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I can’t get over the town of Bellagio, just stare at it and take it in for a minute.  The entire area of Lake Como has stunning beauty but this town nestled up against the mountains is just perfection.  It’s everything you’d expect it to be and more.

We didn’t stay in Bellagio, we stayed directly across the lake in the town of Cadenabbia.  When we checked into our hotel, the Grand Hotel Cadenabbia, the front desk told us to be sure and take the ferry across the lake to Bellagio.  The Bellagio casino in Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to go and for some reason I never made the connection it was built and inspired by this town in Italy.  I just never stopped to think about it, but I’m here to say it is absolutely perfect – although there are no dancing fountains that I’ve found in the real Bellagio.

The ferry is an easy 5 or 6 minute ride across the lake and the views are incredible.  Below, there a view of the Swiss Alps along one side of the lake.  Lake Como is pretty big, it’s long and winding, and it makes an upside down Y shape.  Mountains, hills, little towns, and mansions make up most of the shore line.

While waiting on the ferry to arrive I sat on a bench under shady vines, I could hear bells ringing all around me from multiple little towns and it was such an incredible feeling and sound.

There are many restaurants here where you can dine outdoors under shaded trees strung with lights, it’s incredibly dreamy.  Like something out of a fairytale.

We we’re really lucky to get the best table at this restaurant, right on the water.  Not only we’re the views beautiful but this table had the best breeze!  Italy is so hot in the summer and we we’re constantly looking for a breeze, it felt like we had a fan blowing on us, it was awesome.

We spent hours exploring the tiny streets in Bellagio, going in and out of little gates, and climbing stairs covered with vines and flowers.  The streets are wide enough for only one car, and it’s still pretty tight, I was shocked when I saw a Lamborghini trying to squeeze through a tiny curved road we were on.  I’m not exaggerating when I say it had about 2 inches on each side between the car and the building.  I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to get a picture.

The shopping here was one of my favorites, lots of local-made Italian items.  I bought a few family souvineers and I fell in love with a handmade wooden toy, so I bought it along with a Christmas ornament and a hand painted olive oil jar.  We always collect ornaments when we travel, but now I’m going to add local made toys to the list.  I think it would be really fun for my future grandchildren and other children who visit us to play with toys from around the world.

Late that afternoon the streets did get a lot more crowded, but honestly we still loved every minute of being here.  The views of the lake and Italian architecture never get old.  There is also a botanical garden to visit here, we just ran out of time.  Boat rentals and private water taxi’s are also available.

You can tell just how clear the water is here, being from Texas I’m always amazed lake water like this even exists!

Here we are back in the other side of the lake in the town of Tremezzo, there isn’t as much to do as Bellagio but there are still some great hotels and nice cafes.  We stayed at the Grand Hotel in Cadenabbia, which is next to Tremezzo, and it had a huge balcony overlooking the lake, it’s an incredible place.

The music festival was the entire reason our Italy trip came to be.  Remember Scotland was planned anyway and Gary Levinson, my daughters violin teacher invited us to hear him in Lake Como.  Beautiful gold chairs were stacked on the green lawn, and even though it was pretty warm that evening a nice breeze was coming from the lake. The music was just as gorgeous as you’d expect it to be and Gary like always killed it on the violin, he plays with Stradivari violin, crafted in 1726.

I would love to go back to Bellagio again one day, we saw many hotels and I’d love to stay at one, explore the gardens and just go at a slower pace.  Tomorrow I’m switching gears and talking about a new country and a favorite colorful neighborhood.  Any guesses?  If you follow me on Insta you probably already know where I am.  Caio!