Home sweet home.  I had such an amazing trip with Brian, I saw the most beautiful things.  I had fun, I had adventure, I laughed and I cried, having said that I’m now so happy it’s over!  We arrived home late Thursday night, it was such a long day, we flew home from Scotland, switching planes in London, and when you count the flight times, layovers at the airport, and with the time change we were awake nearly 24 hours.  The truth is I’ve been exhausted for weeks, I used to laugh when I would read about celebrities checking into hospitals for exhaustion.  No.. I totally get it now.   For the last few weeks I’ve been not sleeping well, and I’ve been on and off sick.  I’d get a little better, than a worse again, and I just went back and forth with that the last several weeks.

It’s weird being back after 6 weeks.  Things feel really different… I mean I went 6 weeks without driving a car or cooking a meal for my family… that’s kinda weird.  Several people commented 6 weeks is a long time… yeah I know.  I mean planning I thought it wasn’t a big deal but yeah I agree with everyone who said 6 weeks was too long!  Living out of a suitcase with the same clothes, going and going everyday was intense.  All complaining aside we did have and incredible time and I’m very grateful for the experience.

I wanted to update the blog sooner but I have been so tired.  The main reason of today’s blog post is just to let everyone know that the trip has wrapped up and I’m home safe.  I have so many amazing travel stories and photos I want to share soon, that is when I feel recovered and have my energy back.  I also want to get back into the swing of other blog topics.   All of these photos are from Scotland by the way, it was gorgeous!

I did have a moment in Scotland where I decided to delete my social media – I just snapped.  Rather than just enjoying my vacation I was obsessing on getting a damn Instagram photo and I decided enough was enough.  It was starting to ruin my trip.  It’s been engrained into my head that to have a successful blog you must have a rocking Instagram, but honestly I can’t deal with that pressure right now.  I felt so much relief that I deleted Facebook and Twitter too, I plan on writing more on this topic soon.  I still have my Pinterest, I love Pinterest!

We’re trying to unpack and get ready for school starting next week, the house looks crazy!  The weekend before school starts we always finish up our shopping and have a back to school party and watch Ferris Bueller and Billy Madison, so I’m excited for that.  I’m also excited for Fall, even though I’m tired I feel my “Fall” self kicking in.  For me it’s an intense urge to cook, bake, and start home projects.  I love the transition of our home from Summer to Fall.

I’ll be back next week as soon as I feel better and share more posts on our trip… I’m going to try and space them out farther apart though so hopefully you won’t get bored.




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