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February is quickly approaching and nothing says love and thoughtfulness like gifting flowers!  This year we’re doing more of a handmade Valentine’s Day when it comes to gift giving and decorating so I thought sharing my trick for gifting flowers would be perfect.  I mean who doesn’t love a cheerful bouquet of flowers?  Not only is it a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day, but also for other occasions as well.

Handmade flower bouquet

Because of all of my girls’ theatre performances and Ashley’s violin I learned how to make a pretty flower bouquet on a budget!  It’s all in the presentation!  So if you’re a regular reader you know that I have a thing for kraft paper.  It’s only a dollar from the Dollar Tree and kraft paper has a zillion uses!  I’m thinking one of these days I should put together a blog post on all the ways that I use this magical, cheap, brown paper.

Budget flower bouquet

You can use any flower you like, roses would be gorgeous, however I’m using carnations for this bouquet for two reasons.  Hello, they’re cheap and also sturdy!  I’ve had carnations left in the car that I’ve forgotten about for days and when I found them they still looked great.  Tough little flowers!



Kraft paper


Saran Wrap

Paper towels


Twine or ribbon

Decorative paper embellishments or gift tag (optional)

Handmade flower bouquet

Start with a nice sized cut square of kraft paper, mine was about 22 inches.  You can go a little smaller or bigger based off your needs.  Turn the square so that it’s diamond-shaped and position the flowers along one of the points.  Now place a smaller square of saran wrap with a wet paper towel on top of the kraft paper.  Fold the bottom of the paper towel and saran wrap up over the cut flower ends.

FYI- I did not wring out my paper towel much so it was pretty wet.

Handmade flower bouquet

Wrap the saran wrap around the flower ends to secure the wet paper towel.  Now take the bottom right edge of the kraft paper and fold it up a few inches.

Grab the left pointy edge of the paper and bring it across over the top of the flowers to the right.  Now fold the bottom of the paper up.

How to make an affordable flower bouquet

Tuck the top right corner inside to create a nice clean look.  Then fold the right side back over to the left, and continue wrapping all the way around to the back.

How to gift flowers

Fold or cut any leftover paper and secure with tape on the back side.

How to make an affordable flower bouquet

Decorate the paper bouquet by wrapping with twine or ribbon and tying into a bow.  It looks pretty just as it is, but feel free to add a paper heart or gift tag.  I used my favorite heart punch, the same ones I used to make my paper Valentine’s Day ornaments.  Make sure you check out my Valentines’s Day decor from last week!

Make a valentine's day bouquet

There are so many pretty flower combinations you can come up with.  How pretty are these red carnations?  Haha.. they’re like cheap knock off roses.

Handmade flower bouquet

You can slide the flowers out of the paper and add a little bit of water here and there in you want to keep them wrapped in paper or they can later be added to a vase.   I’ve had mine on my coffee table for days and they still look gorgeous.  I just love the charm of a handmade bouquet, and I know you will too.