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Happy Monday!  Last week I got behind on my blogging remember because I got sucked into this awesome book, so I’m posting a little more this week to get caught up with everything I wanted to put on the blog.  Today I’m excited to show you my Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Wall Art.  It all started from the Inhale Exhale Print.  I had them on my Laura’s Favorites List for a while but I just couldn’t pull the trigger on the purchase.  I absolutely love them but two things bothered me.  One, being the price, I didn’t want to pay $269, it just seemed over priced, and two I didn’t like the frame.  I really wanted a gold frame.  I’m trying to get more gold accents into our home.  I ended up making my inspired wall art for $67, most of that was the frame.  If you have old frames to use you could make this for $15 or less.


I’ve mentioned before how I love supporting sellers on Etsy.  On Etsy you can find so many different images available for instant download at very low prices.  I purchased both of these inhale exhale prints for a little over $5.  Each listing will specify what sizes can be printed.  Brian mentioned to me I could have done this myself on the computer.  Yeah, maybe….that never occurred to me, but then again it was inexpensive, exactly what I wanted, cost me hardly any effort, and in the end I probably made the sellers day by purchasing.

It costs about $5 to have these printed someplace like Staples or Fedex Office, and I found the perfect gold frames from Amazon.  I first checked local craft stores in the ready made frame department and couldn’t find the look I wanted.  I wanted a chic thin gold frame, and wouldn’t you know I found it on Amazon.  With Prime I had free 2 day shipping and it looks like I wasn’t charged tax, so under $56 for the 2 frames.  You can probably shave off some cost by using black ready made frames.  These frames are really high quality and just what I wanted, so I’m happy!

About 5 minutes later the frames were up on the wall….WAIT!  Those who have been reading my blog a while do you notice anything different?  YES!!!  We took out the window over the bed.  Those reading this who have no idea what I’m talking about you can read the original Master Bedroom blog post.  Our photography is getting better, slowly but surely, so linking back to these old blog posts makes me cringe a little, but it is what it is.  I’m working on a home tour with better photos, although we’re still struggling with some photography issues.

These were the exact images I purchased from Etsy, she turned the images horizontal for me and they were quickly emailed to me.  What do you think?  I’m thrilled with the look and it totally changed the look of the room.  A fresh look for spring!  The previous frames I had up will easily be relocated somewhere else in the home soon.  The dalmatian pillow and pink lumbar pillow is from Grandin Road, the rest of the bedding is Pottery Barn.  So go create some inexpensive wall art!  Have a great week!

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