DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub

Does dry winter skin have you down?  If so it’s time to indulge with this DIY rose petal green tea body scrub!  I love creating body scrubs and this time I wanted to create the ultimate feminine body scrub.

Combining Rose petals and green tea with a double dose of skin hydrating oil is a perfect luxurious at-home spa treatment.  Not only does it smell incredible it does magic for your skin.  Colorado winters are brutal on the skin, but since exfoliating my body in the shower 1-2 times a week and using this scrub daily for my hands my skin is incredibly soft and hydrated.

DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub

I always like to give my scrubs a hint of color with food coloring for visual appeal, this is optional however.  Just two drops of regular grocery store red food coloring creates this lovely dusty rose pink.  If you’re worried about your towels staining have no fear, I promise it won’t stain.  I have white towels and I’ve never seen a trace of color on any of our towels after using my scrubs.

DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub

A combination of coconut and grapeseed oil gives the skin incredible hydration.  I recommend using refined coconut oil because it doesn’t have that coconut smell, but that’s up to you.

To create that heavenly rose scent we use rose petals and rose water.  Rose petals are easy to find and affordable.  Craft stores usually sell them in the soap making aisle or you can buy a huge food grade bag from Amazon like I did.  You can also dry your own petals if your up for it.

Rose water is usually found at specialty grocery stores, cooking stores, and of course Amazon.  I used this one.  You can also use rose oil (good quality is expensive) or a rose oil blend.  It’s more potent than rosewater so you’ll probably only need a few drops.

Another tip:  If your rose petals are large like mine run them through a mini food processor or crush them by hand.  By doing this 99% of the rose petals easily go down the drain.

DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub

I’m so in love with this body scrub (and my girls are too) that I created a larger batch than usual.  Feel free to make a half batch if that works best for you.  Or keep one batch for yourself and give another away to a friend who needs a little pampering too.

DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub


  • 1/2 cup refined coconut oil (refined has no coconut smell)
  • 2 drops red food coloring (optional)
  • 1 tsp rose water (or a few drops rose oil)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 cup rose petals
  • 4 green tea bags, opened
  • 2 Tbs grapeseed oil (olive & almond oil work great too)


  • In a medium size bowl add coconut oil and mix with a spoon or fork until it softens up. Do not melt the oil!
  • Add rose water and food coloring to the coconut oil and stir to blend.
  • Add sugar, green tea, and rose petals to the coconut mixture.
    *If your rose petals are large crush them by hand or run them through a mini food processor.
  • Using a spoon, mix the ingredients together until it's almost blended, then use your fingers to completely blend the mixture.
  • Drizzle grapeseed oil evenly over the scrub mixture and quickly blend together using your hands.
  • Store in an airtight container.


DIY Rose Petal Green Tea Body Scrub

Like all my body scrubs I recommend using them on the body only, not your face.  In the past I’ve said it’s okay to use homemade body scrubs within 2-3 weeks.  That’s just a general guideline, but sealed in airtight containers I’ve found a few body scrubs months later and they are perfectly fine.

What are you waiting for?  Go turn your winter dry skin into winter happy skin.



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