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Calling all Christmas lovers and wine drinkers!  Feeling crafty??  Lately I’ve been so stressed out finishing home remodeling projects, especially Ashley’s room, it’s been a TON of work.  Over the weekend we actually made a lot of progress, but mentally I’m just over it.  Sometimes you just need to have a glass of wine and start crafting.  It’s the grown up equivalent of playing with toys, and I needed to play with my toys… my wine cork toys!

Once you gather your supplies you can make these wine cork bears pretty quickly.  I’m always saving wine corks, I think they’re so cute and I have the hardest time throwing them away.  If you’re not a big wine drinker and need corks I recommend stopping by local wineries or wine bars.  They’ll gladly give you a ton, I think I have enough wine corks for 2 years of craft projects!

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby.  It can be a little tedious to find these items, the jewelry making section and the sewing section are great places to search for supplies.  As for the faux fur you can have a small amount cut from the fabric department, but you can also find small rolls of faux fur over in the general crafting section which is what I used.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments


Wine corks

Brown faux fur

Small brown pom poms

Brown pipe cleaners

Small eye pin hooks (check the jewelry making aisle)

Short gold pins (check the sewing aisle)

Thin nails without heads (about 2 inches long)

Small sequins in Christmas colors

Variety of beads in different sizes and Christmas colors

Hot glue

Thin ribbon for hanging

Assorted ribbon, scrap fabric, bells, and other items for decorating

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Step 1: Screw in an eye hook near the end of the wine cork.  Cut a strip of faux fur to cover half of the wine cork.  Turn the fur over and cut a small slit with a pair of scissors so the eye hook will go through the fur.  Using hot glue or regular glue, attach the fabric around the cork.

Step 2:  Glue 2 pom poms for ears and another for a bear nose.

Step 3:  Take 2 short pins, thread with a small bead and sequin for eyes, and stick them into the cork where edge of the fur stops.

Step 4:  Cut 2 pieces of pipe cleaner and glue to the wine cork.  Place a bead at the end of the pipe cleaner and then bend it around to resemble a paw.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Step 5:  Glue a strip of fur wide enough to cover all around the wine cork, make sure the fur is glued just slightly past the top of the cork so the base will be hidden.  Once the body is securely glued bend down and adjust the arms.

Step 6:  To attach the head and body take a bead on a headless nail and secure into the body.  The bead acts as a base and lets the bear head swivel.

Step 7:  Stick the top part of the nail into the cork head.  If this is hard pull the nail out and reposition as needed, use gentle pressure to ensure the nail is firmly attached to both wine corks.  Add a dab of glue to secure.

Step 8: Tie a ribbon loop to the eye hook and then decorate your bear any way you like.

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

You can leave the back of the bear head exposed to show off the wine cork or glue on a piece of scrap fabric.  It’s up to you, I think both are cute!

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

Get creative and give each bear it’s own unique look, it will be so beary cute!!  If you can find white faux fur then why not make wine cork polar bears?

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

How to make wine cork bear ornaments

These little wine bear cuties are all ready for Christmas!  They make a fun afternoon project and look so cute hanging on our Christmas tree.  Also don’t forget these make cute gifts and would be adorable attached to a bottle of wine.   If you have fun with wine cork crafts as much as I do then start collecting now!  I definitely see more wine cork projects in my future!