This stupid window.  Why??  Why must I have a massive half circle window over my headboard?  So I can have a glare on the TV?  So the lights from passing cars can come on at 2 am and wake us?  So perverts can look in?  I mean really.  I don’t need a view into my neighbor’s kitchen.  I have three other large windows in the room so it’s not a fire code thing.

With this weird window, the lack of closets in our house, the odd light switch placements, and other issues I really wish at times I could grab the builder shake him and say what were you thinking??  We put up a temporary privacy shade over the window.  It gave us privacy but didn’t block light.  I looked into a plantation shutter to block the light, but remember we were renting and didn’t want to spend the money.  Money aside I still wouldn’t be happy with the half circle window with a nice plantation shutter over it anyway.  I just wished it was regular wall space.

So I told my husband we would put wood over the window and seal it up.  He was like huh?  Yes I said, “we’re going to just board over it and ignore it.”  I want wall space here, not a window.

So here we are with our old bedroom furniture.  I painted the wood on the wall and hung some metal tiles on it.   I caulked the edges of the wood so we had no light coming in and total privacy.  I left the shade in the window so the neighbor wouldn’t see ugly bare wood.  We left it just like this for a while.

I had an urge to paint the sleigh bed turquoise, and if it wasn’t for the fact the bed was seriously breaking I might have.

So we donated the falling apart bed and I ordered a canopy frame bed from Pottery Barn.

Sorry about these old blurry phone pic’s.  Wow, cell phone cameras have come along way!!  Anyway we sold the rest of the bedroom furniture.  I love selling our old furniture, it’s really an enjoyable process for me getting cash for the stuff I’m tired of and the new owners always seem thrilled to have it.   This rug has been moved all over our house.  It’s almost been like a place holder rug for us, but you know me…I eventually sold it.

I really liked these green curtains for a while.  They really gave the room warmth, they might of been a bit low budget but they worked until I decided to paint the room blue.  The curtains previously hit the floor, but they were dirty so I washed them following the instructions and they shrunk.  Ugh….I was so irritated.

I’m really glad with the new curtains we hung the rod higher!  For a few months I had a gorgeous gray wool rug from Pottery Barn.   It was the worst wool shedding rug I’ve ever had in my life.  I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say it looked like 30 cats lived in our room, and this was with me vacuuming daily!  I sold it to a sweet young girl with her eyes full of hope, I told her to never give up and to it vacuum daily.  She didn’t care all she was hearing was Pottery Barn rug for 1/4 of the full price.  I ended up going with an indoor/outdoor rug from Ballard Designs.  Not exactly a soft squishy rug but hey no shedding so yay!

I wish desperately I could have a gorgeous chandelier over our canopy bed, but our bedroom faces West and Texas summers are brutal, so ceiling fan it is!  I found this cute ceiling fan at Lowes, I have no clue if they still make it or not.

I love chevron so much!  I actually love any form of stripes.  They make my heart happy.  I love it almost as much as leopard….key word almost.  Leopard print still rules and is #1 in my world.

Our bed is the Antonia canopy bed from Pottery Barn. We have a vaulted ceiling so a canopy bed frame fills in the empty space nicely.  The walls are Palladian Blue from Benjamin Moore.  Palladian Blue can be finicky, sometimes it looks a little green, but it’s a blue shade.  It does change with the light, which I really like.  If your interested take home the paint card, and watch how the color changes at different times of the day.  I personally love it.

We have a massive TV in our room and I make no apologies for it.  TV’s are definitely hard to decorate around for sure.  Honestly though when Brian mounted it to the wall I thought I might go blind, but I eventually adjusted and I love it.  I know people must think being a housewife and all I watch a lot of daytime TV.  Actually, nope, I have no idea what’s even on during the day.  I’ve watched Live with Regis and Kelly like twice in my life and no soap operas in the last 15 years, but at night…yes we like the TV in our bedroom.  After a stressful day I need to zone out to Southern Charm or The Real Housewives of Whatever and we need Seinfeld and The Office re-runs to comfort us.

I love these lamps on our nightstand from Pier Barn.  Pier Barn??  Yes, that would be a Pier 1 lamp with a Pottery Barn shade.  I love Pier 1 lamps but not always their shades,  I love those Pottery Barn burlap lamp shades!  I’m known to blow my rewards on them when nothing else interests me.  I also have Pier Barn lamps on my buffet table in my dining room.

Small nightstands just won’t work for us.  It’s not that we’re hoarders or anything.  We have a reasonable amount of stuff that just needs detailed organizing, and the builder accidentally forgot to build us plentiful or decent sized closets.

I really enjoy using trays in my decor.  The items just sitting on our furniture look lost without a tray.  Suddenly our clutter and essentials looks adorable on a tray.  Not only is this pleasing to the eye, but trays actually protect your furniture from wear.  In my silver jewelry box holds like 20 tubes of lip balm…I can never have enough.

This is the Chloe dresser from Pottery Barn.  I wish the drawers pulled out a bit farther but still I’m overall happy with it.  I always try to have flowers on our nightstands, these small white vases are by Rosenthal.  I have an addiction to these as well as Niven Morgan candles.  I like the Blue scented candle and the Lavender Mint scented candle in our bedroom.  Lavender Mint is my favorite bedroom scent, it makes our room smell like a day spa.

Don’t just pick wall art that matches, make sure it speaks to you.  When I’m having a horrible day mentally I go inside this art print.

I love all flowers, ones in vases, in my garden, paper flowers I made, and especially these ceramic ivory flowers.  Cute!

Here I am still pretending this is real wall space.

Eventually we will take this window out and drywall and texture over it.  I dread the mess though.   It’s been years since this window has been boarded over….I think it’s safe to say I hate it and it’s not just a phase.

Here is our master bathroom.  Nothing special, these are about the only photos you’ll see for a long time.  It’s a basic boring tan bathroom that’s 10 years old.   It has 2 sea shell sinks (why??) in the vanity opposite the shower and tub area.  I’ve painted the walls and cabinets, invested in new lights, and cabinet knobs but I’ve realized I need to stop throwing money into this area.  I’m not happy with it and I need to stop patching it.  We just need to save up and tear it out eventually.  It needs it, trust me.  It’s not just a money issue, I’m not sure what I want to do just yet.  I can’t force a bathroom redesign, when I’m ready I’ll know and it will be easy.

In the meantime I purchased this candle chandelier off Amazon, and I’ve spray painted it several times and added magnetic crystals.  You can find magnetic crystals at Hobby Lobby, Amazon, or Ballard Designs to name a few places.  Do you love that look of a chandelier over the bathtub but you can’t add one?  Try this method!  I had regular candles up for a while, but what a pain to light so now I have LED tapered candles with a remote control.

So here’s our Master bedroom.  You’ll be the first to know when we seal up that window and gut that master bathroom!


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