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Skinny blueberry lime gin cocktails

Ever since we returned from Maine I’ve had blueberries on my mind.  First of all, if you haven’t read my Maine Eats blog post make sure you do!  We literally ate our way through the state, and much to my surprise the state isn’t only known for their lobster but also for their blueberries!  I will admit I ate an absurd amount of lobster and I did indulge in a few blueberry desserts but not the blueberry cocktails.

At nearly every restaurant I saw some sort of amazing blueberry cocktail creation, our waitress almost broke me one night but I held out strong!  It’s one thing to eat my way through Maine but once I start slurping 500 calorie blueberry cocktails it’s pretty much over for me.  I may have split some blueberry desserts with Brian, but as much as I wanted to I left those sugary blueberry cocktails alone.  But now cut to a week later and I’m still thinking about them.  So ahem… may I introduce you do my own skinny girl blueberry lime gin cocktail recipe?

Skinny blueberry lime gin cocktails

At just 125 calories per drink and 4 carbs this is my creation of Maine in a cocktail.  These delicious cocktails are purply and pretty, low in sugar. and full of blueberry anti-oxidants!

I cut out the sugar by using my favorite alternative, liquid stevia!  Mixed with a small amount of blueberry juice, there is a perfect balance of sweetness with no awkward aftertaste.  You can find blueberry juice at many grocery stores, this is the one I’m using.  I’m using regular juice but divided into a small portion per drink the calories and carbs are still quite low.

I made Brian do all the calorie and carb math… he loves math, so I often assign him math projects.  He was extra eager for this one because it involved getting a cocktail as a reward afterwards!

Skinny Blueberry Lime Gin Cocktail

Servings: 1
Calories: 125kcal


  • 1 shot Gin
  • 5 drops liquid stevia (add more if you prefer it sweeter)
  • 3 tbs blueberry juice
  • 1/4 lime wedge, squeezed
  • 2-4 oz sparkling water


  • In a glass add gin, stevia, blueberry juice, and lime juice and mix together.
  • Add ice and top with 4 oz of sparkling water.
  • Garnish with fresh lime and blueberries.


Calories: 125kcal | Carbohydrates: 4g

I did this cocktail recipe the lazy girl way, meaning I mixed all the ingredients in the glass, gave them a swirl and then added ice and sparkling water.  If you’re feeling fancy and want to get out your cocktail shaker you should totally go for it.  I get it… sometimes I feel cocktail fancy too.  Add all the ingredients except the ice and the sparkling water, shake, pour and add the ice and sparkling water while doing a twirl… you are truly fancy!

Skinny blueberry lime gin cocktails

This is the perfect skinny cocktail for a hot summer day!  It’s blueberry deliciousness!  If you try it let me know what you think!



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