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There’s something about traveling with family… it’s just so fun, not to mention a total bonding experience.  So any time there is a chance to put a trip together I always jump on the idea.  This trip just spontaneously happened back in the spring, back when our Europe trip was still being planned.  It all started with the Mean Girls movie.  I mean what is it about that movie we love so much?  It’s not just us, it has a HUGE following.  It’s just so funny, so over the top absurd, but also REALISTIC.  I think most of us have a Regina George in our life, or at least knew one growing up in school right?  So what do you do when a movie you love goes to Broadway?  Cha-Ching… you buy tickets ASAP of course!

I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos.  I mean yeah we brought our big camera, I was just too busy having fun to unpack it.  Plus Brian didn’t want to lug the thing around, I get it. The few iPhone pics we did take turned out really good though!

It was a short trip, but the first thing we did was tour NBC Studios.  Wow… that was the coolest thing ever.  We couldn’t take photos but to be able to tour Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, and best of all the Saturday Night Live studio was AMAZING.   The SNL studio is so much smaller, but learning where they set up the skits and hearing stories was so incredible!!

When watching Mean Girls you can never have on enough pink it seems.  Oh… did I mention the husbands were there?  They came along with us in great spirits to the musical… how awesome are they?

I did manage to get a few flash free snaps during the show.  Not sure if that was allowed… it’s amazing how easy it is to forget rules after some wine.

It’s so funny Brian and I are like ugh… let’s not go to Times Square this year, been there done that.  Yet like moths to a flame if we’re anywhere near it we end up there.  I mean how can you not?  There’s just so much energy there, I mean it’s New York!

One thing I always love to do is frame our playbills from the shows I see, and these frames from Amazon are made just the right size.  Haha… like my coffee mug below?  Nothing like a genuine compliment eh?

In between the NBC tour, and Broadway, my Sister and I did some serious shopping at Bloomingdales, no corner was left undiscovered!  The guys went off for a little guy shopping of their own.. I think there was some whiskey involved – haha.

We did eat at 2 amazing restaurants which are unseen… remember I forgot to take photos.  We’ll blame the wine!  One was Gato, an amazing Bobby Flay restaurant, he had his famous scrambled eggs on the menu.  My Brother in Law gave me a bite and wow!!  Those $17 scrambled eggs were worth it, it was magical!  Also Gallagher’s Steakhouse, it was seriously some amazing steak and so close to our theater.

We stayed at the Park Lane Hotel, which is far from the Broadway district but when it comes to Central Park and shopping it was a great location.

NYC is one of our favorite big city destinations, every trip is always a pleasure.  Mean Girls fans you need to see the musical on Broadway!