grade even though I’m clueless….it sounds good though.

I had to share my Burberry trench adventures with you, but when it comes to finding your own perfect trench coat you have many brands and options.  Typically the shorter trench coats like I’m wearing give a more casual look, where a longer trench coat gives more of a traditional, dressier look.  I do plan on eventually getting a longer dark colored trench, black or navy perhaps?  I’m not in a hurry, maybe next year.

An open trench gives off a more casual vibe, where the buttoned and tied belt gives off a cleaner crisp look.  Both are looks I’m totally into!

I started blogging about fashion in the fall, and honestly I was overwhelmed with ideas of what to do and what to start with.  I had the option of posting this blog post now or waiting until late summer or early fall next year.  I decided to go forward with this now for several reasons:

First of all, the biggest reason – after Christmas and into January coats go on sale big time.  Now is the best time to pick up a deal right – act quickly if you need one.  Buy the perfect trench on sale now and you’ll be thanking yourself next fall I promise!   Another reason is how many seasons you can really wear a trench coat.  The material is lighter and thinner, yet still warm.  Depending on where you live you can start wearing a trench coat late summer, early fall and well into spring.

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