I find reviews on major furniture purchases so helpful.  I reviewed my Pottery Barn Chesterfield Sofa and decided with the spring season here I needed to review my Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Square Arm Sectional ASAP!!  Before I review something I like to live with it a while.  I purchased it last November.  So its been about 4 months.  We’ve used our sectional a lot during the fall and winter seasons.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

The wicker is made of ecolene fibers.  It’s very durable, replicates the look and feel of wicker, but is remarkably resistant to sun, rain, heat, and cold.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

Originally what interested me in this sectional is that I could customize the size to my needs.  I wanted a specific size and I was able to achieve this.  Each piece attaches at the bottom.  The sectional came with bright white cushions and pillows.  Chances of us keeping those clean?  Zero.  When I placed the order I also purchased Sunbrella cushions in Linen Sand.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

Our sectional is under a covered patio, but it still gets plenty of abuse.  I remember soon after our patio was built and the sectional was delivered we had a hard rain.  The entire patio was soaked.   I was so mad.  I forgot about sideways rain.  Sideways rain is so annoying!  It never occurred to me this sectional would get wet under a cover.  Since then we’ve had even more sideways rain. Luckily the cushions quickly dry to its original state.  After some use I started noticing our cushions getting dirty but I ignored it.  I could of washed them then, but honestly I was putting it off because it seemed like a difficult task.  Then March came and I started noticing drink spills, dust, and nasty green pollen over everything.  It’s hard to see the dirt show up in these photographs but trust me it was there.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

So, I decided I couldn’t stand it any longer and washed the cushions. Here are the original white cushions I put inside the house.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

Then I hosed the wicker sectional frame off really well.  It was full of dust and pollen too.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

I washed the cushions on my fast wash cycle, it took about 3 loads because I was washing all my outdoor pillows.  Most of the pillows are Sunbrella fabric too.  Without washing all the pillows I could have easily fit this into 2 loads.  After the wash, I fluffed the slipcovers 5 minutes on cool air.  Sunbrella cushions are tough but they can’t handle ironing or dryer heat.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

After 5 minutes of dryer “air fluff” I put the slipcover cushions back on.  They were slightly damp, but Sunbrella fabric doesn’t hold water and they dry so fast that it wasn’t an issue.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

I’m really pleased with how the cushions washed up perfectly.  The process was a lot easier than I thought.  Coffee and red wine spills? I’m not scared.  With the spring and summer season I’m sure I’ll be washing these a lot and I’m relieved it was such an easy process.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

I’ve yet to experience any negatives with this sectional, but I realize its only been 4 months.  Our patio faces the harsh west sun so I will be checking for fading, and any issues that arise I will gladly update.

REVIEW: Pottery Barn Torrey All-Weather Wicker Sectional & Slipcovers

I have to say the Torrey All-Weather Wicker Square Arm Sectional has been an excellent purchase for our patio.  If you’re interested in this similar sectional I hope this review has given you some insight! Happy patio furniture shopping!

*UPDATE It’s been more than 2 years and our outdoor sectional is holding up amazing!  It shows no signs of wear, it was a great purchase!  You can see more of our sectional in my life on the patio blog post.



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  1. Thank you so much for your review on the Pottery Barn Torrey outdoor sectional. I have been looking for an outdoor patio set but really wish Pottery Barn had a reviews section for their products. We do not have a covered patio and live in Michigan. Are you still happy with your set? Would you recommend it for an uncovered space?
    Thank you for your advice!

    1. I wish they would do reviews too! I absolutely love it, I definitely recommend the washable covers that are unfortunately a separate purchase. I think it would be fine uncovered, you might have to clean it more often though. In storms our cushions get wet and they dry fast, the cushions are stain and fade resistant, too. Since you live in Michigan with a lot of snow you may want to bring the cushions in to store for winter. I’m not sure the effects snow sitting on the cushions would have, the frame I bet would be fine in the snow.

  2. Hi Laura! Also on the hunt for reviews on the Torrey sectional and found your blog 🙂 How would you rate the sectional on comfort? Hard to pull the trigger on a pricey piece of furniture I’ve never sat in! Thank you in advance!

    1. I understand! I was stressed out deciding on this purchase too! It’s very comfortable, especially compared to our old patio set. The bottom pillow is firm yet still comfortable & the back pillow is thicker and very soft. The sectional itself is very solid, the cushion covers aren’t itchy to the skin either. When the weather is nice I can sit out all day, no back pain… I do like a lumbar pillow for my back though. Our cushions are so dirty right now, I’ll be washing them this afternoon, everything always washes out though.

  3. Hi Laura!

    Thanks so much for you’re review. I was also looking at this set but didn’t want to buy without reading reviews. Now that you have had it for a bit, do you notice any wear and tear? Fading? Weaving coming out at all? I am just curious about the durability and how long it will last since it is a bit pricey. Any sun damage?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, Jessica actually no wear and tear at all! I just recently switched my blog over to and I just did a patio post today on the blog and the sectional still looks perfect! My daughter recently got a pretty bad oil stain on the cushion, I was worried and it washed right out. No splitting or fading either, it’s pretty solid and seems like it will last a long time.

  4. Hi Laura, Thanks for your review of the Pottery Barn Torrey set. We are close to purchasing this set and are just trying to decide what color to go with – the espresso or the charcoal grey. Can you confirm which color you have? I love how it looks against your brick and we have brick flooring on our patio. I look forward to your reply.

    1. Thank you, ours is espresso. We’ve moved but the new owners loved the Torrey sectional so much they bought it from us. You will love it!

  5. Hi Laura,

    I have two Torrey Wicker Roll Arm Lounge Chairs with ottomans on my porch. I’ve had them for probably 5 years and love them. I bought a matching cube table which I don’t love. I would love something less matching. Any suggestions? Where did you get your tables?

    1. I agree with you, I’m not a fan of the matchy matchy look either. Our patio was covered so we were able to use regular indoor coffee tables outside. I used 2 of the Lawrence Reclaimed Cube Coffee Tables by Carbon Loft from Overstock. I believe Amazon sells this table too. Surprisingly they did great outdoors even with the west sun. I’m not a fan of anything glass outdoors -dirt shows and we’ve had a lot of breakage from storms. I think a metal or rustic wood table would look great!

  6. Hi! Did you order the Pottery Barn outdoors covers for the rain/winter or buy a different one. You have convinced me to buy this furniture, but the outdoor covers are pricey, too!

    1. I believe I purchased the premium sunbrella, I don’t remember the quick drying sunbrella rain option being available. I thought the regular sunbrella washed up and dried very well. I think you’re fine with the regular covers, I noticed they’re also cheaper than the sunbrella rain. If you’re using them in an uncovered area that gets a lot of rain and the extra cost is not an issue I might maybe consider them just for faster dry time. I know the covers are so expensive!! Which ever one you pick I’m sure you’ll love. Good luck!

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for review! By far it’s been the most helpful. I think I’m getting ready to order a secional myself. I’m having a hard time deciding between the navy and linen. I have a friend who has the navy and says it hides everything. Honestly, I have dogs and children and although I’m in love with the linen, I think i’ll be less stressed with the navy. Thoughts?
    The linen could arrive right away but the navy I have to wait 2 months for. I’m so torn but leaning towards waiting for the navy. If I have to take off the linen to keep it fresh looking theres no way I can keep up with that.

    1. Hi Liz, I’m glad my review has helped. It is a hard choice between navy or linen, I think you’ll be happy with either honestly.

      Growing up my Mom always wanted darker fabrics to hide dirt but as I got older I realized I preferred lighter fabrics so I could see the dirt and clean it. Now when I sit on darker upholstered furniture I’m wondering if it’s dirty… I’m a clean freak though.

      If you choose linen you’ll get to enjoy it sooner and I honestly think all pet and child related stains will easily wash out in your machine. We’ve had red wine, coffee, food spilled and sticky tree sap and all washed out easily. I don’t think you would need to take off the linen covers to protect them, they’re really tough! Although you may not want to clean your covers often which is understandable.

      I think the Navy would also look good and have a richer look. The only cons I can think of with navy (besides waiting) is seeing dust particles… anything dark really shows dust. We have a teal sofa and even indoors it shows dust badly and I need to vacuum it every 3 days. I’m not sure if I’ve helped you decide. Close your eyes and visualize your space and go with what makes you the happiest. If I can help any other way let me know. You’ll going to love the sectional!